An ego state good feeling always contains it's opposite because it's conditional upon a future event or circumstance, right?

Is hope then a ego-state conditional good feeling?

When you meditate and become aware of Self it's an unconditional good feeling?

Are conditional and unconditional feelings as effective as each other in  defining our reality?

What I think is most people, including myself when starting out in vibrational work are working upon feeling good built on the condition that they get their 'stuff'  and not just for the sake of feeling good.This creates a lot of further pain if it doesn't manifest.maybe this is nescessary ,I don't know?

What are your thoughts?


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I think that what you are referring to as "conditional" good feelings are absolutely necessary for the illusion of this physical reality to perpetuate. I use the word illusion here in a positive way because there is value in the unlimited attempting to limit itself

In order for this physical reality experience to be believable enough we need to convince ourselves (our Selves) - the aspect of our selves that is projected here - that the experience is "real".

We have to convince our selves that we really need the physical stuff, the relationships, the health and the wealth that we are chasing. Because in that chase, we focus more clearly here and become more immersed in the illusion.

Ever noticed how a looming important deadline focuses your mind much more powerfully than when you don't have one? Same principle :)

So the fact that we have what you term as "conditional" good feelings suggests to me that the illusion has been, and is being, successfully implemented.

movie theatre

It's like when you are totally engrossed in a movie at the completely forget who you are, you become so identified with the characters in the movie that, as far as you are concerned, you are in the movie experiencing what the characters are experiencing.

When the movie ends, you come back to who you are and remember that it was just a movie but you still enjoyed the experience of the illusion of the movie.

Same idea with physical reality.

If the physical reality experience was not so immersive and "real" then we wouldn't care what happened to us physically. We would just keep remembering that we are unlimited multi-dimensional creators and we would keep "popping" out of the illusion of the experience.

It would be like being in a bad movie where the poorness of the film-making prevented you from becoming "absorbed" into it and you kept checking your watch to see when it would be over...or you may even decide to just get up and walk out of the movie theatre..."die" :)

So, for me, I see the unconditional good feelings (The Pleiadian Collective refer to these as "heart-based") as glimpses of our unlimited multi-dimensional reality that really exists outside of physical reality.

And I see the conditional good feelings ("mind-based" or ego, if you want) as the ones that help us immerse ourselves in this physical reality movie experience. They make reality "real".

And that leads to the interesting idea that in order to gain the most from this physical reality movie experience (your physical life), you need to "play along" with those conditional good feelings and let yourself believe that you really need the stuff that this physical reality has convinced you that you need :)

Yes, you can leave the physical reality movie theatre whenever you want but then you won't know how the movie ends :)


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@Stingray-thanks for your answer.forgive me for rambling here.Im just a bit confused as to how these feelings/perceptions coexist.I mean how far do these ego-based, conditional  good feelings go.Obviously we can't experience Joy or Self-alignment through the Ego or can we.Can I feel relief in a focus block statement from a mind/based feeling.I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say here,lol :)

(03 Jun '12, 06:17) Satori

@Satori - Perhaps you are getting confused because you've come up with your own new terminology for quite an established concept. I would say that what you really mean with the phrase "conditional good feelings" is the word attachment. Does that make things clearer?

(03 Jun '12, 07:12) Stingray

@Stingray- yes I think I have confused this concept.Like Attachment to a desire or the outcome of that desire.Is attachment not felt as resistance or negative emotion though? Thanks:)

(03 Jun '12, 09:12) Satori

@Satori - Personally, I see attachment as a positive thing. That's basically what the main answer above is about. If you don't care (are not attached) to an outcome, you don't focus as much. It's like a soccer fan watching a game where there are two teams playing that hold no interest for them, compared to the same soccer fan watching a game where their team is about to win a major trophy. There's a considerably different level of involvement in both cases :)

(03 Jun '12, 10:24) Stingray

@Satori - Attachment only has negative implications when you don't believe you can have what you are attached to. That's why religions and many philosophies teach non-attachment. You can never feel that pain if you are not attached...but the downside is that you can never really get involved in physical life if you don't allow yourself to have attachments (see main answer above). Un-attached...Live like an emotionless zombie. Attached and allow...Have the ride of your life :)

(03 Jun '12, 10:27) Stingray

@Stingray-thanks again! your answer and comments has led me to a realisation about myself.I noticed that I often actually hold back/suppress my desires waiting until things seem possible or even probable before I fully express what I want.

(03 Jun '12, 10:43) Satori

@Stingray-Ive also realized that my belief "focus on what I have than it is to think about what I want," has more to do with my own fears that I don't actually know how to manifest desires or that things wont turn out the way I want them to. I see that my issue with desire has to do with my Attachment to the specific outcome I want, not with desire itself.I get your point about attachment, it drives us to focus:)

(03 Jun '12, 10:46) Satori
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look at yourself
from where flows the unconditional,
then are there nots that

choke it off or keep it controlled.
what you have done with your will
may be what the difference is


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Thank you for asking this question, I was wondering the same thing. Like if I can get a Eufeeling or in the vortex thinking about how much I love my cat, it is conditional because I would feel the opposite if the cat were removed. However, if I can get that feeling without a condition, then it is unconditional. However, it is the same feeling, right? So I don't see the harm in using that feeling as a gauge at first to identify the feeling you want to attain.

Hope however, lives in the future, so it is really unattainable and therefor a hindrance to being happy Now. That's why the triangulation that Frank Kinslow introduces in The Secret of Instant Healing, works because it anchors us to Now. There are no distractions from the past or future, just Pure Awareness.

Frank Kinslow also says that you don't lose the ground you gain, so every time you reach your Eufeeling, you reset your set point higher. So, every time you use any method to reach your Eufeeling, you raise your set vibration higher and higher. That makes it faster and easier to get there and it lasts longer too.

So when doing the experiences he has laid out in his books, notice that there wasn't a prerequisite condition for you to get the Eufeeling, so there is nothing to take away to feel the oposite. Conditional feelings can be reversed by the removal of the condition.

I agree that when people try to prove the LOA, they can find more pain in the process. It would be much simpler to find our Eufeeling and then let everything flow from there. What a wonderful world it would be.


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Fairy Princess


Yes FP the Eufeeling is always with us and available to us without condition.How good is that.We just gotta shift our awareness to it.Thanks to Frank Kinslow through his books he has made the Eufeeling easier to understand and attain and Thank you for bringing it to our attention on IQ :)

(18 Jul '12, 18:03) Satori
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