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Hi Stingray - I'm excited to try this out. Just 2 short questions - firstly should we limit the number of desires we put in the box? Secondly if my husband and I are both doing this and some of our desires, maybe, conflict: will this make a difference?( I don't know that they do as we're not going to look at each other's list).Thanks.

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@Michaela: Please create a comment under Stingray's Manifesting-Experiment-1 question, put the text from this question in the new comment, and delete this question. Stingray only gets notified of a response to his question if the response is made within his question, and we need all of the responses to his question to show up in the same place. Thanks!

(02 Jan '10, 16:14) Vesuvius

Sorry Vesuvius, maybe I'm misintepreting but Stingray says at the bottom of his post to ask questions seperately but tag them as Manifesting experiment-1. He wants the answer section of the last post left for vibrational-matches comments. Maybe you could reread what he said and clarify this for me. Thanks.

(02 Jan '10, 16:40) Michaela

Hi Vesuvius/Michaela. What Michaela says is right, I would prefer to have questions posted separately from the method and reserve the answers below the method for vibrational matches. That way, we build up a (hopefully) large body of evidence for the usefulness of the method directly below the method itself, while allowing others to give their own opinions regarding questions asked about the method in separate threads. Thanks

(02 Jan '10, 17:03) Stingray

Thanks for the clarification.

(02 Jan '10, 17:08) Michaela
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You can have as many requests as you wish.

But remember the guideline about making your request as detailed as necessary, so that you make sure that everything that is needed for someone else to implement the request is in the request itself.

If you stick to this rule, some of your requests may take quite a while to get right, possibly days, in extreme cases, weeks.

Fairly minor requests can be written up fairly quickly but don't rush them. Just make sure you get it right first time.

I usually will not consider a request complete and ready to place in the box until after a sleep cycle has elapsed. i.e. the next day. It gives me a chance to add more things or amend existing things in the request.

Regarding conflicting desires, see this answer.


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So provided we both give attention to our own desires and alignment and not the others we won't affect the outcome of the other's manifestation? Unless the desires are the same so the manifestation might come about sooner if we are both in alignment? As I said we're not going to look at each other's list as we don't want to influence each other in any way during the process.

(02 Jan '10, 17:18) Michaela

I don't have any practical experience in what happens if two or more people try and manifest exactly the same request. But certainly if you have different requests, even if they are conflicting, the Universe will create a blended manifestation that satisfies you both. It is probably better that you don't know about each others requests (as you are doing) to minimize the risk that one of you may start using the others requests as an excuse to get out of alignment with their own

(02 Jan '10, 17:38) Stingray

Thanks. That makes sense.

(02 Jan '10, 17:47) Michaela
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