I have always wondered about this....how do prayers get transformed into the spiritual world from the physical world?

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Same as Google...

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Well, we all know when we speak the word in prayer, which is simply talking to God, Jesus, some may call him universal consciousness, it travels to God.

I will like to tell you all a story my daughter read. She said that when we pray it travels to heaven by way of angel messengers and they deliver it to The Prayer Room which is very large and a lot of angels work in there. Than there is another one where a lot of angels work and it is the room where the angels prepare our answers, The Answer Prayers Room, to our prayers and send them too us. It is a very large room with a whole lot of angels working in there. Than she went on to where the angel was showing the spirit man how prayers are answered and the next room was a very small room with only one angel in that room and he was not very busy. Matter of fact he was not even busy at all. He did have anything to do. The spirit man that was carried up to heaven by an angel ask why isn't this room big and many angels working in this room and what room is this? The angel said this is the room the human beings send up their thank you for their answered prayers and help from God (so it was the Thank You Room or The Gratitude Room). So sad isn't it?

So, the spirit man was brought back down to earth to his human body and the human made a determine way to always thank God and Jesus for all they have done for him and he tell us to do it as well. For he want to make the angel in the little room so busy they would have to send him help and move him to a much larger and bigger room for the humans would be grateful and full of gratitude for all of what God and Jesus has done for them!

This is something that really makes you think do we forget to thank God and Jesus after we have receive what we have requested. Just a simple thank you and we sometimes don't even do that. The prayers travel by angel messengers some times but at all times God hears us directly when we pray to him. But sometimes we write down our prayers and thoughts of needing help and than leave them there and the angels gets them and carried them to heaven. I read somewhere in the bible I believe it was that even our tears are keep in a certain room. Hope you all like the story. Don't know where it originate from though.

Wow, how important we seem to be to God; if we only felt that important to our selves not that pride kind of thing that makes us think we are so much more than someone else but that just feel good that we are really Heirs to the Kingdom of God for we are The Children of God.


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God created the universe by the power of the Word. In the book of Genesis 1 the bible teaches that in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and God is the word.

The word is God, and God is the word. When we pray in the word of God, we are praying to God, who is the word. Everything in our world was created by the power of the word that is God.

We live in a very spiritual world, and what we pray for in the physical, will go to the spiritual, and will return to be manifested in the physical based upon what we prayed for.

We do not have to know how the spiritual aspects of things work to be materialized into the physical, or how the physical aspects of things reach the spiritual. What we do know, is that the spiritual, and the physical is a combination of the whole, is a part of the whole, and function together as a whole to bring about a given result.

Although, we would like more concrete answers on this matter, spirituality is spirituality, and it is difficult to understand by the average person, since no one has ever seen God. And it is easier for someone to agree with physical, than with the spiritual.

Christians, pray in the words of God, and believes in the words of God, and through faith whatsoever they pray for, they believe that God has heard their prayer in heaven, and all will be well with them; the bible teaches: ask and it shall be given unto to you. If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed… As you believe, so you shall receive.


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Very well put Elsa.

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Prayer is basically the law of attraction, if you take the "universe" for "God" (which are basically the same). As there are three levels of exsistence


the prayer takes place on mental level, which is basically a plane of thoughts. That's why we have a saying "As above, so below" by Hermes Trismegistos. It is simply the law of analogy. Human body-microcosm is alike to the universe-macrocosm. When change occurs on mental level it must soon manifest on physical level - "As above, so below".


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