Two years ago I went to a city in North-East of my Country to visit the shrine of a great mystic who passed on some 1141 years ago.

My chief aim was to flee from problems that surrounded my life and also touching the soil that once the great mystic touched....visiting a man I so lovingly and respectfully adored from childhood. In the shrine it was good. I was focused on my prayers and reviewing his life and teachings....but when I got to streets despondency rushed to overcome me. Life again seemed horrible. I thought: now what?

So I returned to shrine and there in a building of 1000 years of age I felt secluded and safe and began reading verses of Koran. 10 minutes had not passed that I noticed an elderly man arrived and he spotted me and came straightly for me...Standing my overhead he asked: "Son could you please read some verses for me? I want to listen them in your voice"

I said definitely and read him my favorite parts and every 10 verse he stopped me and asked me to interpret those verses. He asked: who has taught you to interpret in this way? I said none. I learnt it on my own. But promptly added I guess it's Hafiz (The Tongue Of Nonphysical) poetry influence on me and my interpretation comes from him. Hearing this the old man started to smile broadly and said no body except you and Hafiz himself interpret the Book in this way.

3 hours more passed and beside other things I knew the old man is a Sufi and advanced on the path of self-realization and having his own hermitage and followers. During the course of our speech he time and time again mentioned that life is either ridden with ecstacy or nothing.

I was familiar with sufi lore but never deemed it possible to live with constant ecstasy. Seeing my hesitation Sheikh said: Come live in hermitage for a week and you will know yourself. During the week Sheikh taught me 2 things among other things: to heal myself and to heal others.

At the end of the week he said now go and serve humanity and live a happy, healthy life and come back to me or ask others to advance you in your path. Do not be shy. Next winter I went camping out with my friends in a mountain site. due to unpreparedness we faced a terribly cold night and upon waking I felt a terrible pain in my kidney area and my friends wanted to contact emergency but I asked them to leave me half an hour and in that half hour I healed my self and the pain went away and I was afresh.

Recently I felt strongly to become I contacted hermitage and knew Sheikh had passed on soon after I left hermitage and now I want to know what is the best path for me to become clairvoyant and clairaudient and is there (a) great master(s) out there willing to teach me. I appreciate your thoutghful advice, help and assistance.

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@marsiansaga - Thanks for telling your story, and welcome to Inward Quest. :)

(10 Nov '15, 10:28) lozenge123
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being aware and finding
our potential perceptions
may be part of a package,

perhaps living above 3D
we see, hear and sense above


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That's quite a story.

I've been developing my clairaudient ability for several years now. I really think it just comes down to raising your own energy, and practicing. It's gotten much better over the years. Now I can generally tune in for a moment and receive clear information. It used to be I could only receive it through automatic writing.

I would just meditate daily, and work on tuning in. See if you receive anything. Try to ask simple questions at first. It will grow naturally from there.


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When I meditate a breeze passes over my forehead and my breathing comes to halt at least for 30 seconds and it happens repeatedly in the course of meditation. I should say it is the most pleasing thing anyone can experience and I want stay in meditation for hours.

(11 Nov '15, 00:34) marsiansaga

I know someone outside of this world wants to begin a relationship but yet it is in first stages....

(11 Nov '15, 00:39) marsiansaga
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