How do I increase my healing powers? I heal people through prayers, but I found somebody with stroke that refuses to heal.

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Maybe that person has good reason not to heal. Maybe it is part of God's Perfect Plan. Many healers fail to take into consideration the will of those 'that seem' to need healing. Would the world have benefitted so greatly from that marvellous entity, Helen Kellar, if some well meaning healer had forcibly healed her of her many afflictions?

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Ok I left every thing in the hands of God.

(10 Feb '10, 14:31) MUHD

the person you are attempting to heal has to agree to it on a subconscious level. sometimes people attach themselves with their ailment, this is a character of the ego. all you can do is pray for them

(13 Aug '11, 19:19) realityVSimagination
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If you are healing through prayers and the prayers are to God and Jesus Christ than I suggest you get other strong praying warriors with you and the combine spiritual strength in faith among you always boost the power of prayers. Fasting for a couple of days and reading scripture will probably help it doesn't have to be a full fast it can be a fast until 6:00 pm and than you eat. You can go without food or drink until 6:00pm or just go without food until 6:00pm. What you do and the time is up to you. Try to let it be personal between you and God.

If you are saying that you have the gift of healing. The power of healing comes through your body than I suggestions you clear any negative off of you. I knew someone one time that said he had to take a shower to remove negative off of him as he healed. Going out doors and taking your shoes off or touching the ground with your hands I have read that is one way to remove negative off of you that it goes into the ground. I have read about using certain crystals that when you bath with them removed negtive toxin energy from your body which just might boost your healing abilities.

I have read about poeple who do long distance healing as well. I believe you will get some help here for there are some very knowledgeable, caring and gifted people here.

links for learning about the crystals stroll on down the link of how to use crystals and it will tell you about the bath and the kinds to use in there plus as you look around the site you will notice it will tell you what all of the different kinds of crystals and what they will do and the different one that you can wear to increase your healing and remove negativity as well hope this helps:


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Yes, i like your style. Thanks alot.

(10 Feb '10, 14:32) MUHD

please what did u read about the certain crystals bathing to boosting healing abilities? I never heard of it.

(10 Feb '10, 14:56) MUHD

I will try to find the link again and if I do I will be sure to post the link here under my answer where you can find out. The crystals were great there are different ones for healing and protection. I will look thanks for the accepted answer. Look at the facts to learn more about how to earn reputation points and give reputations points and receive badges if you are interested it is just something they do to help keep your interests up and going and to give up and downs for what you like or don't like. Thanks again and welcome to this site.

(11 Feb '10, 07:08) flowingwater

I have added the link for the crystals MUHD. Thanks again for accepting my answer hopes this will help you with healing.

(11 Feb '10, 12:00) flowingwater

Yes, it is MUHD.

(02 Mar '10, 06:03) flowingwater
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I think that sometimes, as healers, we meet our match. Especially when there is physical, permanent damage, such as a stroke, we can rest assured that our healing is going in, only we cannot see what it is doing. You may be helping in ways you cannot see. Perhaps it is God's Will that this person have this condition; you just do not know. Perhaps this person has had so much damage to the brain that you cannot reverse it. My role as a healer is to direct the healing- not to fight the outcome of what I am doing.

Hope this helps! Jai


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It is the will of God that this man with the stroke was brought to me for prayers. I did the best of what i'm good at. I ve done my part. It is now scheduled to God to do His part, when and how He wants it on him.

(10 Feb '10, 14:38) MUHD

I have two points of view on this matter:

  1. Increase your faith in your healing ability. This what flowingwater has said about fasting, reading scriptures, taking cleansing showers, touching the ground and using crystal is about your state of mind. All of this allows your mind to rise up, as the thought has the power of creation. Do whatever what strengthens your faith in God you believe. If you are not christian, then you can chant mantras. When you have a mala japa (hindu rosary) and the incense with its smell, it increases your faith greatly. Of course this is only an example; if you are a Muslim or Jewish, then other practices are preffered, etc.

  2. There are sicknesses that are karmic, which means they cannot be healed. They are present due to the law of karma, the past karmic debts from previous lifes. It is not possible to find out whether the sickness is karmic without specialised magical abilities, but this may be the case if you are not able to heal this person.


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sorry asklepois but i have to EXTREMELY disagree with you. reason being is becuase any type of illness and i repeat ANY TYPE CAN BE HEALED. jesus was able to give sight to a blind man, he healed a leper, he raised lazerus from the dead. as you can see ANY type of illness can be healed, all depends on one's FAITH(or his/her level of positive pure energy).

(10 Feb '10, 07:53) Mebb

One time Franz Bardon healed a girl by removing tuberculosis from her, and he get hyperthyroidism himself. He interferred with the law of karma. In a result he had to undo his healing. But ok, no offence. I respect your opinion.

(10 Feb '10, 12:34) Asklepios

I believed that whatever your situation, it is possible to get healed. There is an end to any karmic debt. When u repent u can be saved. God always gives a second chance.

(10 Feb '10, 15:02) MUHD
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A little story about healing power, if I may.

I have a very dear friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 60 and given 4 months to live. My friend has a strong personality but is very ladylike in speech and manner - when I asked her how she overcame her cancer she said "Well dear, I did my chemo and all that but I think the miracle happened for me when, one day when I was really low, I just looked down at the offending part and told it to (said with a real expletive tone) "just piss off, you are not wanted!!!"

I laughed so much I nearly lost control of the car I was driving at the time.

My friend, Val, is coming up to her 89th birthday. I was telling her that I had related her story to 3 people who all took her advice and are still around. She said she had told at least 12 people and they had the same positive result.

Worth a try?


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(11 Feb '10, 15:39) MUHD
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