At the end of the movie - The Dark Knight - the batman is willing to take responsiblity for the evil done by good guy turned bad, Two Face. It was thought the public would not be able to deal with the fact that their hero had done evil.

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From the context of your question, I'm assuming you mean whether the masses could ever deal with people they respect or admire as being less than ideal.

I would say this happens all the time in society. We give our power away too often to anyone that appears to lead the way for us. We idealize those people, put them on pedestals, and expect them to never make mistakes and to live up to impossible standards that we ourselves have no chance of ever living up to.

Then, when those people turn out to be only human, we focus on and criticize the petty and insignificant details of their lives instead of looking at what valuable contributions they made to society.

So I guess it's only natural that many of those human aspects of those people are covered up and hidden, and the masses end up being lied to, for the sake of a greater good.

My assumption is that this has happened many times to people considered to be great spiritual leaders, usually after their deaths. I doubt very much that any of those profound, spiritual people lived the ideal lives that many of their followers believe they did.

I personally believe that all of them were, most of the time, as human and fallible as you and me...and I am very fallible in case anyone is wondering. :)

But it's a convenient lie for the sake of the message, rather than the messenger.


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I agree, many of us would be extremely disillusioned if we knew the whole truth. But what about outright lies even if it's in everyones best interest?

Does it depend on who's doing the lying and why? If so, who/what decides which lies are OK and which aren't?

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You'd probably have to ask the people doing the lying. :) Personally, I think people should have access to the whole truth, if they want it. If the masses can't handle it then the masses will just have to evolve and deal with it somehow, which is not a bad thing in my view.

(18 Jan '10, 07:12) Stingray

Yep, unfortunately the liars are the only ones you could ask - LOL. I would think access to the whole truth is unecessary, but only because I find it scary.... I need to evolve I guess and that, as you say, is not such a bad thing.

(20 Jan '10, 01:41) shazsays
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A lie is a lie is a lie...

So many times-especially in the movies we watch- the "masses" are told lies for fear that they will all riot and overthrow whatever system is in place at the time. As Stingray alluded to, we do not like to find out that our heroes have clay feet. We like to think that our President is perfect, and we feel "cheated" when truths come out that (I am thinking of President Clinton here) demonstrate that these people are human and make mistakes and even lie.

The lies always come home to roost, though.

I don't think it is right to lie to "the masses". The end result is almost always civil war. I dread when the Chinese people find out what untruths they have been told about the world.

I do not think that it pays to lie.



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I think you may be right. A lie is a lie. Get's too complicated otherwise as my response to Stingray demonstrates.

(18 Jan '10, 01:56) shazsays

I think you have to look at things from the whole 360 degrees whole picture. There are some that cover up because the masses want understand and zone in on the wrong, sin,crime, immortal act, or just being less perfect because we all are you know and that they would zoned in on the less perfect fact and totally disregard the fact of what this person is doing good for man kind or contributing something great to man kind that is so very helpful.

On the other hand since we have all inherited the sin factor into our own equation from the sin of Adam and Eve than their is a part of some to do evil and become more evil and try and bring out the evil in people to dislike, harm, and hurt other people especially the people who will be good leaders that will help bring man kind to a better aspects of themselves. Who will put them on a higher vibrational frequency. They differently tries to do harm to them physically or at least destroy their character to the masses of people.

As the mention Clinton one of our president had oral sex done to him and was that the American people needed to know that. If so than why not have all Presidents report to the American people who they are having sex with. I don't think so that is between husband and wife. Or if you are president of a company is your personal life the employees need to know it I don't think so unless you are trying to do something to harm them in the process.

Now through out history we have had leaders that was not for the masses but was against them and tried to destroy them and their good way of life. The masses needs to wake up and stop being used to help destroy their own selves and their own way of life.

There is no or very few humans that can be constantly under the microscope of man kind and find no mistakes ever being made if that is so than they are already enlighten and entered into another dimension.

We the masses must wise up for and stop being manipulated by certain people who don't want good to come too us. Their have always been leaders that were for themselves and increasing their own projects and goals and their were a few leaders who were for the masses and tried to help bring them to a better place where things benefited them and really helped the masses.

The masses have been constantly lied to in all history because they who were in charged only wanted you to know what they felt you should know rather it was truth or a lie. Now the fact is sometimes the masses will go crazy if you tell them something they don't want to hear and it is true like for instantaneous you will run out of food in 5 years all over the world.

Well they would go crazy instead of having meetings all over the world in communities and working together to raise more food and being taught how to raise food and everyone who own land they would still own it but we would plant food for people and animals and work it and pick it and we all share in it. No, we would take and destroy the ones who did decide to plant and than a fight and war would break out and instead of 5 years it would be 2 years and than no food. So, yeah in that sense it would be wise and not tell them but start a project to raise more food and more food efficiently and say hey we are putting more jobs out their and really listen to the ideas of the people.

But the masses needs to wise up and look at things for themselves and start thinking and open their eyes up and realizing somethings on their own instead of just listen at what the news are telling us all of the time think for yourself look around you and see what is happen right there in your own home town. Do what you can to help not harm.


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