I'm reading his Messenger book, which is free online, and just wanted to find out if anyone else has tried this with success. If you've had success, I'd appreciate if you could give some tips on how best to make it work e.g. how often you use it, how immediate the result is, how do you even know you've "filled yourself with love" sufficiently.

Hope there aren't too many questions here! :D

P.S. Is there any reason why Klaus Joehle's free books aren't listed on PsiTek's website?

asked 29 Nov '10, 15:09

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Pat W

edited 29 Nov '10, 15:14

The books on PsiTek are either licensed for the public domains or the author of the books have given PsiTek the right to publish those books..some books are still copyrighted and unless Simon or someone can get hold of a copyright issue it won't be posted on the site due to legal reasons (Im sure we all wouldnt want PsiTek to be taken one day due to legal reasons.. :) )

(29 Nov '10, 16:14) kakaboo

That's right, Kakaboo - Copyright is the major issue to consider. Also, at the time the books on PsiTek were put up, most were either difficult to find freely on the internet or were published in formats and layouts that were not easy to read online. There is not much point in publishing books that are already freely and easily available on other websites.

(30 Nov '10, 08:52) Simon Templeton ♦♦

I see. Thank you Simon. I just thought it'd be nice to have all the good books "housed" in a single site for easy reference. Cheers!

(30 Nov '10, 11:43) Pat W
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After reading your post, I visited this gentleman's website and began looking through his books, which I will probably read. Very nice.

Some aspects of what he is saying, already exist as an exercise in Astara, so I have been "sending love" to people and situations for a few years now. Indeed, it does work and help, sometimes dramatically so!


answered 30 Nov '10, 14:14

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn. His instructions on sending love are found right at the end, in the epilogue, of his Messenger story. I must admit I haven't had patience to wade through the story and jumped straight to how to do it. It sounds harmless and in fact very positive so I'd like to try it. Great to hear you have tried something similar. I haven't heard of Astara but I'll be sure to check that out too. Cheers!

(30 Nov '10, 15:36) Pat W

Hmmm... how does the author send love? Any short answers please? I checked out the book but I do not think I have the time to read it over the holidays.


answered 18 Dec '10, 12:31

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You can use this link to get to the conclusion, where the instructions for radiating love are. http://k.livingonlove.com/messenger.shtml#Epilogue

(18 Dec '10, 15:56) Pat W
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