Lately I've noticed that whenever I try and manifest a long term relationship it always ends up manifesting for someone else. To clarify that, the girl I see casually ends up with someone else. I meditated on this and discovered that this has been happening all my life so it leads me to think that a limiting belief could be my problem.

Does anyone have any ideas or had an experience like this?

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Michael 1

Part of the manifestation process is being detached about that which you wish to manifest. This is especially true of relationships, which can have such a strong emotional component to them.

A better question to ask might be this: Does your happiness depend on any one person being in your life? Or can you be happy anyway? The trick to manifesting what you want is that you have to be happy first. If you have food to eat and a roof over your head, you already have all of the ingredients for happiness. Everything else is just seasoning.

Anyway, I think that people sometimes get so preoccupied with their own happiness that they lose sight of the fact that they're dealing with another person, having their own wishes, hopes and dreams. So here is what I suggest.

Instead of pursuing the goal of having a relationship with a specific person, pursue the more general goal of getting to know people better and developing friendships. Cultivate a natural curiosity and fascination about people. Listen to them. Treat them with respect. Do things with them.

While you are doing this, think about the kind of person you would like to be. Are you friendly? Energetic? Are you truthful? Do you have the kind of qualities that someone would want to be around for a long time?

In time, if you are a pleasant personality and have something to offer freely without strings, you will find that others are naturally attracted to you. And the relationship will come of its own accord.


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Thanks Vesuvius, theres alot of good points here so I'm reading slowly so I fully understand.

(29 Apr '10, 23:17) Michael 1

Totally agree - When there is no neediness attached, a happy, healthy relationship will manifest much quicker.

(30 Apr '10, 00:10) Michaela

When I decided, years ago, that I wanted to get married again, I persisted in visualizing myself with "someone". I didn't see any particular face clearly. I "saw" myself happy and going out to dinner with a man, saw the ring on my finger (and felt it!), I saw people smiling and pleased at our wedding. I visualized scenes like those quite clearly and persistently. I knew the universe would bring the right person into my life, and trusted that to happen. So I didn't push the issue with any particular person.

Once the man who is now my husband came into my life, I let the visualizing drop, to see what would happen and to let it go on its own momentum if it was right. And...well...we are married now, and he was the right person for me.

Best wishes Michael, and be patient. Perhaps the right person is just around the corner for you, and then you will be glad it didn't work out with the others!


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LeeAnn 1

Good for you LeeAnn - successful, personal stories are always a great inspiration :-)

(30 Apr '10, 00:11) Michaela

Very inspiring! Thank you

(09 Sep '10, 12:41) daniele

Well Michael, how do you know that you are suppose to be with this person?

What if your part in his or her life was to let her grow so she can experience the next relationship more fully?

How do you know that there isn't someone more suitable for you?

How do you know that what you have experienced with that person wasn't enough?

Why just not accept the FACT that you are not together and that if you might end up together again still, just accept it.

Don't cling to the past, let it go, live Now, be free.

Here is something to read about Twin Flames that I feel you might find interesting


answered 29 Apr '10, 12:07

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Sometimes you and that person might be friends and enter into a relationship but you all don't really connect. You just don't want to be with anyone but that special someone whom you all mutually love each other. You want to be with the one that loves and respect you and you love and respect them. Example out of the blue where ever you are a vision of the person appear in your mind and it springs a smile to your face and touches your heart with love and maybe amusement how that person lights up your world.

So others come into your life but the click is not there; it must be there for the both of you.

That special someone will come into your world and you will know it; you will feel it and the electrical energy will be there for the both of you other wise it want work.

Just relax and be the best you can be. That special person might be working on being the best it can be and you will meet one another. I personally believe there is more than one person for you giving you the added extra odds of running into them where ever you might be at the time in this big old world.

Patience for you both need to be made happy with each other. We run into different people in life and a lot of those people are not right for us as a mate, they may be good associates, business partners, friends but not our mate for us. Hopefully the relationship will last happily for a long time when the right two of you meet.

Focus on what you are bringing to the relationship and just be the best you can be and take it one day at a time. Stop looking and just believe you all will be soon and it just might happen sooner than you think. But when a relationship does happen give it time to develop into something good.


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Whenever you want to manifest a relationship your focus on the person in question is very important. You shouldn't waver in your thoughts during the manifestation process. You should as much as possible concentrate only on that person you want to manifest.

You should also put a lot of emotions in your imaginations on that person at a still state. This will help you manifest accurately.

But if you allow a 3rd party to come into your thoughts during the manifestation process, you may be using your energy to manifest in favor of that person coming into your thoughts.

Those who know better should please chip in.


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I can see some real problems with this approach. This kind of obsessive emotional attention toward another person can actually push them away. Kahlil Gibrán once said, "Let there be spaces in your togetherness." As usual, the entire quote is difficult to find on the internet, but a substantial portion of it is here:

(29 Apr '10, 14:35) Vesuvius

I agree with Vesuvius. What we want to achieve from a relationship is the feeling that one gets when in love. Rather than concentrate on the person it is better to allow yourself to have the feeling of being in love all the time. That is how you attract love.

(29 Apr '10, 19:54) Drham

If one seeks love one must simply be love which is a self perpetuating thought form that grows moment by moment as keeping it most positive in the monents you share with that person you desire to share momets with this intern becomes a shared reflection of you and that person of common intrests and goals and those interactions become a reflection in it self and the light to guide all other following moments to be most positive in the creation of following shared desires thats perpetuates in the growth of a relationship and having said that one can never expect anything only that in what you wish to give and that will come back to you in your moment by monent reflection just being what you wish to recieve is enough in itself and the Law of Love and Attraction will take care of the rest. Thats what works for me. Love Phillip.


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Phillip Bailey

Seems to me the answer is in the question. "The girl I see casually..." If you're not willing to commit to a girl, she'll move on and find someone who will.


answered 19 Jul '14, 20:12

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