I hear a lot of people using LOA for money and to get this and that physical thing or experience. What if your desire is for greater subtlisation of reality? A flight from the limitations of physicality towards access to forms of beauty and the sublime commonly seen and experienced in dreams. Swift movement between subtle realities of beauty, getting inside the world of a piece of music, conversing with angelic beings and realising yourself more as a subtle form, less physical. What if your desire is 'not of this world' as it were? How can one start and where to look for signs that it is happening or is it possible in the first place?

When I hear about other dimensions I get super excited, I thrive watching sci-fi films and entertaining big ideas and possibilities and sometimes I feel a yearning in my heart so big for just transcending the mundance and travelling/inhabiting these higher light realms where everything happens more freely and without much impediment. It seems most of the time that I am involved with other things is a compromise, a feeling of not really being in my element. I would like to understand this better.

Thank you for you help =)

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That feeling of excitement you get in your heart is a good sign that something like that is possible for ya! Also, don't settle for that lesser feeling when you can experience that greater life.

(05 Mar '15, 16:41) lilfrankster101
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Hey bud. Let me just say I know exactly what you mean. I wont go into details, but lets just say that I am revolving my whole life around some of those ideas you just listed. And not in the pseudo sense. But actually living them exactly how you mean.

The point I want to make is that, yes, Law of attraction is possible in that kind of way as well. Your reality can accommodate any desires you can conjure up. I mean this literally. EVERYTHING you can think of is possible if you can accurately and consistently line up with the vibration of it. I also understand that you do not just mean "sublime" in the sense of somehow obtaining 100 million dollars next week (for example), correct? Being able to achieve 100 million dollars in of itself is a pretty surreal feat to a lot of people, however what you're looking for is a different kind of surreal experience (I used to call it a "supernaturally unique adventure". That phrase pretty much explains itself. Maybe something like that is what you're talking about.)

But you're question is HOW it can be done. This is how I would (and am currently doing) go about achieving a manifestation like that:

First thing I would do is be content with the idea that everyone around you (right now) will say that what you're trying to accomplish is impossible if you try and explain it to them. I would even go as far and say that even some people who believe in the Law of attraction will tell you that what you're aiming for is too "unreal" or will try to avoid the question all together (by saying you can experience things like that in lucid dreams or something). I'm not saying that there will not be some who will believe you. I'm just saying that you should be ok with the idea, or concept of being able to choose a life that may be considered impossible, or "fantasy" to many people. My advice is to keep it you yourself. Do so until you are pretty confident with that manifestation (which is usually when the manifestation itself occurs).

However, even when you are right smack in the middle of that kind of life, there will be folks who will try to call BS. They won't believe you no matter what. And who's to say they're wrong to not believe you? In they're reality, something like that might not be possible for them. It might not be what they choose to focus on. I posted something a few days back talking about how the strangers you see in your day to day life could be living extraordinary life, it's just that you will not be able to notice it since you aren't up to speed with the vibrations they have going on (The post about it is here). So, again, be content with the idea that only those who are a part of that kind of reality will understand/believe you and experience it along with you. That being said, you wont be able to find those kind of people until you have a pretty stable grasp of that vibration yourself. There's one thing Abraham hicks said which goes something like this "Everyone is like a lighthouse and you will always attract people and events shining a similar light (vibration) as you"

The 2nd thing is something I read in a post, literally like 2 or 3 days ago(here). Really listen to what is being said there. I've heard about the technique Neville Goddard talks about a year ago, but I gotta say, I was not really ready to use it. I now look back and realize exactly why I was not getting what I wanted. I knew about the law of attraction, and I would consciously use it here and there, but I was never consistent with it. I would always fall back to old habits. One video that I am now actively and consistently implementing is this one:


If you consistently work with this in a more than superficial manner and without taking other people's opinion of your desire into account, you will begin to see results exactly how you expect them to come (and even more so). You will begin to notice/meet those who are actually living that kind of reality that you speak of like it's an everyday thing to them. You life will begin to revolve and mold around that kind of lifestyle.

I wanted to end this post to clarify that I have not gotten to that point where my reality is starkly different from the universal consensus of others. It's not because this kind of manifestation takes years to come. It's simply because I have not been "Actually" doing any of the vibrational work until very recently. Even when I begin to see evidence, You wont ever see me posting the specifics about it on here (or telling everyone I see about it). The life I choose to live is a personal journey that only I can take, and I will not let the reality of others hinder it.

Also please don't take anything of what I say to be TRUTH. My answer, along with everyone else's is just an option/suggestion that you can choose to make a part of your reality or not. My advice, if you choose to believe what I say, is to seriously practice that video I linked you. At the very least, consistently work on the vibration you are trying to maintain.


They talk about it in the video, but I'm just going to clarify it here as well: There's no way you will be able to achieve what you want to achieve if you keep looking at it as just something "scifi" or just something "greater than life". Even looking at something that you "will do in the future" is no good. You'll have to somehow find a way to see yourself living that kind of life NOW and match up to the feeling of it to be able to start seeing evidence.

Also, just to give you a snippet of a life you could live, read this book: Dream searchers by Andrey Reutov. The story itself is fiction(or is it... ), but what they talk about is based on something that can be possible for those who want to live like that. You should give it a read. I can still remember the exhilaration and connection I felt while reading it.


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Thank you Lilfrankster! Funny thing that I was intrigued by your post when I first read it and had wonderered about the 'Dream Hackers' you mentioned and did some research on it. I've started reading the book and get back to it everytime i have a chance. The concept REALLY resonated with me. I had been trying some visualising/imagining before you mentioned it, but I find that these things work much better when you're fairly stable in your awareness.

(06 Mar '15, 12:44) Surfgrass

But then, a steady influx of resonant ideas and experiences is present anyway, which makes one less wanting or at least, less anxious about the timing of manifestation. What I do know from personal experience is that as I get healthier and treat myself better, I find this subtlisation I spoke of taking place naturally. Do you find that it is unkindness towards ourselves that trip us up most of time? In other words, that short-circuits the process of manifestation of our heart's desire?

(06 Mar '15, 12:53) Surfgrass

I wonder @lilfrankster 101 when you are further along this journey that you will feel that others reality are a hinder? Perhaps you will see them as just a facet of yours that you do not have to focus on?

(11 Mar '15, 03:14) ursixx

@lilfrankster101 I just wanted to say that this post of yours is unreal. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for someone to validate this, I'm not sure why I never gave myself permission to believe it but reading this I just feel it resonates so deeply with me. These are amazing thoughts that could change many things for me, would love to know more one day. Thanks so much.

(26 Apr '15, 18:34) Bluebell

@surfgrass From my experience, and from what I'm starting to observe in others, I think the main thing that trips up a lot of people is a mixture of consistency and awareness.

Consistency in the sense that, at least for me in the beginning, I would always fall back to my old vibration as soon as things started to change even a little bit. Until recently (like I said), I've been going back and forth with falling back to my old vibration for maybe a year.

(27 Apr '15, 13:40) lilfrankster101

@surfgrass The main reason was fear. I wasn't ready to fully trust in this vibrational game. Even if I said I was, my inconsistency showed otherwise. Fear was a main reason. Even though I wouldn't have admitted it back then, I was fearful of how my life would turn out if this LAO stuff turned out not to be true. For those who are looking to manifest something "big" (especially something that can greatly impact your life) you'll have to get pass that fear threshold.

(27 Apr '15, 13:41) lilfrankster101

@surfgrass As soon as you do, you will see synchronocities. At least that's how it was for me.

Awareness is another thing that trips people up. I've noticed in myself, to this days, that some conversations I have with people seem automated. I mean that in the sense that I don't seem to be in the now when I am interacting with people sometimes.

(27 Apr '15, 13:42) lilfrankster101

@surfgrass. Another way to look at it is that I feel like my conversation with some people is like something I "experienced" but was not "EXPERIENCING". And that's a main thing you have to work on when you're in the creation phase (when you're trying to get your vibration to another point). If you just go with the flow of a conversation without much thought, then you will most likely follow the flow of your old vibration. That will only reinforce it, doing you a disservice.

(27 Apr '15, 13:43) lilfrankster101

@surfgrass I think of the creation phase as an actual project. Even if you don't take any physical steps. Actually, if your vibrational input is different from the vibration you are aiming for, I think the only thing you can do (that will be effective) is to just focus on your vibration.

(27 Apr '15, 13:44) lilfrankster101

@surfgrass Check my profile. In one of my recent question, I posted some links to this guy named "Steve pavlina". He has some practical techniques for changing and maintaining your desired vibration until the physical reality begins to change.

(27 Apr '15, 13:44) lilfrankster101

Thank you so much for your further comments! I have to say your response to my post had stayed with me, "like a splinter in the mind" and now a few weeks later the whole thing suddenly made more sense. I get what you're saying about falling back to old habits of thought. The negative mind can be very cunning in that respect. I had a realisation recently though, that the mental screen is where everything happens and the ONLY thing one has to work with. Being aware of it constantly and how it is..

(27 Apr '15, 14:32) Surfgrass

...impacted by different experiences and trying out how it responds to different thoughts but, maybe most important of all, seeing the patterns of fear arising from it but not suppressing them, letting them be and knowing they're part of an 'ecology of the mind', at least for now. This starts breaking identification with the body too, I noticed, and releasing tensions you didn't even know were there. And progressively, this 'screen' is infused with more and more energy and a higher vibration...

(27 Apr '15, 14:37) Surfgrass

...which makes it so much easier to work with imagination/visualisation. A practice that helps becoming aware of the mental screen is focusing on your inner experience as you get in touch with various sensations while in nature. You start to realise that smells, touch, taste, thoughts - both positive and negative - register on this screen but it is never affected by them, even though the body may be. After a couple weeks into this realisation, I can hold a conversation with someone and...

(27 Apr '15, 14:42) Surfgrass

...be aware of what is happening on my 'screen' at the same time. I see old patterns of thought but they don't affect me as much and I sense more space for steering the flow of my thoughts or the conversation. I have also started to see evidence of 'who I want to be' in 'outside reality', including this thread being bumped up again. Also, my dreams have been steadily shifting towards a positive valence, and I can remember them more clearly. It's funny how much easier it seems to take...

(27 Apr '15, 14:51) Surfgrass

...other people's opinions and approaches aboard our 'screen' while losing sight of what's happening in it entirely. Thanks so much for this exchange of ideas bro, it really has enriched my journey! :) I'll check out the Steve Pavlina links and get back to you

(27 Apr '15, 14:54) Surfgrass

@surfgrass Love the information you provided. Really interesting indeed. I'm about a quarter of the way to finishing it, and I have a quick question. What do you mean by "mental screen"?

(27 Apr '15, 16:59) lilfrankster101

Mental screen is the space from where all perceptions, sensations and thoughts arise. Here's a more specific explanation http://www.silvamethodlife.com/better-visualization-with-the-silva-method/

(28 Apr '15, 13:35) Surfgrass
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I must tell you that there are many vehicles to Heaven. The fastest way is to change yourself, forgiveness, love, transmutation. The way to transmutation is through The Decrees and invocations of the Violet flame (St. Germain). I can't go into all of here but if you will google it and find the part that suits you, all will be yours. Btw the decrees can be the last thing you think of before sleep. why not have everything transmuted at the same time. Just an opinion.


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"Ask, and you shall receive."

You have asked. Now you shall receive.

Ask more of your reality, and your reality will deliver. Be sure to expect it to deliver, for it is more sublime, and more subtle. Because you are seeking, you will find. It is a Truth.



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