Would the world be a better place if everyone believed in God and did good...? What about habitual criminals: should they be spiritually reformed, or should they left to fend for themselves in prison...?

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The Prophet

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Barry Allen ♦♦

A person should not place their values on another person, since we all have Free Will, we cannot tell another person to believe in God, against his Free Will! But the Bible teaches that many are called, and few are chosen, so given these facts you have to let everyone decide for themselves. Also you have to take into consideration, we live by man made rules here on earth, and we are expected to live up to these rules.

In general, no one persons gets to make all the decisions, it usually a consensus from the Cabinet body, so everyone is dwelt with in the same capacity. So it would be difficult for any one person to dictate, or to abuse their power and control in a given situation! Therefore, as good citizens of this society, we are all expected to do our do diligence!


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Inactive User ♦♦

No and an imphatic NO. Nobody needs reform, no one needs to believe in anything other than what their path is taking them now.

All of this contrast was created by US in order to better develop ourselves. Nothing needs changing.

The teacher will appear when needed (or whatever that saying is)




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jim 10

If you mean believing in a higher power, I think there's much value in having that belief, even if it just means tapping into the unconscious part of your mind.

It would be hard to imagine trying to get anything substantial accomplished through just my own personal intellect and sheer force of will. Albert Einstein once said that " Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." This is why 12 step programs advocate believing in a higher power; letting go of the idea that you are in total control of your own life allows the healing process to begin. This is also the guiding principle behind meditation.

The Law of Attraction is essentially belief in a higher power. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, then you must also believe that either you are guided, or things are guided to you, which implies some sort of all-encompassing over-arching order or mechanism, something bigger than your self. You can call that God, Source, the Universal Mind or The Force; it is all the same thing.


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if we meditate for clearer intuition more than of desires;
we maybe better off. it is when little concern of gaining more experience is dominant, that we need not believe in

(05 Jan '11, 01:23) fred

@Vesuvius, that whole thing about a Higher Power and the 12 steps, was right on. I am going to save you whole post. Thanks

(05 Jan '11, 01:58) Tom

I'm with Michael on this one - I'll reiterate that emphatic No.

I think when we all accept that we're right where we should be, our expansion will take off at an exponential rate.

We're all individual sparks of All that is, so the rate at which we learn and how we expand will be unique to each of us.

If we all believed and expanded at the same rate, there would be no need for individuality - and wouldn't that be quite boring.

We'll all find God, *Source* or All that is in our own good,God time (don't know who used that typo before but I love it)


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well micheala.what is the all that is????

(05 Jan '11, 04:40) Zee

@Zulu - You can call it God, Source, Yahweh ,Universe or any other 'label' you want - the terminology really doesn't matter :)

(06 Jan '11, 03:06) Michaela

Not all those who believe in God do good.
Have you heard of a holy war?
How about those who invade for peace because God's on their side?


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The Traveller

no person can be reformed by or reform another, and it is always up to a person to fend for themselves, in prison or otherwise. development occurs spontaneously when conditions demand transformation.


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Hu Re

Hi Neil,

Since you mentioned "believed in God and did good" in one breath, I'm assuming you feel that the two go together. If so, there are many examples in history to show that this isn't true. As the Traveller pointed out, wars are often started over fanatical, intolerant beliefs.

Also, those who do good aren't necessarily believers of God.

I also think there is a distinction between people who don't do bad things because they truly feel it to be against their nature, vs those who only avoid doing bad things because they are fearful of God's wrath / prison / hellfire etc. :D But that could be a discussion for another day.


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Pat W

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