Dowsing for gold, water and people have been done using different from the simplest to the most modern. My question is can anyone dowse especially for water? Especially since water is a very precious natural resource that may become very scare in the future than if they know how to dowse they will know how to found a water supply underground?

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Can anyone dowse?

Certainly. I have no special psychic skills and I have been dowsing for years...though not for water...I prefer to use a faucet for that. :)

If you check out this Wikipedia link, you will see that there are other kinds of dowsing equipment than just divining rods, which is what you are hinting at with your water references.

I have often used pendulums to dowse for answers to questions. You simply dangle a pendulum of some material - I have used wood and crystal - between your thumb and forefinger and ask a question. If it spins one way the answer is yes, if it spins the other way the answer is no.

alt text

You simply check which way is yes or no by asking test questions like Is Stingray's car red? It is red, so that spinning direction would indicate yes. Notice that it generally helps to ask questions about yourself in the third person (instead of Is my car red?) because it keeps you more emotionally-detached.

Some people suggest that with dowsing equipment, you ask the equipment itself if it will work for you. So, when choosing a new pendulum, I will often hold a few and think of that question (Will you work with Stingray?). If the equipment responds strongly in any way, I know I've found something good for me.

As I said, I've been doing this for years and I don't believe there is anything mysterious or supernatural about it. Sometimes we are just resistant to hearing answers to our own questions from within but our bodies are often less resistant.

So asking a question with a physical instrument, like a pendulum or divining rods, can allow your body to communicate a response. So, for example, a pendulum magnifies enormously the tiny movements in your hands in response to a question. So even if I don't consciously know what the answer is, my broader self can communicate it through imperceptible hand movements causing the pendulum to eventually spin in one direction or the other.

So, to me, dowsing is really quite a natural phenomenon.

One thing I have also been using (successfully) for a few years now is dowsing with my head...yes, head. :)

I got the idea from listening to an Abraham recording where Abraham said Esther Hicks would ask a question and if her head felt like it was tilting forwards (like nodding yes) then the answer was yes. If her head felt like it was going from side-to-side (like shaking your head to say no) then the answer was no.

So when I am driving and I want to know which way to go, or which way to avoid any traffic snarl-ups, I think of a direction and try and feel whether my head is nodding or shaking to indicate whether the broader part of me agrees with the direction or not. It works surprisingly well.


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well stingray...what is the percentage of coorectness of the answers you obtained while using pendulum or head technique? Do you think the answers obtained by you proved correct answers later on?

(07 Jan '11, 04:56) Zee

@Zulu - I don't track percentages and "correct" is entirely a subjective judgement. But it is a valuable enough method for me to continue using when I need to, which is not that often actually. If you make it your priority to tune yourself up into feeling good daily, your life tends to take care of itself without much conscious input or difficult decision-making

(07 Jan '11, 08:33) Stingray

@Stingray-i was curious to know that whether one can rely upon these echnique while making every day decisions.Thanks for your kind reply.

(07 Jan '11, 09:44) Zee

@Zulu - you can use it for daily decision-making, but the problem is you need to carry a pendulum around with you and you need to be in a good/neutral-feeling state when you use it. If you truly don't mind using a pendulum during, say, executive board meetings (when the other directors think you are mad) then good for you :) The more convenient everyday approach is to just to see which option feels better when you think about it...this is what I do normally. There is no power in the pendulum's just an alternative way for you to contact the broader you which has all the answers.

(07 Jan '11, 09:56) Stingray

haha...well..but i found that oftenly my inner feelings tell me opposit than what to be done...that's why i assumed taht my subconscious gives wrong answers to me...hahah...i think i must wok hard to train my self in this regards...

(07 Jan '11, 10:39) Zee

@Zulu - Your inner feelings are the only thing you can reliably trust. When people give their power of choice away to governments, religions, philosophies, gurus or whatever instead of their own inner guidance, they are basically "lost"

(07 Jan '11, 11:37) Stingray

it was also a miracle than jerry and esther were able to get Abrahams name via her nose movements. trippy.

(26 Sep '11, 14:44) Nikulas
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the answer is definitely yes , anyone can dowse , with training we can get very good results .

don't forget that the pendulum is like a pencil to a writer , it's the writer that does all

the work , not the pencil !

the logical conclusion is that it's possible to dowse without a pendulum .


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blubird two

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