I have been using a brain entrainment program -- neural senergy, eden energy wave dynamics, emotive brainwave,... I have listened to cds like instructed but I really Don't know if it is wasting my time or I am being too in a hurry for results? It has been two weeks with one of those weeks doing the whole 2 hours every single day.

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Michael Hutchison has studied the Brainwave Entrainment phenomena in depth in his book, "Megabrain." In this book, he studied many different mind power devices. Some of them use sound, some use light, and others use electrical wave impulses transmitted through your earlobes. But they all essentially do the same thing.

Over time, I have come to think of these devices as a crutch. I once viewed them as a shortcut to enlightenment, but over time I have come to believe that the kind of brainwaves you are producing is less important than your ability to produce them yourself, without the aid of "passive" machines.

The only exception to this is biofeedback. Biofeedback has two advantages; the first is that it is scientifically proven to work, and the second is that it is ultimately a training aid, designed to help you learn how to generate these brainwave states on your own.

Creating certain frequencies of brainwaves is only the first step; it is the things that you can accomplish with the altered mental states that are associated with these brainwave frequencies you are interested in. What is your purpose, in other words? What are your goals? If you are just listening to the audio but not feeling much, the reason could be that you lack direction, and the "energy" produced by these brainwaves has nowhere to go.


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Like Vesuvius said and I would add this.

I was interested in these outward devices and exercises but resisted. After years of "inward questing" I have found that these brainwave can be brought about almost at will just with the mind training I have been undertaking for YEARS. Mostly by just re-aligning my perspectives and controlling egotistic thought.

Anyone looking for a long lasting quick fix will eventually in for some disappointment. This is an Inward Quest not an inward fix. Might I also add that these tools are entertaining and helpful for meditation but the real pay off comes in the training of the mind by fueling it with the soul.




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I've not used the products you've mentioned here but I presume the Brainwave Entrainment programs are intended to bring about some kind of behavior or state change?

If so, then by comparison EFT takes, for me, less than five minutes (maximum) to bring about behavior change (though I have a lot of experience with it).

I know various NLP techniques that can bring about state changes within a minute or two but they are usually not permanent, unlike EFT.

Paraliminals, on the other hand, take maybe two or three sessions of roughly 20 minutes each to bring about noticeable change (for me) but, unlike EFT and NLP, you do nothing at all consciously except listen to them.

You seem to be suggesting that you've used this program for 21 hours without noticing any change.

It could be that this product is not for you.


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I am one of the 10% who can't be hypnotised. You may also be one of the 10%. Try acting out the change you want. Even though it may seem fake, try it anyway. Fake it till you make it. lol. seems to work for me because any mental suggestions or affirmations don't work unless you truely allow it.


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It is my understanding that the Silva Mind Control Program is very effective, and you will notice immediate change starting the new program. But as you are well aware the experience can be different for each individual. Also you can try different program to see what works best for you.


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