We have debated "evil" on this site for quite a while.

Some of us are sure that evil is a construct of society, and does not actually exist. Others of us say that they have encountered evil first-hand, and know that it is a Real part of existence.I use "evil" as an example of the power of giving something a name. What happens in existence when we actually name something, and that name is embraced by society? Does existence then change? Does what we name gain reality? Look at the word "tweet". Just a few years ago, it was only a word that described a short bird call. Now it is a powerful method of communication.

How do the words we use influence and define our reality?

Blessings, Jaianniah

asked 15 Aug '11, 09:43

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Good question, i suppose naming something is trying to possess it and put it in a box. So yes naming something gives it a virtual existence and makes it exist in our imagination. Remember the loa "where thought goes energy flows".


answered 15 Aug '11, 12:48

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blubird two

All great points!>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 Aug '11, 13:34) Jaianniah

Look at the first few phrases in the Bible.....a name is very powerful.

And in the Native American tradition, names are also very powerful. Most have at least two names, with one of them not even being spoken aloud. I am pretty sure you know about that tradition, so I won't expound on it! (smile)

A name allows the thoughts and emotions about a person place or thing to coalesce in your mind. That's my opinion. It does in a sense make it real.


answered 15 Aug '11, 13:10

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks, LeeAnn.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 Aug '11, 13:35) Jaianniah

Oh. yes, one more thing- congrats on upcoming 8K!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 Aug '11, 13:36) Jaianniah

Thank you Jaianniah!

(15 Aug '11, 17:01) LeeAnn 1
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