I have a question, but want to lay some basic foundations, first.

I like the metaphor of the Hawaiian Kahunas (Keeper "Ka" of the secret "huna). These were the active priests about 100 years ago. They were very powerful.

They could heal broken bones in ten minutes. This process was interesting, the Kahunas were in very good contact with their Low Self, subconscious mind. The ten minutes it took to heal a broken bone was the Kahuna sitting by the injured person and having their, the Kahuna's subconscious mind teach the injured person's subconscious mind how to heal.

They walked on recently hardened lava. An Englishman accompanied them on one of these walks. They invited him to join them. He refused, but was finally talked into it, however he insisted on wearing his jungle boots. The hardened, but still super hot lava burned the soles off his boots, but his feet were not injured. He did have a hard time getting back to camp because he had no soles and the jungle terrain was rough. The Kahunas thought this was hugely funny!

They could call in massive quantities of fish next to the beach, so the people cold easily pick them up. They could charge a throwing stick, that if you threw it at an enemy, the charge would knock them unconscious. Much more.

I don't care bout being a Kahuna, but I am curious when I see people effectively using power. I am interested in finding similarities in the foundations. I have found that all religions have common roots.

I can use the Qabala, the "Tree of Life" to diagram any religion, placing known aspects on the various centers, and where there is a gap, know that an aspect of that religion MUST have an aspect where I see a gap. Not going into Qabalistic analogies, just to say that I see a gap in my own studies that was important to the Kahunas who were very effective at manifestations. I want to know why they thought this was so important?

Here are some similarities with what we study. They felt that you have three Selves,

1. The Middle Self - conscious mind

2. The Low or Big Self - subconscious mind and id

3. The High Self - superego or non-physical

They felt that the High Self created manifestations. But the High Self lived in a "Rarefied Atmosphere". The High Self could, or would, only create when it had the materials from the physical plain.

There is an energy that connects the three selves called "Mauna". This energy was different between the Middle Self and the Low Self also between the High Self.

When the Middle (Physical) Self wanted a manifestation, the Middle Self would create an image. Then pass the Image to the Low Self, asking the Low Self to take the Image and the Energy to the High Self (which could not be directly approached by the Middle Self.)

The High Self, using the Image as a design and the Energy as the building blocks would create the manifestation. So far, so good, but here comes my question.

A huge and very important part of the rituals they used were to "clear" the Self, the Energy. They believed the only reason they did not immediately get their manifestation was that the Low Self was "embarrassed" to contact the High Self. That the Low Self, which had a dog-like consciousness, did not want to approach the High Self and they had to somehow convince the Low Self to do that.

Why? I don't understand.

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Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill, your question prompted me to dig out an old favorite book, Kahuna Magic, by Brad Steiger. Have you read it? Published in 1971, I must have bought it around 1996. I have been pouring over it again this morning, and this subject of clearing and convincing the low self to accept a suggestion (such as healing, among many others) contrary to its complex belief systems is widely discussed. Short answer: Limiting belief systems.

I don't know if this quote answers your question, but I thought you'd like it. Sure was fun for me to read, in light of some recent advice I've received:

"This [convincing a patient to accept a higher thought-form] is done by an almost violent use of low voltage vital force [mana]... it is not necessary to search for the original complex of the patient through deep psychoanalysis." The shock of mana, accompanied by the offering of the suggestion, breaks the force of the resistance.


answered 24 Jun '12, 13:40

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