All of these type of apparitions appear in the Holy Books of all cultures and many unbelievers have suffered death for their disbelief.

It all seems to have turned around these days, it is the gifted that are incarcerated or ridiculed.

Why can't our dream/s be as 'holy' as Jacobs.

Why can't our angel apparitions be just as real a Mary's?

Why can't the Djinn of Solomon still be seen by some in our generation?

Why, with so much physical evidence around, do most reject outright the notion that we are not the only thinking entities in the Universe?

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What physical evidence?

(09 Feb '10, 05:30) Vesuvius

Good question Lorraine I can't wait to read some of the answers.

(09 Feb '10, 10:45) flowingwater
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These people do not believe and are not open to the idea that these things can exist and therefore, the universe will never present them with the circumstances where they will see physical evidence of these things. So, in that sense, they can justify their non-existence. You see physical evidence of all the things you believe in.

The point I am trying to make is, there is no such thing as a universal truth as we all have our individual beliefs which will be reflected in the physical reality the universe creates around each of us.

For example, most people believe that they need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables to be in good health. You could just as well drink coke all day and achieve the same thing if you could get yourself to believe it.

So, there is not ONE right thing ever that will work for everybody but things that exist and work for us in our individual realities as we choose to believe in them.


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Pink Diamond

Well said - we each create our own world:-)

(15 Feb '10, 14:31) Michaela

Many might ridicule those things concepts consciously but it is of interest to me (and I know I've mentioned this before in another answer) that so many of our TV shows and movies deal with ghosts, aliens, supernatural beings etc. and those same people don't think twice about them.

And it is even more interesting how those shows/films used to present these things as hostile, and to be feared, but an increasing number of them take the point of view of the supernatural/alien creatures involved such as in Avatar, Hellboy, Yoda (from the Star Wars movies) etc. (I'm sure it is a huge and growing list but I don't watch many of them).

It is as though there is a part of us (manifesting through writers, actors and directors) that is trying to get that conscious part of us to become comfortable with those ideas.


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That is curious, isn't it? But perhaps the entertainment value outweighs the reality. After all, it's far more interesting to believe that supernatural/alien creatures exist than they don't.

(09 Feb '10, 15:18) Vesuvius

Out of fear mostly because people do not want to believe that there are other entities or beings that are here among us at times that we can not see or hear only a few can and when those few happen to come forward and say that they see ghosts, fairies, angels, or can see people and places in the past or future. People become afraid and choose to say and think that you are crazy because they can't see them as well.

That would mean sometimes when they think they are alone than they really aren't and than they can not fight something that they cann't see so instead of walking around afraid all of the time they choose to ignor the fact that it could be possiable and would rather label you as crazy.

I read a book one time about a few people that had pschic powers and were genetically engineer to enhanced them to be used as a fighter in war time. But than they enhanced them so much it gave them a lot of different gifts and some could read minds and they did not want them reading their minds knowing their real inttentions for them so they became afraid of them and was going to have them killed, now these were army top decorated soldiers,but they escaped and are now in the fiction book hunted down like crimnals.

This was only fictional character but just think about the women back than who knew all about healing herbs and maybe they could see ghost than you know they would be killed unless they became useful to the ones in charge in high places like the kings and queens of that time.

What people don't know anything about they become afraid of it or what people can't do them selves they become afraid of it. There are so many things that are real and they really do see things but who has a camera around when you need one and some things probably want be on film.

The bible speaks of so many of these things and yet we still rather not believe. Most will say where is the proof. Well, just because someone can not prove that they have seen, felt, or heard something does not mean it does not exist.

Yes, sometimes it is all made up or the person is really crazy or someone is playing tricks on them but that is only probably about 25% of the time the rest of the time it is most likely real. Now rather that is good or bad that depends on what they are seeing for some entities are good and some or bad.

The bible even talks about the angels who commune with the human women and the human women gave birth to giants and half-angels and half-hummans. I am sure that they retained some of the powers of the angels that father them and who knows what they did with that kind of power. Now rather they were good or evil I don't know. But we have fiction stories of hucerlues who did go around and fought evil.

It is dangerous at times so speak of your gifts to everyone. No one wants to be laugh at or redicule or talk about in a bad way. It is hard to prove things that go on in the spirit world. In some places the veil or fabric is thin and other entities enter this physical world for a while and only a few can see them.


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People who don't believe in such things laugh at people who do because the people who do believe in them cannot prove them. In the absence of proof or evidence, you can make up any belief you want.

I'll give you an example. What if I said to you that there is something called the Coriolis effect, and that it dictates what direction the water spins when it drains out of your sink? In the northern hemisphere, water spins in one direction, and in the southern hemisphere, it spins in the other direction. It is the same force that causes cyclones to rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere, and clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

There is nothing wrong with this belief, except that it's not true. There is actually some science behind this belief, and what it shows is that water drains from a sink basin in a direction determined by other factors, as the Coriolis force at that scale is insignificant.

People believe all sorts of things; many of these beliefs are wrong, but most people don't bother to perform the most basic of reality checks on their ideas. I have fallen into this trap myself sometimes. If you believe that you haven't, consider that about 95% of the emails forwarded to you from well-meaning friends about things like the Coriolis effect, or about how the speaker of the house demands a large jet to get to work, or that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy, are provably wrong.

As for myself, I can't tell you whether or not fairies exist, because I've never seen one. :)


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I have... but it is a very funny story. Years ago, when I was young and stupid, some friends and I were fooling around with a Ouija board. I asked it if fairies were real and it replied 'yes'. I then asked if I would ever see one and the answer came 'that I would see one when I least expect it'. Two weeks later I was examining a rose plant in a nursery, it was amazingly beautiful... I lifted the pot to see what it was called.. yep - The Fairy! What a giggle - I have never doubted that the powers that be have a sense of humour. Unhappily, that is the only fairy I have seen ... to date.

(09 Feb '10, 22:36) Inactive User ♦♦

But I have seen a ghost and an angel (without wings) ..

(09 Feb '10, 22:55) Inactive User ♦♦

Lorraine tell be about the fairy you saw for I saw a fairy around one of my beautiful flowers and it got away so fast. It was looking like one of those large bumble bee but it was larger and was shaped differently and it went down under the bush of flowers and I would go out there to see it again but I didn't ever see it or another again. It happen just so fast but somehow in my mind I know that that was something different and that it was a fairy. Plus my flowers have not been as pretty since. Distribe the fairy you saw. Don't fool with a Ouija board, plese I have heard a lot about them.

(12 Feb '10, 11:13) flowingwater
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I think the reason they laugh is out of fear, fear that such things may be real and they are not able to perceive them. I don't know if ghosts or any other paranormal phenomena is real or not, but if you or someone else are expierencing these things then they are very real to you. And no one should laugh or judge another for having abilities that they themselfs don't have.


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