I originally wrote Wraith Cars as a clever play on words but apparently not a lot realize a wraith is an evil ghost out to harm or kill. Wraith is a Scottish dialectical word for "ghost, spirit", how it came into English who knows but who knows how any words did.

There was a good movie in 1986 called The Wraith, in this movie there was a car that was a wraith. I refer this movie to you because this has happened to my brother and to my uncle. My brother recently and my uncle and aunt together years ago.

First my brother's story. He was driving along the highway 11 and for a moment he blinked his eyes, and there was a car heading straight for him! It was like 50 feet away this car was destine to impact head on! There was no way this could swerve or he could swerve. He blinked again right before impact and it was gone he had driven past the point of impact unscathed.

When my Uncle heard this he said the same thing happened to him and my Aunt years ago, they were driving the same section of road and the same thing happened they saw the car heading straight for them, they saw the driver just as my brother did and he was heading straight for them head on. They said the same thing "where did he go how did he get around us without hitting us!"

Both were at night headlights coming straight towards them.

asked 23 Feb '11, 04:19

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Wade Casaldi

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Hey Wade I luckily have not had any experience with wraith cars. found this wiki though




answered 25 Feb '11, 06:39

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Thanks so much Ursixx this is exactly what I was looking for. I can not imagine how a car could be a ghost, the car was a ghost with a ghost driver! Weird, I am glad it never happened to me either. I'll let this go a while but it looks like you will get best answer and not just because it is the only answer either! ;-)

(25 Feb '11, 06:56) Wade Casaldi

@Wade ,thanks Wade .I just dont like seeing questions being red either. had to find answer

(25 Feb '11, 21:30) ursixx
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