You would think that we would flee from movies like the "Blair Witch Project" but we don't- we actually get a thrill out of them in some way. Why?

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asked 09 Feb '10, 02:55

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Uuuuh I didn't like that movie. It didn't scare me at all, I found it rather wearisome and annoying.

(13 Feb '10, 01:30) herzmeister
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It seems death, killing and maiming have been entertainment since the very first fight between two humans with other humans watching. People used to go have a good time watching other people being sacrificed to some God on a mountain. They would all gather around and watch and cheer as the priest killed the person subjected to the sacrifice. There were others that would play violent games like that soccer like game in Mexico where the winning team got to keep their heads literally for the next game. Then there was the Roman coliseum where people cheered and watched the Christians thrown to the lions and tigers, and they watched the gladiators slaughter each other. But we can't forget the jousting of England and the bloody death battles of the knights there for entertainment either as all gathered to watch these events cheering and having a wonderful time as two people fought to the death for their entertainment. Then in the west when there was going to be a hanging everyone would come see it, "come on they're going to hang Larry today hurry or we'll miss it!" Then we could go back to the Salem Witch trials "oh goody there is going to be a burning today maybe even public torture!"

Does this all sound fun and entertaining? What happens to people in those movies, "whoa did you see this movie this guy rips that guys head right off there was blood everywhere what a movie!" How about boxing, two guys beating the tar out of each other for your entertainment, or that ultimate wrestling, yes it may be staged but they make it bloody and look real for your entertainment.

So the bigger question is not about scary movies but why people enjoy seeing others suffering? I think the answer comes from the often said, "I wouldn't want to be that guy! wow!" In other words my life may be bad but at least it is not as bad as that guy getting his guts ripped out. Just writing this is an upset to me but it needs exposing to awaken people

We are that suffering guy, all is one so the ones we enjoy watching suffering are ourselves really.


answered 10 Feb '10, 20:17

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Wade Casaldi

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I have been wondering the same thing myself Wade. How they will pay a bom off the street who just happen to serve in the war because they use to hunt wild animals and now they want to hunt something with a smarter brain. Offer to give him $10,000 if can make it to a certain disternation knowing all the time he want make it. He will be killed it just all fun to them. I saw this movie a long time ago of people really doing this getting people who want be missed and try and kill them. I forgot the name. Just why do people enjoy watching someone else suffer and torcher and killed for sports?

(11 Feb '10, 18:35) flowingwater

It is a crying shame that what it is. We are losing our humanism. Our love and care for our fellow man.

(11 Feb '10, 18:37) flowingwater

I think because we can emerge from the experience unscathed when it's "just a movie". We can get that thrill, as you said, but know we will be OK at the end, and are safe!


answered 09 Feb '10, 03:13

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LeeAnn 1

Exactly. We survived the experience, and lived to tell the tale.

(09 Feb '10, 05:38) Vesuvius

I think big shocks and surprises stimulate our internal senses some way. If meditation and prayer can alter our brainwaves and vibratory rate, then shocking stuff must be able to do the same.

Anything out of the ordinary probably makes us feel more alive ... living in the present as they say, even if it is fantasy. Fantasy focuses thought.


answered 10 Feb '10, 03:35

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Honestly i dont't know for I don't like to be scared by movies. I think to some it is fun to them to watch other people becoming afraid . Or it excites them or gives them a rush until it become too frighten to them and than they are afraid for a couple of days. I think people love to see other people afraid than it is like I think LeeAnn said it they get to cheat death and not die in a since.

I really don't know I don't like it. For someoone onces said people want to be scared but than when they are sacred to death it has frighten them too much and has them parnoid scared to take a shower with no one in the house and all of that.

I think scary movies are having the oppostie effect on people I think when people should be afraid they are not because they are still tuned into a movie series and their minds aren't understanding the different that this is really no joke. Run for your life this is bad and scary you could be killed. They have been bombarded so much with scary pictures they are not afraid of things and people like they should be; their self preservations is gone.

Example there have been so many vampire, werewolves, zombies and things that people might would say oh that a vampire let go and let him get some of our blood it might be fun and if we are turned to one than it might be fun and we would live for ever. I am telling you in a way people have been brain wash unintentionally by the movie companies any they just are not as careful and afraid of thing as theys should be. There guards are down.


answered 11 Feb '10, 18:26

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