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I feel like the lord is gonna let me go through this shame again! my mother lost her Job after she had faith that the lord wont let her down! now i have plans on going to college but my mom is not working and every ones knows i will be leaving this year some people try and discourage me and say that i cant make it but i had faith until now im suppose to be leaving in August and it February and i have not a dime saved in my bank account im so scared that people are gonna laugh at me and say i told you so but i had so much faith and some times i get angry at God and i get depressed and i feel like he will let me down i know he is a Powerful god but i know im a sinner maybe its something i did i dont know i need help im really troubled i cry almost every night i have no money no one to help me i put all my faith in God now im scared im reallly scared

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Wade Casaldi

@Rena :At the top of the page here ,click on tags,in the search box write "fear" .Take some time read some question and answers that have the "fear" tag. Many will bring you understanding and help you see what you can do about your fears.

(06 Feb '13, 03:02) ursixx

@ursixx, the direct link (works for any tag) is

(06 Feb '13, 03:17) Barry Allen ♦♦

Instead of crying every night, imagine yourself in college doing the things you want to do and relieved that your mom is alright and everything turned out alright.

(06 Feb '13, 05:47) flowsurfer

Combine what Jai said and what Flowsurfer said, and you will soon be a graduate, I promise!

(06 Feb '13, 08:37) LeeAnn 1

@Rena It might not sound true to you, but the first best thing to do if you want to change circumstances is to change your feelings first. Here is a method that will take 30 minutes (and a little bit courage) to solve your fear of the future. Afterwards you will be able to handle your issues with much more ease, power and clarity. The method is called "Feeding Your Demons". Try it!

(06 Feb '13, 09:18) releaser99

"All of your demons will wither away. Ecstasy comes and they cannot stay".....

(06 Feb '13, 11:49) ursixx

Love that quote Ursixx!

(06 Feb '13, 12:12) LeeAnn 1
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Hey there, Kiddo! Calm down! All you need to go to college is the right guidance and to fill out a few Federal forms- and voila! You WILL go! Get in touch with the college of your choice, and tell them you need their help to go. Pick a four-year college- you will get more money and will have a place to live besides home while you are going.

You will need to fill out a FAFSA form (Google it) and a college admission form to your college. They will ask for your High School Transcripts-so order them from your HS and have them sent out!

Do NOT just sit there and take it...I am a Senior in College, and have been going part time for years, but I am finally within reach of Graduation--thanks to my scholarships from the Federal Government. I am dirt poor, and that is to your advantage here.

Have a little faith, call the school, and calm down! The Lord has heard you, and here is the answer!

Good Luck!



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@Jaianniah :Lol "dirt poor" If you think about it , all the abundance that comes from dirt! I'd say your "dirt rich"!

(06 Feb '13, 01:39) ursixx

@Jai- Good job, even I felt empowered reading this.

(06 Feb '13, 08:03) Nikulas

Thank you both! :)

(06 Feb '13, 08:13) Jaianniah

Good advice, Jai, and motivational too.

(06 Feb '13, 08:36) LeeAnn 1

im an international student so FAFSA does not apply to me and its really hard i am trying but i just cant seem to get over this fear! my mom tries to give me faith but i am still scared

(06 Feb '13, 11:14) Rena

I'm an international student so :( that wont help me Thank you for your advice tho :)

(06 Feb '13, 11:15) Rena

trying keeps the circuit in motion, it's like a vicious circle - stop "trying"(pumping energy into the circuit) and the circle will weaken and eventually disappear all by itself

(06 Feb '13, 11:52) ru bis

@Rena-Some colleges give scholarships to international students, especially if their grades are good. Also, It might be worth it to get a Visa and settle down for four years. This is your LIFE we are talking about. Whatever you decide, decide it from a place of not bring a "victim". You are NOT trapped- rather, the trap is an illusion. Think outside the box, turn it around, and GO!!!! I will pray for you. <3 Jai

(06 Feb '13, 12:24) Jaianniah

@Rena - when you feel you can't trust His Hand, you know that you CAN trust His Heart. Look back on similar events where you felt darkness, and I will bet that you see a clear shining path to the joys you have.

I went through a horrible divorce in 1979. She left me, suddenly. I thought my world was over. Worst time in my life. A few years later I began to see some very good reasons this happened.

Keep moving. Dwell on the good things in your life, You will experience joy.

(07 Feb '13, 05:20) No Brainer

Thank You SOOOOO MUCH i Really appreciate that i really do and may God bless you :)

(07 Feb '13, 18:12) Rena
(07 Feb '13, 18:14) Rena
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We either have faith in God or we have faith in the problem. In other words do we believe in the solution or the problem?

To have faith is to be in a calm relaxed place of no worry. It is to know everything will be cool, God has this and everything will be fine.

To worry because you are, "a sinner" is to ignore that Jesus has taken your sin away. Ask forgiveness before prayer and accept the forgiveness. You are washed clean, your sins are forgiven.

If I have faith, "God is going to save me" but at the same time, "I am terrified to face what is coming!", then my real faith is not in God, but in what I fear.


answered 06 Feb '13, 02:05

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Wade Casaldi

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If I have faith, "God is going to save me" but at the same time, "I am terrified to face what is coming!", then my real faith is not in God, but in what I fear. @Wade Casaldi : loved this one, but still a big issue to realize it (I am trying :))

(06 Feb '13, 12:18) ZDCobran

Remember the movie The Body Guard, this high school kid hires a big kid to be his body guard. It was always like, if you are going to try to hurt him you have to get through me first. We need to think of God like that. He is our body guard, he is there for us always so we can relax knowing we are safe and secure. He does more than just protects us, he solves problems and helps us, a real good best friend.

(07 Feb '13, 11:18) Wade Casaldi

Wade at first when i read body guard i was seing the other movie:

(07 Feb '13, 14:56) white tiger

@white tiger wrong body guard movie. It was actually "My body guard." not "The body guard." Sorry.

Very good old movie from 1980.

(07 Feb '13, 21:42) Wade Casaldi
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What is there to fear? you are here today and the next day you can be gone,and the day after you can come back.That people judge blame or laugh at you,is that not stupidity and ignorance?None of them are in your shoe, but one day they will. On that day they will change their mind,and stop doing what they hate.Why are you angry at God? You are created in is image with the same potential and free will, you have free will use the time imparted to you wisely.You still have 6 Month left,Be the light that you can be and do what you will.You are a sinner stop sinning,does putting your energy in crying and self pitiying your self,Help you in annyway?Can you not use those energy in a better way right now?

For awhile you will think and feel that i am Cold and heartless from your own judgement,But ask your self this question: If i would lie to you would it help you in anny way?Have faith in your self and get to know your self and be your self.Stop going in to extremes,it does not help you and bring only sufference.Be aware,Be at peace with your self and other.Solve your inner division. That bring Darkness and that pain and suffering to your life,it does not serve you to stay there and do nothing.Learn from it and make your choice.

So let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.

Listen to this movie it can help you:


answered 05 Feb '13, 23:21

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white tiger

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Lol White tiger, this is the most soft answer I have read from you. I always look foward to your answers there is so much wisdom and guidance in them, So helpful. Thank you

(06 Feb '13, 09:10) Manny

Sigh I rather the truth more than anything but its hard its much easier said than done :(

(06 Feb '13, 11:17) Rena

@Manny why do you say it is the most soft answer i have read from you?I give only the truth to the question asked,to the mesure the person can handle at the time being. @rena Hard and easy are two extremes facing each other if you go one way in the extremes you are bound to fall back in the extreme opposite. extreme pleasure,when remove from you bring extreme pain. extreme pain when remove from you bring extremes pleasure.Why go in to extremes find your balence.It is like a string of a musical-

(06 Feb '13, 19:56) white tiger

instrument if the string is to slack it cannot play music,if bend to strong it brakes and cannot play music. so find the right balence and play harmonious music.

(06 Feb '13, 20:01) white tiger
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try not to waste your time on what others think, its a waste of mental energy. Some1 will always bust your balls or put u down . Now an the future. use that as a tool so when it happens again you'll be able to get over it that much more. I used to care what people think alot. Praise an putdowns are forms of control. The same people that Build you up one second can usually break you down the next. Hope everything works out ok for you.


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@Horseflesh ;Good answer that's why I changed from comment to answer . Welcome to IQ

(06 Feb '13, 01:35) ursixx

You are so Right

(06 Feb '13, 11:17) Rena

Hi Rena, yes i know the feeling of real fear, it literally scares the s--t out of you. By experience i have found that the best way to eliminate fear is organisation and knowledge - take each fear individually, analyse it, treat it as a friend and ask it why it is present in your reality, get as much information as you can about it, then work out ways to turn it around.
Organisation gives you an active method that displaces your thoughts from fear to constructive action, fear then turns into an ally and injects more energy into your organisation - all this eventually leads to trust, and trust opens the doorway to a greater flow of blessings.


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ru bis

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Weird things usually happen to me so its like what if it happens again

(06 Feb '13, 11:19) Rena

thanks for your response Rena

(06 Feb '13, 11:46) ru bis

Know that everything happens for a reason. Everything happens on time, perhaps you might hate or detest this now but later you wil find out this was for your own benefit. You need to be patient with the lessons that God is teaching you, one by one you will come to comrehend them and grasp the wisdom behind them with patience. Surrender yourelf to God and ask God to give you the strength to accept His will, and to make you belittle your challenges and gratify the blessings you have and embrace your life fully, thank you God for everything


answered 07 Feb '13, 16:38

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Thank you for that its hard to accept but i guess i have to :(

(07 Feb '13, 18:18) Rena
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