What is the most powerful and efficient meditation technique used to cultivate a healing aura?

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Imagine a very large bright star just above the crown of your head, ask that star to pour down what is needed for the benefit of the person needing healing. Note well, that sometimes, the best thing that could happen to a person is the illness or discomfort they are experiencing!

Channel that energy through your hands. I do Therapeutic Touch sometimes, with this technique one does not even touch the person. It is being taught in some of our main stream hospitals now as part of the nursing course.

One can also heal in absentia... just imagine the peron clearly in your mind, or draw a stick figure in the air and work on that if it helps with the visualisation. Colin Bloy taught me this technique.. whilst Colin in no longer with us his organisation The Fountain Group is.

This little diagram may help you to 'connect' more potently with the Healing Forces.



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