A fictional example of what I'm talking about:

You are driving in a car, and someone cuts you off, forcing you to slam on your brakes or you would have been hit by them. You lose your temper for a moment, and then a few minutes later you pass them pulled over on the side of the road by a police officer.

In this specific example of course the person may just be getting their "just desserts" so to speak, but what about situations where you lose your temper about something that you shouldn't have, and people are still punished for it?

[As an aside: Is it possible to "restrict" one's self as it pertains to the LOA? For the obvious purpose as it relates to the question..]

(The reason I closed this is because the first answer really did answer my question. It is my problem, and it is obviously my fault, so I need to figure out how to fix it myself. I rely too much on others to solve my problems for me, and I'm going to try to stop doing that.)

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Everything comes back to You. There is no blaming of the LOA. When you lose your temper because someone did something, You are allowing someone or something to control You. Control Yourself. It's always about You and your state of being. When you hurt someone you have to live with that, justify it as you will. Know Yourself. Take your time, calm down, cause people are gonna push your buttons. Laugh it off.

In regard to the LOA. You may have a desire to hurt someone and so you allow people to be asses towards you so you can feel justified in hurting them. Know Yourself.



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I never intended to come off as 'blaming' anyone. That is why I tried to explain "my own use" instead of "the LOA". I am very aware that I am at fault, and that is what concerns me the most, hence the reason I asked the question in the first place. It was never meant to describe any fault on anyone's behalf but my own...

(31 Dec '11, 05:12) Snow

Snow just the fact that you are blaming yourself and take responsibility makes you a good person deep down. Dont blame yourself but accept yourself and move forward from there. You are doing work on yoursef by wanting to and becoming a beter person and I admire you for it.

(01 Jan '12, 03:17) Paulina 1

very wise word brian. who is in control? if you lose control and act from the ego you can only blame your self. you are responsible of your free will. i also agree with Paulina snow is a good person. he is just still in the learning curve to know him self. keep up the good job snow you will get there. experience and enjoy.

(04 Jan '12, 01:42) white tiger
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Our power through the LOA is personal power. If even the Creator and the angels do not interfere with free will, how could we possibly interfere with the free will of another? We may see something happen and feel it is cause-and-effect on our part, but often it is not. It is just something that was going to happen anyway, or happened because of the other person's karma. There is nothing to feel guilty about or worry about. You are not causing anything to happen to another unless it was in their karma to have it happen anyway.


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I suppose referencing free will in my question was unwise of me as it deterred away from the question. The point was more-so tied into my personal emotional attachment to another's actions and the ramifications thereof. The relevancy of free will and why I mentioned it was more-so to the fact that 'each person should be allowed to do what they want', I have and do interfere on that end in situations that warrant (such as a little kid being bullied, individuals starting a fire too close to trees, etc.) but not every situation warrants interference.

(31 Dec '11, 11:39) Snow

snow has long has you do to other what you would like them to do to you in the same situation. i see no harm in it. but if it is lead by the ego then you could have repercusion. experience and enjoy.

(04 Jan '12, 01:34) white tiger

I suppose if you were a bad person you could attract bad things to targets that are other people. This would be doing dark witch craft though. I do not recommend it, instead pray for those that hurt you. It will feel as hot coals cast on your enemy and, healing for you both. In other words it takes two to fight. He is counting on returned hate not love.


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Wade Casaldi

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not only bad person do bad thing to other people when you let ego control you it does the same. and yes praying(talking to god) about the matter will help. experience and enjoy.

(04 Jan '12, 01:46) white tiger
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