How can karma and law of attraction co exist? If you decide beforehand the lessons you need to learn before you come here then it seems the events are set. The events will happen to clear your karma. But then how does the law of attraction come into play? How are you attracting events that you seemingly have no control over? Do you work with the law of attraction within the confines of karma?

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Man I am REALLY stuck to an answer for this question; I am exactly in your shoes, which 'law' prevails?

(17 Jan '12, 10:11) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Abraham's (and my own) view of Karma:

(17 Jan '12, 11:00) Stingray

the law of the pure of heart prevails. if you do good (sow) then you will (reap) good. karma is lesson that you need to go through and yes the negative you do also come back to you ontil you learn your fault and change your ways.

(17 Jan '12, 22:37) white tiger
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Please try to read this article on Karma Basic Buddhism first. This word is thrown a lot.

LOA is just another spin on Karma, and I do not think either are fully understood by most.

What you put in increases the better of what WE get out.

We are Oneness. The more WE put in positive energy, the better OUR chances are that WE will reap positive forces. It does not work on a personal level because we were led to believe that we are separate. We learned words like Me, Mine, Have, get and I.

Your pain is my pain. Your joy is my joy.

I really shouldn't do much for me (personally), I should do it for you (us collectively).And when the more of us think that way, then naturally more good will happen to more of us.

I have been using this example for years:

You live in a village of 20 people. And every one decides to make sure they take care of them selves. So you also do the same. You now have one person taking care of one person 20 times. But let's say that the village decides to divide their energy and no one looks after themselves but each looks after the other 19.

Now you have 19 people looking after you. So, is it better to have 19 people looking after 19 people or one looking after one?

Through this perspective you se that the "I" is not important and yet the "I" is well taken care of


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the belief of karma is the only thing that attracts energys,, karma is a self felt and self beliefed thing. you can be a "good" person and still atract issues to you that you might consider "bad" . if you can learn good things from bad expeiriances it makes them good soo you only bring the energys to you that you atract,, if you truly believe in karma you will experiance it!! it is all in your belief systems and and your perspective of "bad" and "good" energys,,,think in that way then karma is only existant if you truly believe in it !!! love n light, rob


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TReb Bor yit-NE

some say that karman is an integral aspect of nature, the correction of an action that creates disharmony within her divine plan.

(21 Mar '11, 00:31) fred

It is my belief that there are some key lessons/challenges/karma that we choose in Soul prior to our human existence, that we wish to experience by either correction or expansion ( make good or understand more).

Take for example one piece of my karma in this life was "stubbornness". Now throughout life I have worked on this challenge on many levels (consciously and subconsciously) and have had many experiences/challenges where this trait was either expressing itself as a subtle energy or as a full on expression. Whilst working with the Law of Attraction on a more conscious level, I am choosing a more acceptable setting to play out this chosen challenge. My mindset and surroundings are more positive and pleasurable whilst I still have the opportunity to learn from my chosen karma


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Susan 1

In practice karma is a human creation, it is the law of cause and effect. Our actions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings send out vibrations to the universe and these vibrations enter into resonance and attract the people, situations, things correspondant. So we tend to think that these situations, these karmas come from outside of our lives, from another life, another place and induce our state of being. We create consciously or unconsciously, our karmas, our state of being and are entirely responsible for it, the karma is the law of attraction.


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ru bis

This "escape clause" is called Grace by the Christians and by other names in other systems, but it does exist in all. Basically, the idea is this: "Once a lesson is completely learned and one grows beyond a need for this lesson, it need not be repeated, even if the 'books' are not balanced". This is the "Enlightenment" sought by the Buddhist that allows the "breaking" of the wheel.

Karma, The Three Fold Law, & Grace As you sew, so shall ye reap". "What goes around, comes around". "Whatever you send out returns three times". These are all sayings very familiar to all of us, all of them examples of a supposedly Universal Law of cause and effect, action and reaction. The principle of Karma basically says the same thing; i.e. any negative or positive action or thought remains that way, until it expends its energy by acting upon the originator. Of course this also makes implicit the idea that thoughts or mental energy have a reality of their own, one that interacts with the physical universe. If this idea is accepted, it then implies the existence of at least one more "world" or order of the universe, one with a non physical "reality", and one where the basic fundamental rules of physics (as we know them) may not truly apply. The magician can bedescribed as one who "walksbetween" these two worlds. "Walking between two worlds" implies that an individal is connected with both and can move between them at will. The purpose of magic is to manipulate one world for the benefit of the other, i.e. to manipulate the unseen world for the express purpose of influencing events in the physical.


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white tiger

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In the same way I saw an ancient path, an ancient road, traveled by the Rightly Self-awakened Ones of former times. And what is that ancient path, that ancient road, traveled by the Rightly Self-awakened Ones of former times? Just this noble eightfold path: right view, right aspiration, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration...I followed that path. Following it, I came to direct knowledge of aging & death, direct knowledge of the origination of aging & death!

(01 May '11, 04:35) white tiger

Popular methods for negating cognitive dissonance include meditation, metacognition, counselling, psychoanalysis whose aim is to enhance emotional self-awareness and thus avoid negative karma. This results in better emotional hygiene and reduced karmic impacts.Permanent neuronal changes within the amygdala and left prefrontal cortex of the human brain attributed to long-term meditation and metacognition techniques have been proven scientifically.This process of emotional maturation aspires to a goal of Individuation or self-actualisation. Such peak experience are devoid of any karma nirvana.

(01 May '11, 07:08) white tiger
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Hello eve, karma is the vibration with which we are born ... baptism being a symbolic washing away of original "sin" (karma), a purification of the soul ... to quote Stingray "children and animals attract every circumstance of their lives just like everyone else. The universe responds to vibration, whether you are capable of articulating man-made words or not" ... in other words the vibration that i'm creating "now" is putting the law of attraction into motion ... karma=LOA ... everything is vibration, everything is involved in the dynamic of the LOA.

have a great day


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Karma sets the stage. Within the stage, you have your freedom of choice. The Law of Attraction is a dynamic power within your Karma that you can choose to help or hinder your progress. Who knows how many lifetimes it would require for you to fulfill that Karma. It is up to you. You can do it now or later.


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Karma is the filter. For you will only see as far as your Karma will allow you. Your perception will be blind to alternatives because of Karma. This is the payback that is required in order to advance. The payback is that you must submit your old views until it is not a factor anymore.

(17 Jan '12, 21:09) The Knights Alchemy

nature and consequently all material form operates under her divine plan,
she seeks harmony and/with order.
this balancing principle may be called 'karma' and it extends throughout her 'ring-pass-not',
do we mislabel or create the law of attraction we so dearly want to believe in
and then make it fit into karma?


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Karmic debt and karmic credit is a balancing function. It is completely seperate from the LOA. Two seperate Laws. You can use the LOA to create your lifestyle, the people, places, things, that you want in your life. (this can also create more karma)

Karma, on the other hand, are the experiences that come into your life in order for you to balance your past actions regardless of what you are attracting. These experiences (lessons) will be given at the most beneficial moment for the individual in order to effect the most people. This means that a karmic experience (debt or credit) may not come for two life times in the future. Most people think of karma as something that will be immediate or given in the same life time.

I could go on, however, this is enough to answer the question.


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