Hi, I am sure without asking Abraham direct that the answer to this question is simply going to be everyone's own opinion but i would be very interested to hear them. I have been following Law Of Attraction and Abraham more seriously for about 6 months now and i find the theories make me very happy and content - however we all have those issues that no matter what lovely music we have listened too or heard the kids laugh - the issue pops up and knocks you right out of the Vortex.

I have been working with the Focus Blocks technique i found on here for just a few days and think it is fab.

My question - finally is - when you have raised your vibration on a subject so it is about Contentment and heading for the manifestions started to peep out and then you get knocked right back down for a couple of days do you think the manifestion halts at the best place you got it to until you can get back up there to draw it closer some more or do you think the manifestion drops away as you slide back down the emotional scale - so you have to start all over again??

I have probably waffled a lot there so will quickly put it another way.

Say there is a ladder 1-10 - 1 being abundance at your feet. I have been feeling good, feeling good, feeling good for days - pulling my desire up the ladder to about 4. Bad issue pops up, knocks me down emotionally until i can read a little or listen to some music quietly - does my desire hang on in there at 4, waiting for me to return for the final stretch or does it fall all the way back down to 10 again and all my work was lost??

Hope it makes sense. Thanks

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Its not so much that the manifestation moves towards and away from you, its more you move towards and away from the 'manifestation'.

I beleive the Abraham perspective is that the manifestation is something you've put into your vortex or vibrational escrow, and its your job to be the co-opperative componant and line up with the vortex. Remember there is only one moment in creation, the reality in which you receive this desire exists already. You need to do the moving, not it to you... you are the higher consciousness in the equation :).

As for the whole building up in levels thing. Time doesn't really exist in terms of what reality you happen to be existing in. Its just the illusion of continuity caused by not changing the reality you are in by very much. Manifesting is kind of like the art of accelerating yourself, quantum jumping to the place you want to be by being a vibrational match too it. So I wouldent focus on weather 'the manifestation' is paused when you feel bad or distanceing itself from you, thinking in terms of this only makes you move away from the reality you want to expirence. Just forget all that and have blind faith that it literally exists already and co-operative componants are lineing up for you!


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the art of accelerating your self very nice. do you know what is man made fastest machine? it is a satellite in space that use gas to propel it always faster.70,220m/s 252,800km/h 157,100mph Speed of the Helios 2 solar probe—Fastest man-made object. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders_of_magnitude_(speed)

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it is about constance of the energy and not about the more energy that you can send in one instance.

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well i would tell you to take that ladder and bend it ontil it becomes a circle. if you can get to that circle of harmony it wont matter where you are at in the ladder because you will be in harmony at every level. also do not block but flow. look at the flow of a river it is constant that it gets high or low it still flow. but if you block that river you will have aboundance for a while but after you will have very little water. do not go to extreme find the middle path. if you go to extreme it will always send you in the opposite extremes. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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