If we assume that when we launch a desire, the universe automatically creates it and it is then in our non-physical 'vortex' (basically where all the things we have desired is stored in the non-physical). Then, it seems that our only job is to get into the 'vortex' and by doing so, everything we have ever desired should get manifested.

We can get into the 'vortex' by just being generally happy.

So, why do we need manifestation techniques then such as visualization or the technique used by manifesting experiment 1 for instance? Are they just techniques to make us happy which will have the effect of getting us into the 'vortex'?

For more information on the vortex explained by Esther Hicks (Teachings of Abraham Hicks), watch this video.

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Pink Diamond

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I watched the video, and it was quite interesting. I guess we have to continue to be positive thinkers!

(22 Feb '10, 19:24) Inactive User ♦♦

It's another great book :-)

(23 Feb '10, 03:12) Eddie

Thanks for the video link it cleared things up, I have a lot of her stuff but not that now I will have that too.

(23 Feb '10, 07:59) Wade Casaldi

I even started writing about it again about 5-8 years ago.

(23 Mar '11, 01:17) Fairy Princess
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I think this is a really good question actually.

You are absolutely right. If you did nothing else but get into and stay predominantly in the Vortex by being appreciative of things in your life, everything you want would manifest effortlessly and you wouldn't even need to think about what you want...solutions would just appear as soon as problems did...the physical things you need would come to you as soon as realized you needed them...and so on.

So really, like you imply, we don't need manifesting techniques at all...in theory.

I think the problem is that we, as humans, have become so action-based and work-oriented that the idea of "Get happy and you'll get everything you want" just doesn't seem to resonate.

It just seems too easy an idea for most people to take seriously. It's like we need to do something towards what we want to justify getting what we want.

I have even had people tell me directly that they don't want things to come too easily for them...they want to work hard for them. Each to their own, I guess :)

For years, I've been telling people in the non-internet world (the real world!) that life takes care of itself if you just get happy - and I really struggle to get taken seriously. But as soon as I mention some mysterious process that people have to do, then it grabs their attention and they want to know more.

It's a similar situation on this website. If you put up a process like manifesting-experiment-1, it catches people's attention and they take it seriously. And just by having that deliberate attitude about it, they will get excellent results from it.

But telling those same people that just being joyful and happy in your life also brings you everything effortlessly seems to just lead to argument and debate.

But that doesn't mean there is anything inappropriate about a manifesting process.

Most people, I think, are not ready just to be happy in their lives for no reason at all other than for the sake of being happy. People want their stuff first and then, once they've got enough stuff, they'll allow themselves to be predominantly happy and then naturally start thinking at a more metaphysically-oriented level to want to understand more about how their stuff (and happy life) has come to them.

And I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

I think manifesting processes help serve a valuable purpose in bridging that gap between an action-oriented attitude and the more spiritually-oriented thoughts that may follow years later after enough stuff has been manifested.

To me, what is important is that people gradually start to (re)awaken to the powerful beings they really are. There are too many influences in this physical reality that cause people to mistakenly believe that life is random and uncontrollable.

And it can take a bit of coaxing (and maybe the allure of piles of stuff) before many will start to consider that they might really be the unique, multi-dimensional beings of consciousness that many powerful spiritual teachers have been trying to tell them for millennia.

But, yes, you're right, a wonderful life really comes down to two words...



answered 23 Feb '10, 01:09

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Thank you Stingray. Your answer has clarified these concepts really well for me.

(23 Feb '10, 12:55) Pink Diamond

Thanks for this incredible insight. Piece by piece it's coming together.

(25 Feb '10, 20:43) Frank 1

You are welcome, Frank and Rani

(25 Feb '10, 21:21) Stingray

For me, working for things has these three qualities: First, because I learn by doing, working for things helps me learn (although arguably I am learning things that are illusory). Second, working for things gives me the sense that I earned them. Third, getting things doesn't necessarily make me happier; what makes me happier is knowing that I know how to get the things, and the activity that I perform in pursuit of those things. The journey, in other words.

(17 Mar '10, 02:18) Vesuvius

@ Stingray, your seventh paragraph made me laugh. Very true story though.

(29 Jul '11, 03:50) Aphrodite
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You manifest everything according to where you are.
If you are miserable, you manifest misery.
Its not like manifestation happens only in certain states of mind.
Manifestation is, in a way, a description of the phenomenon that reality is the physical counterpart of consciousness.
I translate the Vortex, (in the video), here as the sum total of your conscious focus at any given point of your existence
The Video is excellent! Good way to make the point!


answered 23 Feb '10, 05:34

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The Traveller

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Brilliantly said! Thanks :)

(29 May '12, 18:53) MagicalUniverse

The manifestation techniques are processes that help us move up the emotional scale or get into the Vortex.


answered 22 Feb '10, 19:23

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I don't know that we do. I watched the video, and that led to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcKQVpFd49s&feature=related

which reminded me of a poem that I had written 20+years ago. I pulled out my poems and read them. There were many, and most were pertinent to the discussions on this board and in life today. I was usually a happy person by choice. I had learned early that it was a choice to be happy. I had it rough, don't get me wrong, but you wouldn't know it by my spirit. People called me Sunshine or tell me I was a breath of fresh air. If I dared to dream and make goals, I am sure they would have come to fruition. Unfortunately, I gave up on dreams and goals, so manifesting wasn't great. I didn't know about the LOA or the vortex then. People have asked me at different times how I did that. Unfortunalely last time that happened, it was like when Peter walked on water and then fell in, I fell in. I forgot what it was really about. I think that if I remembered now what I knew then, and what I know now after the 2 videos, I would much rather just be happy and let things come. I once heard, do what you love and the pay will follow. I believed them and have manifested a job helping people. I didn't even realize how I had done it. So, It is easier just to be happy and dream big. Thanks for the reminder. Now I gotta figure out what I want, that dreamer got squashed, but I'll find her, thanks!


answered 23 Mar '11, 01:30

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Fairy Princess

Interesting question. I haven't yet read The Vortex, but i hope i will soon. Coming to your question, The manifesting experiment 1, was also suggested by ABRAHAM HICKS in the book ASK AND IT IS GIVEN. In this book, under "process #2 - The Magical Creation Box", you will notice that it is the same exercise as "manifesting experiment 1". Maybe THE VORTEX exercise complement the latter. Correct me, if i'm wrong.:)


answered 23 Feb '10, 20:29

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Magical Creation Box is a similar idea (because it uses a box) but it's not the same process. You'll see that it is much lighter and freer. The idea of the manifesting experiment is to get as specific as you can and then release your desire as abruptly as you can - it's a bit like pulling a catapult back as far as it will go and then releasing it. One of the ideas of the manifesting experiment is to demonstrate how specifically and accurately the universe can respond which is why I recommend taking a number of days over writing requests to really put plenty of detail into them.

(23 Feb '10, 22:03) Stingray

I would probably say that the Abraham Scripting process is actually closer to the manifesting experiment in its intent. Ultimately, all focusing-based manifestation processes are similar in principle and you can summarize all of them in just three words...GET CLEAR. RELAX. Hope that helps :)

(23 Feb '10, 22:05) Stingray
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