According to Gregg Braden in The God Code, the name of God is written in our DNA. This is found through the use of gematria. This leads me to many questions, but one is What are the commonality and the differences between animal DNA and human DNA. Also, if God created other intelligent life on other planets, did He create them in His image and His name in their DNA? However, if I get an answer to the first one, it may shed light on the second on. Thanks

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Fairy Princess

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Wade Casaldi

Very good question, I fixed a few typos for you though. :-)

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Thanks. Actually, I just read the book. Before I read the book, I had a theory and posted about it in an answer here. I thought that if God created man in His image, and if He created other intelligent beings on other planet/s in His image, then we could discover the comonalities in the DNA and come closer to understanding the image of God.

(08 Jan '12, 22:48) Fairy Princess
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This is a complex question because of evolution.

If you believe in evolution, then I can answer this question.

If you do not, then it gets really hard to explain.

Let us assume that you do believe in evolution.

All life began on earth, and one form evolved into another and another, and so on. As each new form of life began, it contained within its DNA codes from the earlier life forms...This makes sense because once nature (God) invented a lung, for example, the DNA code for a lung only had to be altered to be specific to the animal that it now served. Did you know that as we grow as embryos, we actually go through a stage where we have gills? It's true. That is because we still have the old code for gills in our DNA, but it has been "written over" to turn into human parts and not fish parts.

Now, we have studied the DNA of animals. Chimpanzees have 99% of the same DNA that we do. What this means is that humans and chimps share a common ancestor that diverged not too long ago- about perhaps only 6 million years ago or so- which is a tiny blip as far as evolution is concerned. We are finding older and older skeletons of early man and we are looking for that common ancestor to modern chimps and humans.

Cats have 94% of the same DNA as we do, and are our closest relative after the apes. This is why cats get AIDS and leukemia. I had two cats with diabetes, and guess what? They take human insulin- they do not need special "cat" insulin, for the molecule for cats is the same as for humans. It was really weird picking up their insulin at my local pharmacy!

Now, as for God. This is what I believe, and how I have reconciled the Creation and Evolution in my mind. I think that God created the physical universe and that with its creation, it had to have laws, or all would have been chaos. To make humans, he had to create the conditions that would create life first. God has been very, very patient! Man arose (meaning homo sapiens sapiens) about 100,000 years ago. But our Earth is billions of years old. Now, that is patience! I think the story of Adam and Eve is a good one, because what it really tells is if that very particular point where Man became senescent. The Biblical story tells us that when we evolved to the point where we had "knowledge", we were no longer members of the the animal kingdom any more. We were unique. And we knew our own nakedness and knew about sin.

You can Google the information about how closely we are related to all the animals in our DNA. I do not think of this as a bad thing- rather, I think it unites us with all life. I have mentioned before that the molecule for photosynthesis is very similar to the hemoglobin molecule. It's true! Nature is very efficient. As far as some sort of "code" hidden in DNA...well, all I know is the biochemistry of it. There are four amino acids that make up the "ladder" of the DNA helix- represented by the letters A, G, C and T. These amino acids are combined in billions of ways to direct the formation of life. It is both simple and complex. I can see DNA forming on other planets, and I can envision all the millions of variations that would come about specific to those other planets. But I am not sure that it gets any deeper than that. God is already in the Code in that He made the rules that caused the Code to be created. I hope that makes sense to you.

Now, I do not know if the name of God was truly written in our DNA. All I know is that DNA is what connects us to all of life, and God is truly the Creator, the founder of life. But, as I said, He had to give our Universe "rules" or gravity would not work, or the speed of light would perhaps be variable--stuff like that. In our world, God is in our DNA in that all of life is connected by DNA. It is both wonderful and also a warning. What kills frogs will eventually kill us. If we tear down the rain forest one place, we create drought and desert in another...Not only are we connected by DNA, we are also connected to this planet in a deep and fundamental way.

And God's Hand runs through it all!

Blessings and Peace,



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Love your answer Jai and because God created everything from himself all have God in thir DNA and every cell of the body. It's simply there.

(09 Jan '12, 04:10) Paulina 1

Thank you, Paulina...If we talk about physics and not just biology, then we really are getting close to God, indeed...It is going to be a century of amazing discoveries, I am sure! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Jan '12, 05:16) Jaianniah

This question is based on a whole series of beliefs and as such we either agree or disagree following our own belief systems ... god is a belief, Greg Braden has his own belief system, DNA is a mathematical belief system, gematria is a system of divination based on numbers and is largely personal interpretation ... with such a string of belief systems we can concoct any "proof" that we wish ... :)


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blubird two

Hi Fairy Princess, Many don't believe in God as they have the misconseption that God is this being ruling the universe so lets first clarify what God is. God or the universe or the great architect or cosmic consciousness or whatever you want to call it is LIFE. Yes thats right God is life and life definately exists for we exist. Life always was is and will be as life cannot not exist but all you see and dont see is still life although some is inorganic form and some organic form and some is formless. Life simply is. Each existing living being has God/Life within them for life is inteligent and conscious and creates from itself (the formles becomes form) and therefore it is imposible to be Godless even though some might hate this idea. Yes God/life is in every cell of our body and in our very genes. Should a person ever be cloned one day they too will have a so to speak God code within them for it is nothing more than life reproducing itself. Of course this is a very simplyfied way of explaining for I would like for all to understand that God is not some tyrant punishing humanity and causing ntural disasters but an inteligent and conscious spirit of life from where we all came and that will include the so called aliens of other solar systems. Yes even they if they exist will have God/life within them. They might not look like us and their DNA might be slightly different but all of life organic or not comes from the same maker and that is conscious life itself or what the majority of people including myself call God.


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Paulina 1

God is just a label for the consciousness and spirit of life and nothing to be afraid of or shunned.

(09 Jan '12, 04:53) Paulina 1
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