The way to manifest a lot of things is to become unattached to it or to "let go" of it, including relationships. If that is the case, how do you explain the success of dating agencies or similar events/processes/companies?

If a guy actively seeks out a partner by going through an agency or going to a speed dating event, then is he not being attached to the outcome and not letting go of the relationship he wants? But yet a lot of people still manage to find their other half through these agencies or speed dating events, etc.. why is this the case?

asked 01 Mar '12, 10:01

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Obviously people who use those agencies believe to some degree that they will find someone there. And that is a way of allowing.

The thing to understand here is that "letting go" means letting go of the resistance, of the negativity - not necessarily of the entire subject. So using a platform you believe will improve your chances, is also a way of "letting go".


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I like your answer Benjamin. It's simple and to the point. It addresses both the search for manifestation, and the letting go of resistance. I really like the platform comment. I agree with you!

(02 Mar '12, 20:00) eclectic1

I would say it just comes down to how the person feels about it. I know people who found someone in high school and have been married for years. Some people meet in bars, shops, or over the internet. Its just a different way to find love.

There are plenty of people who find someone over a dating site, while many people also don't... I actually know a couple people who failed to find someone or who are obsessively checking daily with no luck. Those are examples of not letting go.

I could see lots of people initially signing up, just looking to meet new people. I can see people just doing it for fun and not taking it seriously... and then, they find a great match. Or someone just truly believing that it will work since they're interests and likes are being matched up with someone else.

If someone believes they will have a hard time finding love, it won't matter if they look over a dating site or at a bar, they will get the same results. If they believe dating sites have better luck, then they'll have more luck at dating sites.

I think the people who have success are the ones who didn't put up a lot of resistance. They signed up and they felt good, lucky, and excited. Or they just did it for fun. Or they just gave it a shot and thought "it could happen."

Because if I look at my relative, she has been at it for months with zero results. She hasn't had luck in other areas either. I feel that its because of her resistance, she says frequently "I'm never gonna find anybody," "I'm really needy, but I can't help it" "I have too many problems people can't handle" I wish I could tell her these things but shed think I was nuts. So, I try to be positive and encourage her to do so... but, I can't make her see it differently.

Anyways, I hope this makes sense to you. :o)


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Where ever we go people are basically the same, the main differences are cultural ... when ever people meet, there are always three main groups of people, those that we can get along very well with, those which can get along with more or less, and those which we find it difficult to get along with or not at all. The same is true when meeting people through dating agencies ... they are just another way of bringing people together, so the chances of meeting "the right person" is just as good (or bad) as elsewhere. If the agency selects people following certain criteria, then the chances are probably a little better than average of meeting that "right" person ... all this is of course highly generalized and changeable over time.

have fun


answered 01 Mar '12, 12:58

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blubird two

The rules of engagement determine when, where and how force should be used. Relationships are a symphony of courtships, each baring it's own distinct note. A proper relationship addresses each parties needs/desires which extends into the individuals community of relations. An elevated observer can detect the subtle nuances a relationship embodies. Longevity adheres to an anchor or anchor(s) that hold more weight than separation, typically notated as love. For further analysis, observe relationships among other species. I wish you good fortune in your merger.


answered 02 Mar '12, 06:50

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