It is something I catch myself doing and am not sure what to make of it. It is as though there's already all the breath I need from within me. Would really appreciate any input.

Thank you, namaste

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It's not really clear whether you stop breathing with your lungs full or your lungs empty, or maybe neither?

Holding your breath with your lungs completely full starts to supercharge the non-physical aspects of the body e.g. the aura and vitality.

Holding your breath with your lungs completely empty vitalizes the physical aspect of the body - makes it more grounded, you might say. It's one of the methods of controlling sex drive: How can we overcome or transcend our sexual desire?

It could be that in this deep meditative state, you are unconsciously being drawn to naturally practice these old mystical techniques in response to some desire you may have.


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wow, I did not know that...

(09 Nov '10, 19:54) Back2Basics

When I come down from deep meditation is when I realize I am not breathing from without and how it would be like to breathe under water. The word 'amphibean' usually registers in my mind along with the image of a frog. I observe this with fascination until it gets to me and I make sure to breathe normally.

(12 Nov '10, 10:03) daniele

@daniele, the impression of being and breathing under water happened spontaneously to me once ... i felt as if the room was filled with liquid and i was actually breathing by some other means like a baby in the womb of it's mother, even now as i think of it, it's easy to imagine

(18 Apr '14, 00:53) jaz

danielle, it is as though there is no need to breathe, as the exhale seemingly just goes on into a sound that is only arrested by a fear of not breathing or not wishing to continue unless he knew someone would be there to call him back

(19 Apr '14, 10:18) fred
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You dont need to pronounce the author's name. Just read the book. the book talks about extremely deep meditation, oneness with the source etc.

Regd. breathing and meditation - Breathing is directly related to the state of the mind. If your mind is anxious, angry, aggravated, etc then automatically your breathing will become erratic, shallow and fast.

As you enter deep meditation, the number of thoughts is reduced and the mind calms down and slows down (in terms of frequency) - As a result the breathing becomes rhythmic and slow.

When your mind reaches a point where there are no thoughts, then breathing will (almost) stop.


answered 10 Nov '10, 07:23

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Never heard of such a thing and if you can get oxygen without breathing you must be a alien. haha

I think one of the main aspects of meditation IS the breathing.

However, if you can breath so slowly yet still fill your lungs to capacity and then exhale until there is nothing left, that could help in meditation to really slow your whole body down.


answered 09 Nov '10, 17:01

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Don't mess with me B2B or I'll zap you with my ray-gun!

(12 Nov '10, 10:05) daniele

Lol! You r such a nerd! "ray-gun" !

(12 Nov '10, 19:49) Back2Basics

Read Autobiography of Yogi. They stop breathing during meditation. Tell you read the book. No worries Love.


answered 09 Nov '10, 22:12

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no one can say or pronounce the author name something like Pramhnaswa Yoganandana

(09 Nov '10, 22:28) Tom

Roughly translates as Paramahansa (a religious title) 'The Divine Swan' and Yogananda from 'yoga'= Union and 'ananda'= bliss.

(12 Mar '12, 08:07) Dollar Bill

No you must have fallen asleep, and you are in the Alpha state, deep sleep, and you have become unconscious, and you are not aware of your breathing. So technically you are still breathing, although you are not aware of it.


answered 11 Nov '10, 04:15

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Inactive User ♦♦

The breath sometimes halts for a while when meditating. It happens to me plenty.

It's a "well recorded" feat, particularly among yogic teachings and such. It was observed enough to the extent that some yogis eventually decided to "reverse engineer" it and deliberately learn to hold the breath longer (along with other pranayama exercises) since they observed that when the mind was still the breath tended to still - and that if they stilled the breath the mind would calm down.


answered 11 Nov '10, 05:11

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Liam, so much in common!

(12 Nov '10, 10:06) daniele

i have experienced this too..i got into meditation very recently , and this was the 1st difference i found !! when u meditate, you actually are breathing, but u dont realise! thats it...!! now that u have reached this stage, concentrate in the area between ur two eyebrows ..... with your eyes closed... as you keep doing it you ll observe a small dot or light ...(this will take time) .... this is you soul...or simply GOD! ur soul is a part of god!!!


answered 21 Dec '11, 15:48

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well i do not know if you stop breathing it might just be lower just to sustain the body. what i do know about physical things that happens is that when you go from the dhyana state to the samadhi state when you leave the body. in between you lose sight and earing then you see again with out the physical sense you see the light in front of you and you go in the light out of the body. experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Jan '12, 01:28

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white tiger

This is something that has just started to happen to me recently also. In the beginning of my meditation as I inhale my breathe I can only hold it a couple seconds until I desperately need to exhale. Then within a couple minutes, I inhale, and I hold it, and hold it and I don't want to exhale and actually I feel like I definitely don't need to exhale, but then I do finally exhale because I am aware of how long I have been holding my breath so it just seems like the right thing to do. But I feel like I could hold my breathe for minutes and it wouldn't bother me.


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I meditated for years it felt like a waste my time. I tried everything and watched all type of videos and listened to all types of music with no luck. One day, I asked myself a simple question " who am I?" Then I was dead on second. I was looking at my body on the floor. I knew that I went to meditate but after that I did not know what went wrong. It felt like my body was floating. Then I became so scare them I returned back to my body. I could not breath it felt like I was under water for hours it took me awhile to get myself back together. Then it happened again this time I had no fear of death. I went further. I went outside but it was like a tv screen on my forehead but very hot I could see everything on my forehead . My ears and eyes sight was so clear then I heard the sound of the sun. Since then that sound never left me night and day I can hear that sound. Then it happened to me again this time it happned way to fast like something pull me inside that field of energy where everything connected. I was so scare I started calling God, Jesus save me. I was so afraid but it was very different like before. I asked myself how I got here. Every time I call God or Jesus I kept seeing my face. Then i said who I am then I saw my face over and over then I saw my face on the animals and everything. I have full knowledge where I was then I accepted my condition and who I was then I became the light I felt like I was a part of the Sun. The sun light came then take me away. I was in there for 7 hours but it felt like second when I got out of the empty space of energy. I was still meditate then I got out again from the meditation I was still on deep meditation. Then I looked down I saw my body then I entered my body so I could not breath I was gasping for air. It felt like I was dead and came back to life. My lips and my forehead was so hot. I could feel the energy on my entire body. When I close my eyes I can see like the sun is coming up. It feel like something is inside me


answered 17 Dec '17, 18:45

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