Why do human beings like to impose their own opinions on others ? i.e. why do most humans want everyone else around them to share the same opinions (or beliefs) as them?

I admit that I was partially guilty of this in the past, but as I become more aware of my own beliefs and thoughts I found this particularly interesting, and also start to notice it more often when some of the people around me try to impose their beliefs/opinions on mine (i.e. they want me to believe in the same things as them and share the same opinions as them, and when I choose not to, things sometimes can get a little bit ugly).

Even on this site, you can see this phenomena occassionally...

asked 15 Jan '12, 03:08

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Great question kakaboo.

(15 Jan '12, 15:59) Paulina 1

i would say imbalence in the heart and mind and lack of truth.if not they would not need to imposse their opinion on other. they have forgot the first rule you have free will so use it wisely because you are responsible of it.

(17 Jul '12, 18:37) white tiger
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I'm sure there's plenty of reasons that people use to justify to themselves why they do that (e.g. making the world a better place, fighting "evil", helping people avoid making mistakes etc) but I think it all ultimately comes down to insecurity about what they personally believe.

And all insecurity is ultimately driven by fear.

It's basically saying that something about what you currently believe is triggering some aspect of emotional insecurity within me about what I currently believe so, for me to feel better, I must now try and make you conform in some way to what I currently believe.

Usually that means believe as I do (which implies behave as I do) and then, as multiple believers behaving similarly, my own belief system becomes more powerful in this physical reality and so I feel more secure about it. ("Safety in numbers")

I think many religious belief systems have that kind of insecurity driving many of their followers which is probably why so many wars have been fought in the name of religious ideals. Both sides are probably extremely sincere about what they believe but there is an insecurity that is driving them to assert those beliefs on those who believe differently.

After all, a war is just imposing your own opinion even more strongly, isn't it? :) With apologies to the religious people here, but I've even heard religion being defined as "a cult with an army" :)

If someone truly believed they lived in an infinitely abundant universe where nothing could enter their physical reality that they were not a vibrational match to in some way (which I've personally found is the case) then they wouldn't really care what anyone else thought because it would never impact their own life unless they made themselves a vibrational match to it...and that usually starts by caring about what others think :)

So with a non-fear-based mindset, it becomes more of a case of just living your own life in your own unique way and if someone else likes the example you set and asks you for information about what you are doing, you can offer an opinion without feeling a drive to assert it and without being particularly bothered if they reject it.


answered 15 Jan '12, 04:56

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@Stingray - "living your own life in your own unique way", nice :)

(15 Jan '12, 05:33) blubird two

@blubird two - Indeed. In many ways, conformity is a curse. If everyone lived their lives through their own unique feeling-good-based inspirations instead, all humanity's issues would vanish overnight, and everything that needed to get done in society would still get done by people that really wanted to do it.

(15 Jan '12, 06:25) Stingray

@Stingray- thanks for the clear explication

(15 Jan '12, 08:27) blubird two

As usual a well informed great clasical Stingray answer.

(15 Jan '12, 16:01) Paulina 1

@Stingray, this is what I've been looking for. You explained it well enough for me to understand what I had only a notion of, and couldn't grasp with my logic alone. Lately I've grown tired and sick of opinions of others that I didn't ask for. Advices overflowing with judgements and measurements, they have almost driven me mad, bitter towards everyone who spoke them. I was so sick, "shut up" became my ultimate response to everything I heard. I just didn't want to hear any opinion no more.

(04 Jul '12, 05:26) CalonLan

But reading your answer made me feel better now. :)

(04 Jul '12, 05:26) CalonLan
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This question is so phrased so as to suggest that most humans like to impose their opinions on others ... i remember reading somewhere that humans can be roughly divided into (six ?) groups ... those that like to assist others, those that like to be independent etc. ... one of these groups concerned those that like to dominate others and in real life these people are easily recognized. All emotions contain the germ of their opposite, so the desire to dominate other humans comes from the internal conflict domination/subordinate that the individual is confronted with ... have fun :)


answered 15 Jan '12, 03:57

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blubird two

Another good and true answer Blubird.

(15 Jan '12, 16:03) Paulina 1

what about the seventh group?

(16 Jan '12, 02:30) white tiger

@white tiger - well my friend there are many different theories on how to classify personality types ... the (six) groups theory is just a way of introducing my explanation and has little incidence on the outcome.

(16 Jan '12, 04:30) blubird two

where did you find that theory blubird? you have anny link?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th4jKkInkkc

(16 Jan '12, 11:41) white tiger

@white tiger - thanks for the beautifully enlightening video :-)

(16 Jan '12, 13:30) blubird two

you are welcome my friend

(16 Jan '12, 14:18) white tiger
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I think it is a sense of belonging that fuels the desire to have others agree, like being with the "In-crowd." If others agree it feels like we belong sort of as a pack mind, "These are our beliefs." This is not a bad thing it is how our United States Constitution came about through mutual agreement of the beliefs of what should protect the people of earth.

When there is disagreement it feels like something is out of harmony with ourselves. We have a deep sense that we are all one so when we feel this discord we feel it as a part of ourselves that is not in harmony.

The thing we must do at times is see that as we believe we are the ones "right" that the opponent to those beliefs sees him/her self as right as well. It is in this that sometimes we need to say "Forget about it!" and move on. We need to drop it as it is not worth you both being miserable trying to prove to each other who is correct. Be content in your understanding, you may be as well flexible to see that maybe you are wrong but if not be content even if you feel like, "Why am I the only one that sees this?" Instead of being upset that no one wants your knowledge think of it as a rare treasure you have been blessed with. It may be your knowledge that all other scoff at as wrong that changes the world. A good example is Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Galileo, Copernicus, Leonardo da-Vinci, all men that in their time were not the normal "all agree with" men but men that stood out as different from the "In-crowd."

If people can not understand you, do not be dismayed but continue in your search and your work whether any agree or not it does not necessarily make it or you wrong, it could be a new way maybe even ahead of the time as so many of those great men I mentioned were. But to say ahead of their time is really just saying how long it took others to accept their ideas as correct.


answered 15 Jan '12, 21:57

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Wade Casaldi

edited 15 Jan '12, 22:02

what about jesus buddha Bodhidharma they where not divider but add some knowledge and wisdom truth that people did not have. look at the scholar of jesus time trying to find error in jesus way. and jesus explained to them how it was some have accept it and some did not. and the one that did not have put him on the cross. did it help them or serve them?

(16 Jan '12, 02:57) white tiger

Love your answer Wade.

(16 Jan '12, 10:47) Paulina 1

White Tiger that is a perfect example of when NOT to be with the "In-crowd" exactly most people said, "Yes Curisfy Him!"

(16 Jan '12, 14:02) Wade Casaldi

well i am not with the crowd not in the way you think and believe about it anny way. i do not judge you. you have free will and are responsible of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2p8wl_oWeE&feature=related

(16 Jan '12, 14:27) white tiger
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possibly a mark of undeveloped self-consciousness,
lack of knowledge or ignorance on what is,
comfortable without thinking of alternatives,
or a passionate believer guarding the grail


answered 16 Jan '12, 08:20

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Where on earth do you come up with your answers Fred I love them.

(16 Jan '12, 10:49) Paulina 1

Hi Kakaboo, We are human and humans like to belong and to be accepted and liked. Some like to share knowledge and leave it up to you what you do with the knowledge and others like to control situations by imposing their own beliefs on all they come into contact with. These same controlers will argue that they are right but in fact it is nothing more than a personality trait of those who fear to be dominated.

The majority are somewhere in the middle but I supose you could say all have their own oppinions and it is best to stick to those of like mind if discord is to be avoided.


answered 15 Jan '12, 16:11

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Paulina 1

yes paulina i agree that it is most about people opinion. example i can understand christ buddha vedanta yoga etc. yet if one is stuck just on one he will not agree about the other. this happens because of belief and opinion. people should try to be whole and not divider. be the circle.

(16 Jan '12, 02:40) white tiger

because they think they are the only one right with opinion and belief etc. but if they get frustrated or cannot accept what you tell them or say forget it. it is because they are not willing to understand what you are saying to them. so yes let them with their choice it is their problems not yours. some people are open minded and some are not. example: someone might be saying some thing to you and is missing something you tell them and they do not accept it. let them be when they cross that bridge they will say the same thing. be whole be the circle.


answered 16 Jan '12, 02:49

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white tiger


Yes White Tiger you are right, be the whole be the circle is a saying if a wise man.

(16 Jan '12, 10:51) Paulina 1
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