hi..questers- are the beings on another dimension lead the same way of life as we does? like- they must be having family as we are having? do they have society as we have? do they fall in love as we are falling? just wanna know ur views on this?

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@TReb Bor yit-NE's first book Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans (channeled by Rob on IQ) goes into considerable detail regarding everyday life for a reptilian alien being on their own home planet in the Fifth Dimension.

You might find it interesting to read if you want this kind of detail. I know Rob's working on a few sequels to it as well so there may be alot more information yet to come.

Something to consider is that we don't even live the same kind of life now on Earth that we lived, say, even 100 years ago. Our societies operate according to different rules, our relationships have different expectations about them and our family units interact differently.

Even in different countries today, there can be considerable variations.

So it seems unlikely that different "dimensions" are going to operate by our current Earthly conventions and customs.


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@stingray- yup..i l surely read it,thank u fr ur answer :)))

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Whole consciousness adopts various forms. It need not always been within a form. All forms are not physical ones. Some personalities, therefore have never been physical. They have evolve along different lines, and their psychological structures would be alien to you.

In some systems, consciousness forms highly integrated mathematical and musical patterns that are themselves stimuli for other universal systems.

Source: Seth Speaks (A Seth Book)


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@TA-thank you fr ur wonderful answer..:))

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from what he has been read, it seems that
the worlds of elementals do have
family structure and genders as us
and with purer vision we maybe,
once again, capable of seeing them


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@fred- thank you fr the answer.. :))-love n light

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I believe that if there are other dimensions, then many of them are nearly identical to ours, so thus they obviously have similar societies; But that would mean that there are also dimensions that are not like ours at all.

In Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy, he depicted a world where people's souls manifested outside the body in the form of animal familiars (daemons) that was Victorian-looking in culture, a realm where angels were visible and flew across the skies regularly, and a realm where life evolved completely different--the dominant species was a race of cow-like creatures who called themselves "Mulefa" (or something along like that) that had a leg up front, a leg in back, and a leg on each side, and used gigantic seed pods as wheels.

And in Lewis Padget's "Mimzy Were the Borogroves", the opening lines were something to the effect of "It is simply pointless to try to describe what [name I can't recall] was doing. He was doing the equivalent of standing in the equivalent of a room in front of the equivalent of an experiment" and so in. Their universe's logic simply didn't work with ours, and ours simply didn't work with theirs.

I've also read of a book in which someone who, upon achieving apotheosis, creates a dimension with no matter or space, only music and rhythms.

In theory: If you can imagine it, there is a dimension where it exists. If you can't imagine it, there is a dimension where it exists.


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@existentialLux- thank you fr the info. :))

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