As a second part to this question:

What are the methods you use daily to influence you subconscious?
Is it simple and effective to just tell yourself things?
On the other hand, I would like to avoid things like hypnosis, etc.


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I think the thoughts that I want programmed on my subconscious as often as possible. The most before I go to bed and when I wake up. Hypnosis IMHO should be avoided for it is another person taking control of your mind.

I think many underestimate the power of thought. I am also very mindful of my thoughts almost constantly. That took many years of practice.

Much love!


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jim 10

awesome thanks!

(01 Oct '10, 21:33) Back2Basics

I would suggest firstly working on creating the awareness to uncover any limiting beliefs and then replacing them with positive ones - until you become aware of those beliefs that aren't working for you, they'll continue to run on automatic pilot.

Affirmations help when it comes to instilling those new beliefs in the subconscious. However, the key is to make the affirmations believable otherwise you may as well just be repeating a bunch of gibberish.


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So it is beliefs that are most important to the subconscious?

(01 Oct '10, 21:33) Back2Basics

I don't think anything is "most important" to the subconscious - the subconscious merely believes and acts on anything that is impressed on it by the conscious mind - it doesn't reason or discern but takes as truth what is passed on to it by the conscious mind. This is why the conscious mind is often referred to as watchguard to the subconscious.

(02 Oct '10, 01:52) Michaela
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