I am subconsciously attracting many many negative thing / happenings in my life. Consciously I am very careful. But when things goes wrong I have chain reaction of negative things...

Can anybody guide me to eliminate my pre-programmed subconscious negative happenings and restrain with utmost patience and control all my bad emotions?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I've already answered another question with this but still hope you find it usefull , it certainly impacted the way I will look at my own self talk from now on ♥♥♥


(08 Jan '13, 00:06) Starlight
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Admitting that you are responsible for the negative events in your life is more than half the battle. As Satori pointed out, we have this tendency to repeat circumstances to test ourselves, in the hope that someday, somehow, we will do things different, just for once!

I can really relate to this. I am a regular Calamity Jane. But I finally see what I am doing, and just today, made a major change in my life that I hope will have long-term positive effects on my life. I joined the local YMCA. I decided that I am really out of shape, and admitted to myself that it was making me unhappy. I felt like a plump old fool, using the weight machines and walking the treadmill; I even signed up for a swim class with the old folks just to improve my cardiovascular health. I am finally sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Admitting defeat is humbling, but you can make some changes just by being honest with yourself. I decided I'd rather go hiking with Wade than spending time with him in the ER all the time. That is no way to live- for either of us. Quite honestly, it feels good to say that. You have to surrender to win!

Good luck- take a look at yourself, be honest, and make those changes! If I can do it, anybody can, believe me!! :)


Jai ♥


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Very inspiring, good for you Jai.

(01 Sep '12, 17:52) Satori

Nice Jai :)

(07 Jan '13, 19:41) Eddie

"Consciously I am very careful". It sounds like you have good awareness of your feelings or have done some vibrational work. Sometimes when we deliberately feel better about a recurring or negative situation it will still recur. It is called an Echo. Its kind of like an impersonal test to see if we still react to the negative situation the same old way. To see if we have truly changed. If you can respond positively or be aware that its just an Echo from an old vibration from within you the negative situation/s will cease :)

Always remember Circumstances Dont Matter,Only YOUR State Of Being Matters


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@ Marathisend, I too have this same problem, I'm glad you asked the question - now I know it's just "an echo".

Thank you Satori for the Bashar video

(01 Sep '12, 09:05) MoonWillow

@Satori - Thanks for the clip. Bashar at his best :)

(01 Sep '12, 09:15) Stingray

@Stingray- I agree, my favourite clip of Bashar. He would make a good cartoon character:)

(01 Sep '12, 10:21) Satori

@Moonwillow- your welcome:)

(01 Sep '12, 17:51) Satori

Nice 1 Satori :)

(07 Jan '13, 19:41) Eddie

@Eddie- Thanks and good to see you on hear sharing your wisdom:)

(07 Jan '13, 20:58) Satori
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