Wade has been fighting a horrible, nasty virus for weeks now, and last night, I took the fight to the spiritual world, and asked the angels for help. I prayed, and called on St. Michael...I do not know why, but I sensed the most amazing and beautiful events take place...

Wade was bathed in a beautiful green light, which I did not understand at first. I saw angels hedged around the bed, shots of fire from St.Michael's sword, and Mary came, blending her blue with the green light, and I then understood the green light...It corresponded to Wade's throat chakra, which is where he has been sick.

it was really quite a vision!

It was so wondrous..and made me wonder if that spiritual world we sometimes dismiss is really a fact, and not fiction.

Is this world real?



UPDATE Wade has been fighting Whooping Cough...It is finally starting to loosen its grip on him, but I think the turning point came the night of the spiritual battle. I cannot tell you how real that scene was! The Green, ethereal light, the Presence of Other-Worldly Beings;...All of it was beyond description.

I have come to understand how much that world plays a part in this one. I recommend two books by Frank Peretti: This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. They are fictional books, but describe those Other-World beings, and their place in our lives. They are both good reads. They are Christian, but they make a good point about spiritual warfare.

Blessings, and Thank you if You prayed for Wade,

Jai ♥

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Nice question Jaianniah - to be honest in spite of over twenty years reading about spiritual matters I have never really totally believed in angels although I've read a couple of Doreen Virtue's books but as always I am prepared to be newly informed and looking forward to seeing what others have got to say about it.

(24 Jun '12, 06:50) English Rose

Thank you- I've always wondered about this...

(24 Jun '12, 07:17) Jaianniah
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there are other beings in
creation besides humans,
but if what you accept
as proof is only that which

humans see or measure
then you never find them
those so called myths have
more truth than our science


answered 24 Jun '12, 17:00

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The Angel is who you see in your mirror,and that demon is only in your mind.I trust Wade is better :).Love and Light.


answered 24 Jun '12, 11:43

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