The Manifesting Box method works very well for things that are small to medium in importance. I have manifested many things successfully over the years - but only things that are small to medium.

Is there a way of manifesting big things? If I consider something 'big' that means I am unconsciously focused on the lack of it - it's human nature and there is nothing I can do about it. So I will never be able to manifest it and will only ever manifest its lack.

I have tried everything over the last 4 years. I have tried watching my thoughts, not watching my thoughts, I have tried affirmations, tried keeping my mind still, tried going with the flow, tried to constantly keep what I want in my mind, I have tried being very specific and very vague, tried all kinds of visualising tricks - I have done it all. As far as manifesting the big ticket item is concerned, nothing works for the reasons mentioned above.

What I want is this: I want to work in a field that I genuinely love instead of being the mind-numbed corporate drone that I am today. And I want to be location-independent, to be able to make a living from anywhere in the world. It doesn't have to be a spectacularly wealthy living either. I am happy as long as my immediate and foreseeable needs are met. The really crucial thing is to love what I do and to be location independent. I want to be free.

I intially thought that stock market trading was the way to achieve it, so I spent 10 years of my life in that without going anywhere. I have now decided that financial markets is not my destiny, so I have now given up on that without having any idea where to go next.

I asked myself: what do I love to do? If money was no object what would I do all day? I have come to the conclusion that I love learning in general, and learning languages in particular. But the level of foreign languages I know is not enough to put food on the table. I am simply not fluent enough (yet), and I don't think a career in language is ever going to make me location-independent (which is very important to me).

Yes, I agree that it's not a simple request. It's not like manifesting a new broom - if it was then I'd have done it long back. But what's the point of studying law of attraction and doing all this work on my mind, if I am destined to manifest only new brooms and mops? I don't need LOA to manifest brooms and mops - I can do that just fine without its help.

Is there any way to get out of this viscious circle?

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I just want to tell you that I love this question. This is such an extremely clear and detailed version of the very question I'm currently wrestling with. Thanks for asking it!

(16 Jul '13, 15:53) corduroypower

What I would do, is give Manifesting Experiment 4 (Resistance Release Method) a try. Get in touch with the reasons as to why this issue seems like such a "big deal" to you, and then eliminate or clear those reasons. Then it should be on its way to manifesting soon.

(19 Jul '13, 13:20) lozenge123

I found ME4 unworkable. I stumbled at the very first step: "Why don't you have what you want yet?"

If I knew that then I wouldn't be here asking these questions.

(20 Jul '13, 02:27) bf2

@bf2 - "I stumbled at the very first step: "Why don't you have what you want yet?"

It seems fairly clear that the answer you seek is embedded in the title to your above question: "Because what I want feels big and important."

Does that remove your stumbling block for ME4?

(20 Jul '13, 19:29) lozenge123

It's a possibiliity and I will give it a fair go.

(20 Jul '13, 20:55) bf2

@bf2, good luck.

(21 Jul '13, 12:17) lozenge123

@lozenge123, just an update. I have started doing Faster EFT and I am feeling a noticeable difference in my mood. I am watching selected videos from Youtube. I have made the list of painful past experiences and memories and I am dealing with them one by one.

(22 Jul '13, 07:17) bf2

@bf2 - This is my favorite guy for EFT...if you search his channel, you can find an EFT video for just about any topic:

(29 Jul '13, 14:44) lozenge123
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I don't know how much help I will be, but I'll try.

I think for some people, manifesting is harder than for others. I am definitely one of those people, and it seems you may be too. I don't know why - perhaps some people are just more naturally lack-focused.

But don't fret! It can be overcome - it can always be overcome. I only said the above to give some consolation, since for some people manifesting seems ridiculously easy, and it can be discouraging for those of us who find it more challenging.

I am in the process of doing what you are doing - finding my passion and doing something I love. I only realised what that was around September, and since then things have slowly progressed in a positive direction, but not without much resistance!! I've come a long way though.

One thing that really worked for me, was working with a Law of Attraction mentor. If you can afford it, I seriously recommend finding a LOA coach that you resonate with. I wouldn't have gotten this far without mine. We have a session once a month and she is very energetically intuitive, so she sees where my resistance lies and points out ways in which I can work on it.

Apart from that, one thing I can say is that you are trying way too hard! This is one thing my coach keeps telling me too, and it's a really, really tough one to wrap your head around! How can you just stop trying? Surely that's the same as giving up??

Nope. Trying too hard indicates to your subconscious that you are not there yet, and the point of manifesting is to feel that you already have it. trying too hard is being lack-focused.

So maybe, identify clearly how your ideal lifestyle will feel. Then try to find ways, however small, in which you already feel that way, throughout the day. Milk these feelings, make them bigger in your mind. Feel the ease of them.

Imagine ease. Get in touch with the feeling of ease as often as you can. Your Higher Self already knows what you want - you don't need affirmations or visualisations necessarily - looks like you've already done all the asking, and what you're missing is the allowing.

That is one important lesson my mentor has taught me, and it's one I still forget at times, but it does work.

Hope this helps!


answered 14 Jul '13, 15:30

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I have thought about getting a mentor/coach before. Maybe that's what I need to do. It's quite hard to find good mentors here in the UK (I live in Norwich, Norfolk - somewhat out of the way). There are many who offer sessions over Skype. I'd however prefer face-to-face, but unfortunately there is nobody anywhere near where I live.

I'm going to add a request to the Manifestation Box for a good mentor to show up :-)

(14 Jul '13, 16:03) bf2

My mentor is on Skype, and that works well. I found her blog, I really resonated with her posts and signed up for her coaching.

Adding that as a request sounds like a great idea :) Maybe it won't even be an official coach, the mentoring could turn up in any way.

(15 Jul '13, 19:39) cassiopeia

loved ur answer:)))

(19 Jul '13, 07:41) supergirl
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How to manifest important things or in other words how to have everything in the world you really want? The short answer to this question is;

  • establish a complete plan of how you want your life to be.
  • effectively put your plan into action.

Put out a clear request to the universe and your request will be automatically granted just as in the story of aladdin and his magic lamp. To put out a clear request to the universe all parts of that request must be in perfect harmony, in this case it's all about harmonizing the whole scene of your life so that all the various parts fit snug together. Each thing you want to manifest must be in tune with all the other parts, just as all the musical instruments of an orchestra must be in tune to produce a harmonious melody.

Step one - make a list of all the things you need right now such as; new hoover, pay the electricity bill, new clothes, pay the rent, repair the lawn mover ... anything that's necessary to satisfy your current requirements.

Now make a list of all the things that you want, the sky's the limit. Here's a few suggestions

mercedes sports car, a million dollar mansion on the coast, virgin galactic space ticket, five million dollars in the bank, a gorgeous partner ... any other thing that you fancy and remember it's unlimited.

These are tangible things, there are lots of intangible things and qualities that you could also want such as;

be more confident, friendly, a good leader, enthusiastic, good health, unlimited love ... and don't forget to add all those qualities that will enable you to enjoy your new life style.

Now that you've established a blueprint for the future you can harmonize it so that all the parts sing in tune together. Here's a checklist to apply to each part;

  • is this something that you really want?
  • does this part contradict with any other part?
  • does this part fit in with your family?
  • is it expressed in a positive manner?
  • is it expressed in detail?
  • is it realistic?
  • is it the ultimate of what you want?
  • are all the personality qualities included to achieve it?
  • Is each part stated as if already accomplished?

You now have a complete and harmonious picture that includes everything in the world you really want together with all the qualities necessary to achieve it.

You can now effectively put your plan into action. Every morning first thing, read your list out loud if possible, if not, murmur and move your lips so as to form the words. With each declaration visualize, see that mansion, hear the soft voice of your ideal partner speaking, feel all the love flowing throughout your veins ... repeat the process every evening before going to bed.

Unlimited abundance is our birthright

alt text


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OK jaz, I will do that starting today and I will report back the progress I make.

I already have a detailed list, my Manifestation Box, which basically is a pasword-protected Word document. I will go though it carefully to check the points you listed.

Just wanted to ask, what do you mean by "Is it realistic?"? A request for 10 million dollars may be thought of as unrealistic. Is that what you had in mind, or did you mean request like "I want to run 100 metres in less than 6 seconds"?

(15 Jul '13, 13:52) bf2

@bf2 there are plenty of people in the world that would consider 10 million dollars as peanuts ... having said that what i mean by realistic is anything that's humanly possible, including going beyond known limits such as in sports events, inventions ... :)

(16 Jul '13, 03:10) jaz

Or better yet, have a look a the Manifesting Experiment Guide. :)

(19 Jul '13, 13:26) lozenge123

@lozenge123 what's named today the law of attraction has been known and taught under various different names throughout history and all the methods are based on the relationship material/immaterial. The method that i've detailed is my own personal preference; short, sharp and efficient :)

(20 Jul '13, 00:36) jaz
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I just watched this Abe video and thought you might find it relevant:

The Hot Seater is basically saying that she's pretty good at allowing small things, but the thing she really, really, really wants (a specific romantic relationship) keeps not quite manifesting. Abraham's answer is pretty much the same one they give in general - go more general, do what you have to do to get happy, work on other, less-fraught topics, literally spend more time thinking about other stuff than about this tense topic, and allow the momentum you've built up to carry you into full manifestation on that issue. It's nothing earth-shaking, but I liked it because I felt that the HSer was so clear on what was happening, and because Abraham totally copped to the fact that it's just really human and really hard to change from noticing that what you really, really want isn't here yet. I found it kind of soothing!

Another thing (found here on IQ - thanks to releaser99!) I thought you might find interesting is this video: - it's a guided meditation that encourages you to actually focus in a neutral way on your weird physical emotion sensations (he calls them "energies"). It doesn't mention LOA, but I listened to it and immediately thought "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!" and could see how doing this would help me stop pushing against certain recurring feelings I have. I don't know if you'll feel that way, but I'm wondering (for myself) if kind of thinking about something I really want and don't have and then meditating on that feeling and just neutrally observing it might be helpful.

I wish I had better specific answers for you, but I'm exactly where you are. Right now I'm kind of feeling like consciously applying LOA stuff helps me to be more cheerful, which is great, but at the moment I'm having some questions about how you can actually use it to guide the course of your life. So I'm totally the blind leading the blind, here! :p


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That Abraham-Hicks audio is brilliant. Thank you.

(19 Jul '13, 05:51) bf2

Dear friend, I have the same goal over the past 3 years: to make my living doing a job that I adore and that I am talented at it (kind of consulting and forecasting services), while not being bonded in any place particularly, because I like to change residences. I concluded that internet is the solution for me. So, I made my own web site easily and started selling my own services there. I did a little facebook advertisement too. Working through Internet allows me travelling and relocating.

YOU could teach foreign languages through Skype, for instance! Work this idea on your mind further!

But, I have to confess that even though I try this project over the past 3 years, incomes are minimum... It's because maybe in my country people are not familiar to internet services... But you could give it a try in this way! I wish you good luck!


answered 14 Jul '13, 22:53

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I did indeed consider teaching languages over Skype, but first I have to be an expert in the language concerned :-) Real mastery in a language (as opposed to learning enough to be able to order food at a restaurant) takes years (decades?). I know there are polyglots who pick up languages at an amazing speed, but it took me 15 years to learn English properly!

That's the story of my life. I am not very good at the things I like doing, and I don't like doing the things that people say I'm good at.

(15 Jul '13, 06:12) bf2

You don't have to be a master in order to proceed! Waiting to be perfect in something before you make the first move is the No 1 excuse to stay inactive for ever!! Make your first move now and the perfection will come along while you will be teaching.

And remember that you are ALREADY good at the things you like, just because you like them! Do not underestimate your skills so much!

(15 Jul '13, 13:39) jupiterios
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