I haven't yet tried this Experiment. I'm still reading through the questions and answers pertaining to this to gain more insight before I begin.

Since I'm going to get started with this soon I wanted to know if the process works the same if I put requests in the box for someone else without them knowing? I just wasn't too sure if this is something that we need to do as individuals or if it could be done for other people we care about.

To get to the point, this particular request would be for someone who needs to find a new job and are having a hard time even though they continuously keep searching and putting in resumes every week.. She isn't really on the same wave length as me when it comes to spirituality and reality creation so bringing this up to her is probably out of the question. That's the reason I want to do it myself without telling her about it.

So would this work the same way as a request of my own? Am I able to request things for others when it has nothing but good intentions?

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I would love to know more about the "manifesting box".. since I am trying to manifest a job etc for myself right now, is there any way you can explain your personal process to me and see if it works for myself as well?

(13 Oct '11, 04:46) jinxx

I haven't actually tried the experiment yet. Stingray came up with the process here...http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2915/manifesting-experiment-1-the-manifesting-box-method-how-to-get-what-you-wan

(13 Oct '11, 04:50) Cory

thanks I will look into it right now :D

(13 Oct '11, 04:52) jinxx
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I would suggest you try it and see what happens.

After many years of being involved with spiritual and metaphysical groups and subjects, I've personally found that most of the various rules involving "do's" and "don't's" that are passed around in a hushed often-secretive manner are really complete garbage and often no better than pure superstition.

Only your inner emotions in the moment can be 100 percent trusted - everything else (including what I say) is someone else's opinion. So if you feel good about doing something, do it and if you don't, then don't do it :)

Let's take a broader viewpoint on what's happening with this "manifesting box" method just to put your mind at ease with this idea...

  • You're obtaining a blank piece of paper from somewhere
  • You are writing/printing on it something you are already thinking anyway
  • You are putting it in a box and forgetting about it.

What's the worst that will happen? --> nothing will change in your life regarding what you want.

What's the best that will happen? --> you'll get what you want, whether it's for yourself or others and, as a result, gain further insight into the idea that you have far more power in this world over your own life than many would like you to think

If anything "bad" is going to happen from putting ink on paper, I'd suggest you stay well clear of those "dangerous" public libraries, keep away from those "evil" makers of filing cabinets and all the "dastardly" office workplaces they reside in. As for those "unspeakable" people that make a living from writing books and publishing magazines...well, just don't even go there :)

I guess I'm saying that, ultimately, you're risking the wastage of a piece of paper, a bit of an ink and some of your time in order to help your friend. Seems like a risk worth taking...for me at least :)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I've personally done what you are suggesting (and far more "extreme" stuff also) and had it all happily manifest.

Bonus Stuff About Manifesting Experiment 1 :)

It occurred to me that I might take this opportunity to expand a little more on how to make the requests more effective.

I wrote that original experiment around a couple of years ago and, back then, I wanted to keep the explanation as simple as possible to reach as many people as possible, and I also didn't really have a framework to pin some more advanced ideas onto that I was trying to get clear about.

The advent of Manifesting Experiment 4 has opened up alot of that more "advanced" framework for me to talk about - there are ideas in there that I've been trying to express verbally for a long time.

So I thought it might be valuable now to quickly revisit the writing of those requests in Manifesting Experiment 1.

The basic idea of this more advanced approach is that as you are writing out your requests, you also simultaneously clear out any resistance you have to them manifesting.

As an example, let's say as I'm writing a request, some issue in my life gets triggered within me that causes the back of my head to feel a bit tense, perhaps a pulsing sensation. That body sensation is a real-time indicator of the resistance that is going to stop or slow down what I want because it came about directly in response to my focus on my request.

What I then do is 'EFT tap' regarding that body sensation until it is gone and until I can reread what I wrote without it resurfacing. As you clean it out, forget what you wrote that caused that sensation in your body, it will only get you more trapped within the issue, instead only concentrate on clearing the body sensation itself...this will have the indirect side-effect of dealing with the cause as well. You can test that it worked by then rereading what you wrote. I've talked a bit about this in the update to Manifesting Experiment 4.

Once that body-based feeling is gone, I carry on writing my request and tweaking it until it's absolutely what I want. If, at any time during that writing/tweaking process, I feel anything else uncomfortable surface in my body, it indicates that more resistance has been triggered and I clear that too.

So, as you write or think about your requests, keep monitoring your physical body for anything uncomfortable that surfaces...something that was not there before you started writing the request. Some of these sensations can be very subtle initially but as you notice them and start to focus upon them, you should clearly start to feel them getting stronger and easier to perceive as you bring the full force of your attention to bear on them.

I'm not sure if there are hard and fast rules about what is uncomfortable since we all seem to be quite different in how we experience resistance in our physical bodies. For me, I generally sense uncomfortableness as tense pulsing/throbbing sensations. For you, it might be more color-based (if you are a visual person) or perhaps sound-based (if you are more auditory).

Basically, just monitor your body from head to toe for anything that seems out of the ordinary as you write your request.

If I find that some resistance is not clearing immediately using EFT then I'll investigate and clear the deeper resistance using the Manifesting Experiment 4 questions...usually just the first three as outlined in the experiment update.

Eventually, I will have a written request towards which I feel absolutely no resistance in my body.

So then I'll be ready to release a request that is packed full of desire with no resistance...and that's a very powerful combination :)


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@Stingray-thanks for the enlightenment

(13 Oct '11, 08:47) blubird two

You're welcome, blubird

(13 Oct '11, 09:52) Stingray

@Stingray I think you have helped me clear some resistance with this answer actually. The situation with my girlfriends job has been very stressful on me and her both and I have been wanting to help her in some way but couldn't figure out how. By you mentioning "what's the worst that could happen" and doing this yourself as well, it has put my mind at ease that just maybe I can help in this particular situation after all. Thank you for the helpful information once again!

(13 Oct '11, 16:02) Cory

Hi Stingray, thank you for sharing this, I'm excited to go home and try it. I've already started on a request for something that I want - Much love to you and this entire community

(13 Oct '11, 18:35) MoonWillow

You're welcome, Cory

(14 Oct '11, 09:26) Stingray

Thanks Rik, glad you found it useful

(14 Oct '11, 09:26) Stingray
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Hi Cory, i would suggest that it is always best to ask permission before working for someone else , one of the keys of working with these energies is harmony ... doing something "behind their back" is likely to put antagonistic forces into motion and you risk to get negative feedback.


answered 13 Oct '11, 05:51

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blubird two

Well the person is my girlfriend and I know for a fact she wouldn't mind me trying something like this. When I said "without them knowing" I pretty much meant it in a way of how we would "forget about it" once we put the request in the box for ourselves. I didn't mean it in a sneaking kind of way. Sorry if it sounded like that.

(13 Oct '11, 06:04) Cory

@Cory-ok , after reading Stingrays comments i've realized that if i do something "behind someones back" i get immediate negative emotional feedback...thanks for the lesson Stingray and Cory

(13 Oct '11, 08:44) blubird two
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