I am relatively new to the concept of manifestation, so I am learning as much as I can. However, I have to admit that there are soooo many variations or permutations as to how best to manifest.

I am intrigued by the box experiment. It seems everything works just by being clear about what we want, writing it down and putting it away. Does that mean visualisation is not necessary at all? All that meditation, getting into Alpha / Theta state, visualising every day etc, would in fact be "getting in the way" of manifestation since we keep thinking about what we want?

Any light shed on this would be much appreciated.


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Pat W

Instead of trying to figure out which works, just apply one technique & see what happens. If it doesn't work try another. You can read 10 books on riding a bicycle but you will still fall the first time you try to ride. Only by believing you will eventually get there will you succeed. Those who have walked this path before are telling you that it works! Just don't give up!

(17 Feb '10, 08:50) The Traveller

Great comment Traveller :-)

(17 Feb '10, 14:34) Eddie

Thanks. You are right. I have been trying too many things. :D

(17 Feb '10, 16:11) Pat W
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I am probably the world's worst visualizer - there may well be worse ones but I just can't visualize such a person :)

Other people tell me they can close their eyes and see glorious, technicolor images. I close my eyes and see the inside of my eyelids.

But that doesn't make any difference at all to the manifesting process...because it's really all about conscious emotion. It's about managing your emotional reaction to what you want. Any other process is really secondary to that.

When you can look directly at what you want, whether through words or pictures, and have no doubt whatsoever that it is there (even before it is there), then it will be there. There's no escaping this mechanism.

If you think about it, what's the difference between something that exists in front of you right now and something that you want that doesn't?

It's really just that you have no doubt at all that it is in front of you right now - you have complete expectation about its reality - and expectation is emotional, not visual.

If a process helps you get into that state of expectation, it is of value from a manifesting point of view, otherwise I believe you can do without it.

If you managed to get into a feeling place where you could look at something you want (even though it is not there yet) and have complete expectation that is coming (despite all physical evidence to the contrary), it would have to manifest virtually in front of your eyes. Not to do so would defy the operations of Universal Law.

I've been getting close to this level of manifesting on occasion but am not reliably there yet. But I can feel within myself that it is possible for human beings to reach this level of expectation on demand.

I've previously written some more information about visualizing and manifesting in this answer.

Hope that helps.


The Traveller posted an excellent answer here talking about this topic of expectation and manifesting using slightly different terminology


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Well, it appears that you are good in visualization after all! It is not said that visualisation is only about about "seeing" something in your mind, but, for example, also "hearing", "smelling", "tasting" and for you, it is perhaps "feeling" the emotional state.

(17 Feb '10, 12:20) Asklepios

I like the fact that you have touched on instant manifestation implying that it is only because of our level of expectation that physical manifestations usually take time.

(17 Feb '10, 13:23) Pink Diamond

@Asklepios, I would (as you imply) classify visualization as the usage of the five physical senses. However, I wouldn't personally classify the emotional sensor (our true sixth sense based in the Solar Plexus area) as a physical sense so I wouldn't say it is part of visualizing. But I understand what you are saying...it really comes down to a terminology difference

(17 Feb '10, 14:34) Stingray

I did not mean physical senses in that comment. My point is that we are given non-physical senses aside from the physical ones. E.g. when you hear the sound in your mind, you are using mental sense of sound. However, emotion is not the part of the mental set of senses, so you are right.

(17 Feb '10, 19:32) Asklepios
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You needn't use visualization if you have photos or drawings of what you want. The visualization is like a wonderful day dream of the thing wanted as if you are enjoying it, this brings the feeling of having it to send out this signal to reality to manifest.

But if you make a treasure map as the old authors say or a vision board as the new authors say, this bring in those feelings, as you look at these photos or comic board drawings of you experiencing the joy of having the thing you want you attract them to you.


answered 18 Feb '10, 07:44

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Wade Casaldi

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