Recently, I have been making a lot of use of both Manifestation Method # 1 (Magic Box), and well as the focus blocks to eliminate resistance connected to various issues in my life.

I have read on another thread that it if you feel you have resistance related to a manifestation request you are making, that it is better to use the focus blocks first, and then Method #1 to make the actual request.

Part of my overall aim is to eliminate as much resistance as possible in my life. But I feel that there are a lot of "nooks and crannies", so to speak, with resistance. My question is, is all resistance inter-related, and does all of it need to be eliminated in order to go ahead with manifestation requests? For instance, if I have resistance pertaining to family life, will that affect vibrational / manifestation work with my career?

Just curious so I can get a better handle on how all this stuff works. Knowing this would help clarify things for me from a practical stand-point, for instance, to know that it is perfectly okay to go ahead and make as many requests as I want via "Method #1," while continuing to chip away at my resistance via the focus blocks. I am trying to have fun with the manifestation process by thinking of lots of requests to make (and making them). That is much more easily done, whereas focus blocks are more time consuming...they just require more thought and writing (for me personally, at least).

I can feel the completed focus blocks already working, but I feel that I still have more to work on in numerous areas, and am wondering if (or how) this will affect the manifestation process.

I hope this question isn't too confusing...thanks for bearing with me.

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I have read on another thread that it if you feel you have resistance related to a manifestation request you are making, that it is better to use the focus blocks first, and then Method #1 to make the actual request.

Yes, that's what I would do. Or apply whatever other clearing method you prefer instead to neutralize your resistance - then release the request.

is all resistance inter-related, and does all of it need to be eliminated in order to go ahead with manifestation requests?

Every part of our life is vibrationally inter-related to every other part.

So, for example, dominantly feeling good about anything can overspill into unrelated areas and bring up the vibrational level of them.

That dominant feeling good vibration simply "drags" everything else up because you are now forcibly intersecting with the vibrational scales of those other subjects at a higher better-feeling level. It happens a lot with people who "fall in love" and then, because they are distracted by that dominant good feeling, they suddenly find all other parts of their lives going well also :)

Abraham tried for years to get people to just feel good on different subjects other than what they were feeling bad about. Processes like Virtual Reality were all about doing this.

But for some reason, it seems that for most humans the things that don't make us feel good seem to keep re-grabbing our attention so I think they eventually conceded defeat on that approach, and went back to promoting more direct vibrational molding processes like Focus Wheels, of which my own Focus Blocks approach is an extended variation that suits me better.

It works the other way too. You can dominantly feel bad in your life about one particular thing and that dominant feeling can overlay on other stuff in your life and cause you to be dragged down on those unrelated subjects.

As far as making requests is concerned, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Better to make the request and discover something about yourself from the results, or lack of them, than not to make the request at all.

If you are still concerned then one approach I've heard, which I quite like, is to make a request for you to be inspired towards some approach or ideas that will help you clear any resistance to your request manifesting, if there is any. You can either write this as a separate generic request for all subjects, or add it to any particular request you don't feel sure about. Just go with whatever seems more natural for you.

You can also write a request to help you write better requests :) Or you can even write a request to help you know what you want to request :) If you don't seem to be getting what you want, you can also write a request to help you understand why you didn't get the other request :)

It's a great little process that can be used in so many different ways. It's only limited by your imagination in applying it.


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@Stingray, I must say, I'm little bit puzzled by this manifestation process. It seems to me like so many people think of it as "throw a wish in a box and wait for it to happen". Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the explanation of it. I thought when I want something I clarify it (in details) and the universe says ding -> this way. But you actually have to start walking that way. I mean, I don't throw a wish for becoming a great painter in a box and go on with my daily chores. But I pick a brush,..

(16 Jul '12, 05:53) CalonLan

...get a canvas, some colors and start drawing something. Im posting this, because I just want to clarify one thing. I've never cared for or get any busy with choosing any particular "method", I understand it as raising my focus in a certain direction. And the more my focus is raised, the more opportunities and options I'm able to see. Then through using those options, I get even higher and vibrationally closer to what I wanted in the first place. So in the end, asking for something, is really..

(16 Jul '12, 05:56) CalonLan

...just asking for a way. And more detailed request we make, the clearer road map we get. Right?

(16 Jul '12, 05:57) CalonLan

@CalonLan - If you are so sure of the action steps involved in becoming a great painter then you certainly don't any process like this one. A lot of people do not have that level of certainty about many things in their lives and so processes like this one are useful to them. The process (like all manifesting processes) works because of the principle of Focus & Allow ( ) and the clearer your focus, the clearer will be the response.

(16 Jul '12, 06:09) Stingray

@Stingray, haha, that's funny now. I quickly went through that link and saw 2 points hint "Aim and fire". I mean it puts a smile on my face seeing I arrived at the same plane through my experience. Such a comforting feeling. I'm gonna read up on that right now, as I feel it surely offers little tips and tweaks I could implement to my still raw version of going about manifesting my things :)

(16 Jul '12, 06:30) CalonLan

@Stingray, thanks so much for a wonderfully enlightening and practical response. If I have already made a manifesting request, and am starting to feel like I have some resistance there, is it worth cleaning that up with focus-blocks (or one of the other methods you mentioned) and then making a new request? In other words, is it worth "stirring the soil" for the sake of cleaning up that vibration? Thanks again!

(16 Jul '12, 16:37) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - Sure, go right ahead. ME-1 was written for an audience that might not have had the understanding of these ideas that you clearly have now. So I don't see a problem with taking a more sophisticated view of it and cleaning up where necessary. It's basically what I would do also :) None of these experiments are set in stone - it's what works for me, but it's really just a way of getting people started. Feel free to tweak as necessary as your understanding of the principles increases.

(16 Jul '12, 17:35) Stingray

@Stingray, thanks again. Your advice and perspective has been a huge help. I will definitely put it to use. All best!

(18 Jul '12, 00:46) lozenge123
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I'm not qualified to explain manifestation methods, because I never really gave them much thought, but I want to share with you my experience about resistance.

When I started working out, all I thought was needed was to lift weights and great life would emerge, right? Wrong! At the beginning I read a lot. I read articles about how you ought to keep a workout log, and a food log, a supplement log, a 'how you feeling today' log. I felt inner resistance towards all those logs. It seemed to me as too much work at the start. So I just started lifting weights. Then I figured I should really learn how to lift it properly, so I studied a technique. As I learned the technique of various exercises, I thought I knew it all. So wrong again. I started to buy supplements and hoped it would help progress. To no avail. I used to think that working out was the most important, only to learn that food is, then sleep/recovery and only after that is actual bodybuilding part. Afterwards I learned it's not supplements, it's your food that makes a difference. So I got into improving my eating habits, and voila! Here comes a food log. Now I see why you have all those logs and how they help you monitor and analyze your progress so that you can actually improve faster and in a more effective way.

Do you see what happened there? At the beginning I was resistant to keeping a food log. But after time, I not only keep it or I'm not resistant anymore, I see it as an important part of my training. The source of our resistance in life is usually lack of our knowledge on a certain topic. That's all there is to it. If you could see the whole picture, which unfortunately you only get to see after you have gone through it not beforehand, you would not resist anything. You would allow it all and it would serve you.

What I want to say, if there's a resistance in your life

• Educate yourself on that topic

• Act upon what you learn

The experience you'll go through will prove to you the importance of whatever you are resisting and it will clear the feeling of resistance at the same time.


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@CalonLan, thanks for sharing your story, and your suggestions! Much appreciated!

(18 Jul '12, 00:48) lozenge123
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