Dear Gurus of Manifesting,

I address you by this nomenclature because I know, a lot of you on this website are teachers of this subject. If not, you have achieved a fairly clear understanding about this subject. Which implies that a lot of you are already living the kind of life you wanted and are here so that you could help others do the same. And boy, you all are doing a fab job! Truly grateful to all of you.

I wanted to ask, what has been your path to achieving the level of clarity that you currently have. In the sense, which books, what thought process, which practicess, what kind of progression and in what sequence, in terms of learning this subject.

I ask because a lot of us here come with an expectation to master this arena very soon. But often get disappointed. Also with so much of information available on the web by so many people, we often times get confused and over wehlemed.

I would like to know your of personal progressions and milestones, what helped you on the way, and if possible a time line of sorts.

Looking forward to hear it from the Gurus :)

Thanks so much.

asked 24 Jan '12, 01:38

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First off, I'm certainly no guru - just someone that's been playing with and applying these ideas for a while.

Anyone who has proved themselves independently-minded enough to study the information that is shared on IQ and follow up on many of the suggestions that are offered by the many incredibly intelligent and insightful minds here can easily achieve the same level of understanding.

Because we're all unique vibrational beings, I'm not sure there is a definite path that others can follow. Just in living your life, you'll create your own unique path. If you follow the promptings of that Inner You (i.e. find ways to feel good) it will guide you towards the most appropriate knowledge at the most appropriate time.

The thing about "living the life you want" is that the life you want keeps changing as you reach each new "level" in your life.

It reminds me a bit of a study that was done some years back into ABS braking in cars when it was introduced. ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System and the idea of it is that if you brake sharply, it will prevent the car wheels from locking up and sending you into an uncontrollable skid.

The study, if I recall correctly, was examining driver behavior on motorways/freeways and it found that before ABS was introduced on cars, drivers were often following the car in front too closely. So if the car in front braked sharply, the driver behind might be forced to brake too hard and lock up the wheels, and probably crashing.

alt text

Now following the introduction of ABS, at which the previous following distance would have been manageable, the study found that drivers - aware they now had the safety of ABS - would drive even closer to the car in front!

So the risk of crashing had pretty much remained the same because drivers had compensated for the safety of ABS by driving even more dangerously :)

I think the same thing applies to "living the life you want" - all that happens when you know you have the safety of an understanding of Universal Law is that you push the limits even further...or, at least, that's what I've found in my own life.

What that means is that though you might live a lifestyle that others might marvel at, to some extent, you can still end up crashing quite regularly :)

The difference, of course, is that with a knowledge of these reality creation principles, you just don't fear the crashes. And, surprisingly, you can end up welcoming them because of the clarity they bring.

I've gained far, far, far, far, far.....far, far, far etc :) more clarity from the things that don't turn out the way I expected in my life than the things that do. I know it can seem like a bizarre idea but when things are going too smoothly, you can end up getting a bit bored :)

And I guess that's the ultimate point I want to make with my own answer to your question...

I've noticed many times people on IQ being angry/frustrated/unhappy etc. because they are going through a tough time in their lives or if things are not going the way they want. So, if I could offer the most useful thing I've learned over many years of playing with these manifesting ideas, it's basically...

Don't condemn yourself for giving yourself a chance to gain clarity!

When I'm (metaphorically) driving too closely to the car in front and am about to crash, my own personal gift to myself has proved time and time again to be that I can find a way to feel good regardless of what the external circumstances of my life may appear to be in any moment.

Over many years of "crashing", I've developed absolute knowing that by holding myself in that aligned state of being, my life circumstances have no choice but to eventually conform to it...sometimes in miraculous ways.

I simply have no fear of anything in this world any more - and, really, that's not a bad place to be :)

Not sure if this answer is going to be useful to anyone but I thought I would throw it out there :)


answered 24 Jan '12, 05:15

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Thank you for this wonderful answer +1. Between You and White tiger Many things that I would have like to have shared have been handled with much better clarity and understanding. I'm glad for you being not afraid of anything. It gives me hope to know that I too can work towards such a point of reference.

(24 Jan '12, 15:52) The Traveller

By the way I love this part of your answer “Because we're all unique vibrational beings, I'm not sure there is a definite path that others can follow. Just in living your life, you'll create your own unique path.”

(24 Jan '12, 15:52) The Traveller

the teacher can only show you how to light your fire it is for you to light your fire your self. experience and enjoy.

(24 Jan '12, 18:44) white tiger

@ Stingray: Excellent summing up of all that matters! Thanks so much :) Awesome as always..Esp the part that you learn far more when things dont work out.. Really nice!! :) Thanks.

(25 Jan '12, 12:32) Sourabh

@ Traveller: I agree with you on the being fearless part. I aspire to have that state of mind as well. Working positively towards being aligned no matter what and am sure, getting there soon enough :) Thanks.

(25 Jan '12, 12:33) Sourabh
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well sourabh i can tell you that experience is better then book. book sometime can help you learn new stuff. but really between experiencing something and reading something there is a big difference. example: if you go on vacation on a beach vs. reading it in a book nice beach clear water sunny 30 degree. you learn alot more with the experience.

also is it not said:Do not accept any of my words on faith, Believing them just because I said them. Be like an analyst buying gold, who cuts, burns, And critically examines his product for authenticity. Only accept what passes the test By proving useful and beneficial in your life.

THE GOOD repute of the Blessed One [Buddha] spread far. Once when he was wandering in the Kosala country with a large community of bhikkhus, he entered a town of the Kalama people called Kesaputta. Kesaputta Kamalas heard he was worthy in deeds and words, a teacher of human and divine beings through direct knowledge gained, greatly awakened, and telling others of proper things to do (dharma). It might be good to see such a worthy one (have darshan with him). Hence, many of them came and paid homage to him, saying:

"Reverend Gotama, who by yourself have understood clearly through direct knowledge, there are some monks and brahmans who visit Kesaputta. They expound, explain and glorify their own doctrines; the doctrines of others they deprecate, revile, show contempt for, and disparage. As a result we are in doubt about the teachings of all of them. Which spoke the truth and which falsehood?"

Buddha said, "Of course, under such circumstances it is only natural to be uncertain and in doubt, Kalamas. When there are reasons for doubt, uncertainty is born. This is how to live:

Do not go by reports (repeated hearing), by legends, by traditions, by rumours, by scriptures, by surmise, conjecture and axioms, by inference and analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by specious reasoning or bias toward a notion because it has been pondered over, by another's seeming ability, or by the thought, 'This monk (contemplative) is our teacher."

However, Kalamas, when you yourselves know: "Such and such things are unskilful (bad); blameworthy; criticized by the wise; and if adopted and carried out lead to harm and ill and suffering," you need to abandon them.

Overcome and possessed by greed a man takes life, steals or takes what is not given, goes after another person's wife, and tells lies and induces others to do likewise, all of which for long-term harm and suffering. It is likewise with hate and delusion.

So what do you think, Kalamas? Are these things skilful or unskilful (good or bad)? Blameworthy or not? Criticized or praised by the wise? And if undertaken and observed, do these things lead to suffering, harm and ill or not?"

"When adopted and carried out, such things lead to harm and suffering, it appears to us."

"On the other hand, when you know for yourselves that, "These and these things are skillful; blameless; even praised by the wise; and lead ot welfare and happiness when taken up and carried out, then you should enter and remain in them.

Great proficiency in living leads to benefit and happiness - equanimity that is free of hate or malice, a hate-free, malice-free, and purified mind. Even in this world, here and now, you should keep yourself free from hatred, free from malice, safe, sound, and happy."

"So it is, Sublime One."

"Think of doing evil to none. Abundant awareness is pervading, rests on equanimity, is expansive, may not be measured in every respect, and is linked to inner purity. Hostility goes against it, and vice versa," said Buddha like a lantern in the dark. "To look after oneself with ease here in this life is a good ideal."

may the light of understanding come to you. so experience and enjoy.


answered 24 Jan '12, 02:09

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white tiger

edited 24 Jan '12, 02:24


yes ... what i hear i forget; what i see i remember; what i do i understand ... the path is in doing :)

(24 Jan '12, 02:23) blubird two

he blubird could this manifestation be mine?,0,2353551.story i have asked for more light to shine on the world.

(24 Jan '12, 02:31) white tiger

@white tiger - well if it is your manifestation then i think you've probably overstepped the mark a little :-D

(24 Jan '12, 05:42) blubird two
  1. His disciples said, "Show us the place where you are, for we must seek it."

He said to them, "Anyone here with two ears had better listen! There is light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world. If it does not shine, it is dark."

(24 Jan '12, 15:15) white tiger

Love your answer! Thanks for the quote from Buddha. It's interesting that Buddha reached enlightenment as a result of trying to understand why one cannot avoid suffering in this life.

(24 Jan '12, 15:58) The Traveller

well the traveller all great master have add a dark night of the soul and have seek answer until they found them.

(24 Jan '12, 23:08) white tiger

@White Tiger: Thanks so much for the lovely answer with the quotes from Buddha. Esp love the part, experience and learn. I now realize, that this was the thing which was keeping me away from clarity of understanding, so far in my life. Thanks for sharing :)

(25 Jan '12, 12:38) Sourabh

you are welcome my friend sourabh experience and enjoy.

(25 Jan '12, 14:28) white tiger
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It's took me about 4 years to REAllY practice what I know. It all started for me with the bible, then Neville Goddards lectures, the secret and finally the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. You have to make the decision to live by what you learn rather than just understand it, because words don't teach ONLY experience does. There are many great teachers out there but the best one is within you, your inner being is infinite wisdom. The best way I found to connect with my inner being is to meditate for 15 minuites EVERY day. By quieting your mind and focusing on your breathing you will gain clarity and whatever teachings you need will come to you in the way that you need.

Love and Light


answered 24 Jan '12, 05:06

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Great advice! I loved the part "because words don't teach ONLY experience does. There are many great teachers out there but the best one is within you".

(24 Jan '12, 16:01) The Traveller

@Above Below: Excellent answer! Thanks so much. Yes, I am moving on to experiential learning, now that I realize. This really makes sense. Truly appreciate!!

(25 Jan '12, 12:41) Sourabh

I think being open minded yet not attached to various knowledge that is out there. Learn about many and then go with what works for you. Also I think a lot of things have been improved upon greatly eg the bible (don't get me wrong) but lots of things in the bible you are now finding in books re manifesting etc - so it's now made more understandable for people. I think learning about different tools available helps you be more informed. I have two quotes I've found to be true to me in regards to your question..."life is a journey" and "All that is not given is lost".


answered 24 Jan '12, 17:33

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@alsorts - love it, especially "all that is not given (shared) is lost" :)

(24 Jan '12, 23:52) blubird two

@Alsorts: Agree with Blubird two on that part. Thanks :) Also learn everything but follow that suits you. You cannot imagine how relevant this is for me at this point :) Thanks once again!

(25 Jan '12, 12:43) Sourabh

I like Stingray's answer, and I'd say that focusing on living and enjoying your life as your first objective is the wisest decision.

Once you are aware of the existence of "higher truths" as I like to call them, if you are interested in them then the Law of Attraction will automatically continue to deliver them to you, because that is what you want.

I personally can find inspiration from any source that I feel speaks to me. This can even be in the form of modern music. You'd be amazed at the messages you will hear if you're willing to listen. Teachings of particularly wise individuals also stand out with me, Bruce Lee being an excellent example.


answered 24 Jan '12, 20:50

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@ Snow: Thanks so much. Yes, enjoying the present moment is "the" way to live! Also I agree, everything and every person has something to inspire us in one way or the other :)

(25 Jan '12, 12:44) Sourabh

Can't really improve on Stingray and the other comments. I would like to emphasize removing the fear. When there is a discussion about frustration that techniques don't work; It could be because of fear. Actually I am leaning that It's not the material it's the power I have when free from fear.

My main path is Manifestation Experiment 1. I also meditate and use affirmations. I love the Law of Attraction Cards and Well-Being Cards as well. The Best helper is to have a general idea the all is well and the next month or six months is going to be well too.

Any endeavor or new manifestation for a new desire, can get a head start with gratitude. For me Gratitude is the beginning of all journeys. For me it's hard to move on until I am at peace with where I am.

Thanks for you Question.


answered 24 Jan '12, 21:49

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Tom - "removing the fear"? - is not fear a powerful motor that sometimes drives people to do incredible feats? :)

(24 Jan '12, 23:55) blubird two

i agree with you tom fear is the only darkness. it stop you from progressing. fear is a signal to prevent you from a danger or unknow. once you know what the danger is you can turn of the switch. but some people get caught in fear even if there is nothing to fear. you can also fear new things even if there is nothing to fear about it.

(25 Jan '12, 01:47) white tiger

@white tiger - "once you know what the danger is you can turn ..." well said my friend ... light(knowledge) chases darkness :)

(25 Jan '12, 02:28) blubird two

@Tom: Thanks so much :) True, Fear is a major block, need to address that as soon as we notice it. Glad to know that you use ME-1. The simplest but one of the most powerful :) It think this is the only experiment which addresses Step 1. The rest help us with Step 3 :) May people stumble with clarity on Step 1 and hence receive vague results. Also the gratitude part was really helpful! Thanks.

(25 Jan '12, 12:55) Sourabh

@sourabh, your are very welcome.

(25 Jan '12, 18:52) Tom

Yep, every time I've learnt something new I've had to face a wall of fear. Has to do more with my christian upbringing - about being burned in hell. As soon as I realized that - that wall went down.
Also I was listening to a webinar and the speaker spoke about how 'fear and excitement' had similar feelings so they can be confused.

(26 Jan '12, 08:19) alsorts
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Books always kept me in the area of understanding. All roads lead to Rome. We just have different ways of getting there. Here is my list, "The Divine Matrix, Bridging time, space, miracles, and Belief, by Gregg Braden", "The Master Key System, by Charles F. Hannel", "Zen in the Art of Archery, by Eugen Herrigel", "Message of a Master, by John McDonald". And of course, "The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho".


answered 25 Jan '12, 14:23

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The Knights Alchemy

Thank you for sharing things that we can enjoy and check out for ourselves as well.

(25 Jan '12, 17:18) The Traveller

I'm not so sure that there's a universal road map as everyone's circumstances are infinitely varied. As far as a path goes, if we always choose a positive path or direction, then we’ll always have a positive experience. And if sometimes we either intentionally or inadvertently choose a negative path, then at least we’ll have a contrasting experience to refer to.

Rather than write a lengthy piece I'll share a shortcut to remembering that I use whenever negativity arises within my thought process:

Build build build – And don’t negate – Accumulation gets me – through the gate!

Keep building upon the positive and lessen the negative (by ignoring it). And then, over time, your accumulated positive energy must shift you to a new personal reality.

For instance, let's say that you've begun to realize that the most important relationship you can have is the relationship with yourself. And you know that in order to attract the reciprocal love of another, you must first truly love yourself. You've understood that any kind of anger and self-recrimination is not love, but during the course of living, your old habits and forgetfulness automatically kick in. The battle of positive and negative continues within your being.

So you're in a kind of holding pattern and you don't seem to be making progress towards the direction that you say you want to go. It's all a matter of balance and all you have to do is tip the balance in a positive way to achieve your goal and shift your reality. Remember that while you might feel justified and you may have sound reasons for your negativity towards yourself or another, negativity is still negativity and it will hold you where you are until you can tip the balance in a positive way.

Once you have worked that out, then simply go through your life whilst building upon the positive and ignoring the negative, no matter what it is… It’s also important that when you become aware of your negative thoughts, you forgive yourself. Awareness of your own negativity is still positive, whereas being angry at yourself is negative.

Remember also that, in a sense, you are the gatekeeper between one reality and another, where you are now and where you want to be, and the gate is comprised of your own definitions, beliefs, fears and negativity. Understanding, love and the accumulation of positive energy will move you beyond all of the barriers that you've created.

Build build build – And don’t negate – Accumulation gets me – through the gate!


answered 25 Jan '12, 20:54

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turning over stones,
diet and care of my physical vehicle,
following what was under the stone to its beginning


answered 25 Jan '12, 22:00

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:) I like how you have put it. When it comes down to it, what you've said is basically it lol.

(26 Jan '12, 08:23) alsorts
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