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I have often had the impression of being completely transparent, most often during dreams but also whilst wide awake in everyday life ... it's very pleasant phenomenon, though i realize that during these moments i remain visible to people around me , i've never consciously wished it for it to happen, it's just spontaneous ... has anyone else experienced this kind of phenomenon ?

have fun

asked 24 Jan '12, 06:49

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blubird two

edited 24 Jan '12, 07:18

blubird two, from what i recollect it is only when breaking away from being in my dreams

(25 Jan '12, 22:13) fred

@fred - breaking away from being in a dream ?

(26 Jan '12, 00:46) blubird two

blubird two, the grey dawn before sun rise or the gaining of full consciousness

(26 Jan '12, 21:03) fred

@blubird in practical terms it's really quite simple ... there's a space outside that can be conveniently be named "story space" and there's an "inner space", as you can see the two spaces form a whole duo.

Story space is where all people, things and objects are and it's also where your body appears to be. Inner space is the space that appears inside you especially when you close your eyes, it's the place where you live and it's not only invisible to youself but also to all those in story space

(17 Jun '15, 00:22) jaz

Have you experienced feeling invisible? @blubird rather "have you experienced feeling the invisible" (using a magic mirror) lol

(18 Jun '15, 04:12) jaz

@blubird two ... cassiopeia notable features; the strongest radio source beyond our solar system ... you can't miss it :)

(18 Jun '15, 23:52) jaz

Transparent and invisible are not synonymous. I guess everyone who answered missed the part where you said you were still visible to the ppl around you and how you ONLY felt that way.

(17 Dec '21, 21:37) ele

now practically ten years after i asked this question the answer for me is cristal clear ... i was speaking about the invisible part of us all ... subtle energy aura

(18 Dec '21, 04:23) jaz

... and did those subtle energies ever wonder off while in dreamland ?

(18 Dec '21, 22:00) ele

i'm sure they do @ele :)

(19 Dec '21, 01:07) jaz

I was wondering if you always have control over your wanderings ? You mentioned it was always a pleasant phenomena .

(19 Dec '21, 12:05) ele

@Jaz- In pendulum Healing, Raymon Grace uses this term.He says oftenly we should sheck if we are invisible to others or not.When we are invisible, drivers accidents could happen.He also uses command to make his car invisible to thieves for car safety in going in a shopping mall etc

(19 Dec '21, 12:40) Zee

shields ?

(19 Dec '21, 14:03) ele

Good comment *Zee

Sorry for butting in, I was thinking of that love shield. Don't mind me :)

(19 Dec '21, 14:57) ele

yes absolutely @Zee subtle energies can be put into motion to perform all kinds of things :)

(20 Dec '21, 02:00) jaz
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Hmm. An odd question. =P Do you find that people often lock eyes with you while feeling that way, or notice your presence? More or less than normal?

The reason I ask is this:

Many 'charisma coaches' encourage thinking about being the 'brightest' person in a room, or basically the opposite of feeling 'invisible' as you describe. Now, I've personally observed that doing this in a public place will absolutely increase the amount of 'attention' you get from anyone nearby who is on 'auto-pilot' as I like to call it.

Your post invoked a curious thought on that topic, which was I wonder if the opposite is possible? Logically it makes sense, the thought just had never occurred to me. This reminds me of a discussion I had with someone who worked in intelligence in the Air Force. They said that "spies" were trained to behave so 'normally' that they would be invisible to normal passerby's, but another spy would always immediately recognize them and vice verse.


answered 24 Jan '12, 10:11

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@Snow - yes "train to behave so normally so as to be invisible", that certainly rings a big bell ... thanks :)

(24 Jan '12, 10:21) blubird two

I'm not sure what bell I rang, but you're welcome anyway. ^_^

And yes, I believe the idea is that an observer's conscious will only identify someone if they perform a behavior that is abnormal enough to warrant attention. So if one knew the most attention triggering actions pertaining to a certain demographic and how to avoid these actions, the individual could perform very unusual acts without being noticed.

(24 Jan '12, 10:25) Snow

Ah. =P Makes sense. Always a much more practical education you get from street employment. Funny the things you can learn.

(24 Jan '12, 10:56) Snow

well i know that sometime people do not notice me when i walk and i am in a calm state, when i speak to them they say don't do that. and yes sometime you can hide from people and merge with nature behind a small tree of 3 inches wide someone looking for you could pass a fee feet from you and never see you. this i have done once.

(24 Jan '12, 23:22) white tiger

@Snow "spies" are trained to behave "normally" so as to be "invisible" to normal passerby's, but another spy would always immediately recognize them and vice versa ... love it

(22 Apr '14, 05:01) jaz
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That is part of the fun in the game we played as children. (or still play when the boss is looking for you at break time ;-) )
One often hears and says "oh I didn't see you" There was a scene /subplot in the movie Lethal Weapon where he talks about how ninjas make themselves invisible, and then when the bad guys is chasing him and can no longer run(don't remember exactly) he sits down and says the I'm invisible and the bad guy just goes right by him.
I often hide when the ladies in my family are out shopping. and it's fun to pop up right in front of them when they have that look of "where is he now".


answered 24 Jan '12, 07:45

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Quite an interesting question. An invisible person searching for invisible people. What are invisible people to gain from this, visibility.


answered 26 Jan '12, 02:04

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constantine, what if there were more invisible beings to you than those tat you are capable of seeing. from where do you pontificate

(26 Jan '12, 21:06) fred

I'm not a pope or a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church officiating in the matter. How did you manage to quantify that accreditation?

(27 Jan '12, 02:22) Constantine

yes it can happen in dreams sometime they do not see you. like when i was in egypt and scanning the though of the people there to find answer. another time in the states there was fire and earthquake and someone was trap under a fence and some debris he was screaming for help and did not see me. and i was trying to remove the fence but my hands where passing throug it. then the person body stay there but the person spirit got up and came near me asking question what is this? where am i? so i told him what he needed to know and told him to wait someone was coming to help him shortly. and some other dreams also.


answered 24 Jan '12, 23:40

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white tiger

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