Hi Hihi I have twirling on attracting or manifesting a car specifically an SUV more specifically a ranger over..well this morning my car burnt down..current car is a Pontiac 2003...totaled and now we have to think quick for a solution..is this a vibrational match?

I almost complained as I had already applied to buy a car last year with my current car as a down payment but my husband talked me out of it..I have a very domineering husband and seems like anytime we do things his way we make losses..it's almost like always..it's like I am smarter in life and it worries me A LOT..he came to my life and his decisions or rather domineering persona has cost me a fortune!

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Dollar Bill

folks please help on this, I joined inward quest and the more I dig deep the more I realize my perception of ideal man role and the husband I got are conflicting. I expected a man is insightful and anytime I sleep and leave decisions in my husbands hands I lose big time! Big time I mean it!! Why?? Our values conflict,help!

(18 Oct '12, 12:03) Ukweli
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In manifesting, sometime people believe that you need to get rid of something inferior to replace it with something better, I don't feel this way, but it sounds like the only way that your husband might agree to another car is that your current car is out of the picture. Then he has no choice but to get another car.

alt text

I am NOT suggesting that the destruction of your current car was premeditated on your conscious part. However, if you hold the belief system that this was the only way your husband would get another car, the Universe could have answered you in this way.

But this is an incident to a possibly more deep seated answer to your question.

I would suggest that you have a look at your apparently deep-seated belief system that your 'domineering' husband makes bad decisions. When you catch yourself saying "this ALWAYS happens..." followed by something negative, you may have a disuseful belief system.

There are many techniques here that can help you.

I would suggest that, for your personal mental health, that you begin finding things about your "powerful" husband that you like. Find some decisions he made that were very good. There were reasons you married him. Get back to those reasons and magnify them in your mind.

A word of caution here. Do NOT do this in order to get him to change. This will not work and will likely make the situation worse.

You can say, in your own mind, "I remember when he made the decision to do x, and that was a very good idea...." Keep this in your mind when you look at him. Do not, I repeat do not, tell him what you are thinking in hopes of getting him to make better decisions, that are more in line with what you want.

Another word of caution, what I am suggesting may feel like it is not working, that even the situation is getting worse. You are reaching deep within yourself to consciously refocus a life that has had the deep seated assumption of his inabilities.

You are wanting to change you! You are wanting to change your default belief systems to new, more useful systems.

You can't change him. But all interpersonal behavior is a loop. You do something and the other person does something. As along as you are doing the same part of your behavior, he will do his. When you change your behavior, truly change from the inside out, he will change.

But one last time, I say again, you are doing this for yourself, not to get him to change. Trying to change another, grousing about the negative situations with your friends, will perpetuate it. This is how it works. This is the Law of Attraction.

Only you can make yourself unhappy. Only you can make yourself happy.


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Dollar Bill

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Great post Dollar Bill

(19 Oct '12, 09:51) Eldavo

Love this Dollar Bill you are spot on.

(19 Oct '12, 12:33) Paulina 1

Hi Dollar Bill.
I am glad that Ukweli posted this question because it triggred this answer to appear through you.

(21 Oct '12, 10:08) The Traveller

@Dollar Bill - +1, brilliant:)

(21 Oct '12, 11:35) Satori
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I think your negative feelings towards your husband are showing themselves through the destruction of your car. I would imagine there are other ways they're showing themselves also, but not written in your post.

Follow what Dollar Bill is saying.......because if you constantly focus on Strwberry ice cream....then.....Strawberry ice cream will ALWAYS show up.


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Short, sweet and true. Focus on the good and good will follow.

(19 Oct '12, 12:34) Paulina 1

This is an excellent example of manifesting the need for a new car. You must have put out the vibration that you need a new car, so that is exactly what you got, the need for a new car.

And that is one of the reasons that I suggest to choose to be happy, then miracles happen.


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Fairy Princess

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this is a little bit scary but you are right. the need of a new car was manifested.

(18 Oct '12, 16:43) releaser99

I agree withyou Fairy Princess choose to be happy and all good things will come into your life.

(19 Oct '12, 12:29) Paulina 1

@Fairy Princess- Very clever answer:)

(21 Oct '12, 11:34) Satori
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I think extreme situations happen like this when we strongly desire something but don't believe we can have it. In other words we haven't altered our belief system to allow into our reality smoothly. This chapter from Wealth Beyond Reason explains it better than I can. Also read @Stingray excellent answer to this question here:


It may also be relevant.

How to Recognize the Signs

When you begin to practice these techniques of attracting your reality, financial or otherwise, you are going to be looking for (and hopefully following) signs that appear to lead you in the right direction.

People or things will suddenly show up in your life for no logical reason. You will start hearing about certain job offers, or similar things that are fairly obvious to those even paying peripheral attention

But if those are the only types of signs you are looking for, you are probably missing out on numerous opportunities to accelerate the realization of your desire. One of the places you should probably look the hardest is when you are sure something is not a sign. If you EVER hear yourself thinking “coincidence,” start thinking “sign” instead.

Also, sometimes we seem to get “signs” that things are going completely opposite of the way that we want, but consider that the event that you think is so terrible – that you think is the opposite of what you want – is also very likely to be a sign. It also might be an awakening that perhaps you did not create a “big picture” in terms of your desire.

Here’s an example. Let’s assume that one of your strong desires is that you are out of your current house and in that house on the lake. The house on the lake is obviously a symbol of prosperity for you and yet, somehow, you suddenly start taking financial hit after hit. You suddenly do not have money to pay your bills. All the while, you are desperately thinking “House on the Lake, House on the Lake,” and the situation seems to accelerate in the WRONG direction.

Finally, you cannot pay your mortgage and you lose the house you are living in. This is something of an extreme example, but what happened there?

Well, you fulfilled the first part of your desire to be out of the house you were currently in. Given your belief system, or level of Wealth Consciousness, this might have been the most “efficient” way for the Universe to get you out of the house.

Perhaps you never would have ended up in a house on the lake if you hadn’t been “forced” to make a change. There could be a lot of reasons for that. You might have an inner belief that while you like dreaming about the house on the lake, you are really comfortable where you are and it would take a lot for you to actually take action toward that house on the lake. So to facilitate the desire that you just KEPT affirming to yourself, the Universe took whatever action would facilitate you FIRST getting out of the current house.

Of course, it could have played out an infinite number of ways, but it is going to depend on your level of Wealth Consciousness. What sequence of events would your current belief system allow to be unfolded in front of you? You can start to see just how important it is to really get this stuff on a deep level. Ironic, because what we are really working so hard to do now, is to simply return to our true nature.

That is how far we have strayed from the path, but the path is right there in front of us, should we just choose to follow it. So be very careful when you formulate your visions that you add the statement “for the good of all concerned”...and “I have all this or even better.” These statements allow the Universe some flexibility and ultimately turn you into a winner by your not attempting to direct the Universal laws in the process of delivery.

If you see that the fulfilment of your desire is not happening or that something very undesirable is going on, go back and really look at how you have put your desire together in your imagination. Are there some built-in “implications,” some “givens” hidden deep in your mind that differ from how you would write down your desire?

Those are all attracting too. You might think, “Man, that Universe is a picky son of a gun!” But really, it is not. It is the most perfect reality creation fulfillment mechanism that could possibly exist. It gives you more of exactly what you put into it. You just have to get extremely clear on what you are putting in. So when it comes to “signs” and how to look for them, just know they are everywhere and that they sometimes seem small and insignificant. So look at everything, but do not obsess over it. Enjoy what pops up for you and follow your intuition all along the way.

As you get better at all this, it will not be such constant “work” to keep your head on straight. Your belief systems will shift and it will become natural. When you think you see a sign and you do not know what to do about it, just be still and ask yourself, “What do I want to do about it?” and then act upon that answer.

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Fantastic Satori....absolutely Fantastic! Thanks for sharing

(19 Oct '12, 09:40) Eldavo

Wow I love this answer.

(19 Oct '12, 12:27) Paulina 1

amazing answer satori..:)))

(19 Oct '12, 12:49) supergirl

@Eldavo- @Supergirl - @Paulina 1 - Thank you, your welcome.

(20 Oct '12, 05:10) Satori
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