Elementals Are they real has anyone had an experience with one ? I once read at a website about a guy that meditated and had contact with them (bookmarked it and the hard disk crashed;and have not been able to find it again)there is a lot of information on them online but would like to know if anyone here has or know of contact? It is not hard to think that there are higher dimensional entities that can share the same space as we do... What do you know?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Would still like some more answers...

(15 Aug '12, 04:59) ursixx

I know little if nothing on the subject other than live experience. Never had I known a name, just what it does..

(10 Apr '13, 20:50) Dragonflybreeze

it may be best if you continue your search, sift out what makes little sense, group what is left, identify what knowledge is needed to be found. like, being explored with what your vision system is capable of discerning

(10 Apr '13, 21:00) fred
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Hello ursixx, well for me elementals are elements of the mind that are not yet integrated into the self ... these elements risk to be projected ... and projections are food for the imagination and humans are overflowing with imagination ... elementals are packets of energy situated outside the present state of consciousness (self) of the individual, and it is during an expansion of consciousness that we meet them.

The phenomenon of synchronicity is linked with an expansion of consciousness ... imagine the whole self symbolized by a circle ... all energies exist everywhere in our world and perhaps throughout the universe, and of course including within the circle (self) ... when we have an idea it fills the circle with its energy and attracts to it all those elements that are in resonance with it ... we have the impression of synchronicity as if by magic, it is however our own thought energy that causes this synchronicity.

Have fun :)


answered 25 Jan '12, 23:48

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blubird two

@blueird two :thanks for your answer

(30 Jan '12, 15:20) ursixx

They are real..I interact with aspects of them that my inner perception can conceive. I use the elemental energies to bring balance to landscape areas where the energy is out of balance. How one perceive's these elemental's, will strongly influence as to how, or what will appear when they try to work with them. They will also reflect the persons true emotional state of mind at the moment of interaction. if you are a control freak and want to rule the world, you will get negative elemental's that will do all they can to make you pay the price of this wish, while doing the most minimal action they ( elemental's) can get away with. Working with them is not advised if you do not fully understand your emotion's,, your personal trigger's, etc. The elemental's will force you to look at and deal with them whether you like it or not. They will do the same thing if you are wishing for peace, you MUST know thyself before interacting with them. I can teach you, but you need to have at least a couple of years background in metaphysics, and a good understanding of who you are.


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@jesse - elementals are real, yes i go along with that :)

(26 Jan '12, 23:22) blubird two

@Jesse thanks for a informative answer.would love to hear more about your interactions. Is there a particular elemental you interact with?

(30 Jan '12, 15:24) ursixx

URSIXX~~ I don't work specifically with just one elemental, but I do lean towards earth, and fire. When using my skill of geomancy, I will interact with all of them most of the time. I primarily use symbol's that represent the elemental's. The symbol's are triangle's, with the apex facing up or down. There is also a thin line crossing through the Air symbol, and the Water symbol. Depending on what aspect of geomancy I am working with at the moment will influence which element I will "call in". I will also embed within the triangle various reiki symbol's in order add that much more positive and loving intent. You need to understand that the elemental's are self aware, and have there own unique "emotional" behavior's. They are not something that you go in expecting them to immediately obey just because you managed to conjure one into your current reality. Respect and good manner's are critical. also, they will reflect your true self, which means that no one will be able to sense, or interact them in the same manner as you will. Each contact will be different, so you could go talk to someone about what I am saying, and the odds are they will disagree and tell you there opinion while rejecting mine. That is one reason why you need to have an open mind, and to know yourself. I will give you an example now, but you need to understand that I am not making this event happen. I am invoking the intent and then allowing the intent to be fulfilled. After a earthquake happens, it is obvious that the surrounding landscape is chaotic, and influencing the energy field's of not only the land, but human's and animal's. So, I will then use google earth to look at the area affected, locate the main area of imbalance, then I will invoke the earth symbol, and embed the first reiki symbol of cho-ku-rei within the triangle, then I project the intent of healing, and balancing. At the moment I am done expressing the intent, I then 'step back' and then allow the the healing to happen. I don't need to make it happen, I just help with the allowing to happen. Usually the healing of the chaotic energy happens within a few hours. The elemental's will know what to do in a more knowing manner than i can, and that is one of the reasons I just simply allow and not worry about the outcome. I hope this helped you gain a better understanding. Again, I can teach, but it important that one has at least a nodding acquaintance with the concepts being presented. the greater the background of knowledge or experience, the easier it is to teach.

(30 Jan '12, 17:45) Jesse

@Jesse wow that's really interesting thanks fro taking the time to answer: I guess if a entitie showed up I am the kind of guy that would just invite it in for a cup of coffee or tea and a chat....

(05 Feb '12, 08:16) ursixx

jesse, have found much literature about levels within the plan for creation and also how our elder brothers communicated and worked with them. this picture of them within creation is still developing with me, to date no conscious contact though

(15 Aug '12, 21:08) fred

@fred unfortunately @jesse hasn't been on site since march

(17 Aug '12, 05:15) ursixx
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