Hi All,

I just came across the Z-Point Process. Seems very simple, powerful and easy to practice?

Any one of you have any positive experiences with this process. Would be grateful if you could share.


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Fairy Princess

Thanks Barry for the edit :)

(02 Feb '12, 05:27) Sourabh
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I don't know if the Z-Point Process has been amended at all by the creator of it in the few years since I looked at it but I found it to be a useful and valid clearing process. (My understanding of it is the same as the link in your question)

It basically achieves the same clearing effect as EFT but without the need for tapping since you are using a trigger word to activate the "positive state" instead of energy flowing into acupuncture points (through tapping) as in EFT.

The basic principle with all these kinds of clearing methods (Z-Point, EFT, Release Technique and so on) is that if the mind is presented simultaneously with a "positive state" and a "negative state", it will naturally release the "negative state" in favor of the positive one.

To create your own clearing method then, you just have to come up with some "body hack" to elicit a positive and negative state at the same time :) Perhaps we'll see a "Sourabh Method" soon? ;)

With Z-Point, it seems to be basically an NLP anchor firing off (the "Shazam" trigger word) that is eliciting that positive state. Thinking about it, the anchor in the Z-Point method may well be just eliciting a neutral state actually but, neutral or positive, it achieves the same neutralizing effect on a simultaneously-triggered negative state.

There's an interesting extension to Z-Point mentioned on the Z-Point website that I once bought called "Erase The Tape". It's a similar approach to Faster EFT's "Super Power Quick Tap" in that you bunch up a pile of negative states and it clears them all up in one go.

I didn't really use "Erase The Tape" that much but it was a clever and simple idea and is probably worth investigating if you like Z-Point.


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Just getting a handle on what we have right here. but thanks all

(25 Jan '12, 15:34) Tom

so stingray could you say that is shazam word is the name that he gives to his god?

(25 Jan '12, 19:51) white tiger

@White Tiger - No, it's just a trigger word. It can be any word you want but it's better if it's one that you rarely use in everyday life. There's nothing special or magical about the word. In your mind you are using that word to conjure up a preset mental state that will clear "negativity". It's like if you think of the word lemon and what it means to you - your taste buds may tingle as you imagine biting into a sour lemon. The word has become a trigger for that associated mental state

(25 Jan '12, 22:30) Stingray

well the people using god names have also developpe that trigger.being positive saying god will help me god will show me the way etc. the only difference is that many do not look after their though and emotion. some say jesus and they do not follow is way jesus said to love your neighboor and your ennemy. do not judge or you will be judge to the same mesure. but many believe in a guy that died on a cross to save all of them and they only need to believe that.

(25 Jan '12, 23:32) white tiger

i may believe that i will get a god grade because the teacher said so but if i don't listen to him do you think i will pass the course. yes because they believe they might have another chance at the course. but if you believe something it does not mean that it is so.

(25 Jan '12, 23:35) white tiger

@Stingray: Thanks for your inputs. As matter of fact I have been exploring this technique over the last week or more. I must say, this works really very well. Also I did explore the "Erase the Tape" Method suggested by you. Personally, I find it to be much more effective than Faster EFT and its Super Power Tap. Although you might need to repeat the process a couple of times to derive optimum results.

(02 Feb '12, 05:33) Sourabh

@Stingray: Also regarding the normal method as advised in the videos, is also quite powerful. It literally cuts the emotional ties to the particular thought you are working on, and leaves you feeling fairly neutral. Although repeating almost 10 statements one after the other might appear to be a bit taxing at first. But it is an excellent tool for cleaning up the corners, once you have done your major cleanup with the help of the "Erase the Tape" Method. I would strongly recommend Zpoint!!

(02 Feb '12, 05:36) Sourabh

@Stingray: With regards to coming up with my own Process :) I did feel earlier that I would do a good job at it. But I now realize I am still some way from creating one of my own. There is enough great work already shared with the world and some of these are really powerful ones, including yours. I feel for the time being, I should derive the benefit from practicing these existing process to the fullest and to the extent that I reach a state where I can create my own :) Thanks!!

(02 Feb '12, 05:39) Sourabh

@Sourabh - Glad to hear it works so well for you. I think some investigation of some other process distracted me at the time from testing out "Erase The Tape" too much but having had you say it's much more effective than the "Super Power Quick Tap", I'll have to dig out my instructions again and revisit it. Thanks :)

(02 Feb '12, 07:25) Stingray

@Sourabh - Also, have you had a look at the links @Rindor posted in his message: If the only way to release a fear is to face it, how can we defeat fear without succumbing to it? I've not looked at them in detail yet but the results claimed within such a short time-frame seem extraordinary.

(02 Feb '12, 07:29) Stingray

@Sourabh - Okay, I was intrigued enough by the Chinese Energetics course mentioned by @Rindor to buy it and I've now finished working through the basic techniques. Wow, it makes Faster EFT and ZPoint seem slow, requires no visible physical action like tapping, and it seems to work for others in an instant too even if they don't know what you're doing. You might find it very interesting to take a look at - real Jedi stuff :)

(02 Feb '12, 11:17) Stingray

@Stingray: Thanks for pointing me out to this. I am really excited to try this. Which course did you buy? "The Home Study Course". If you have it already, can you please let me know how much time can one take to finish the entire course? Thanks :)

(03 Feb '12, 01:09) Sourabh

@Sourabh - Yes, it's the Home Study Course. It's just mp3 recordings of the first level Teleclass (4 hours) + a recording of a private session (3 hours). I've only listened to the Teleclass so far but you'll have the basic method within 2 hours, the rest are examples. It's a pretty clever method which allows you to almost "clean up" in real-time. So, for me, instead of noting down troubling issues to chew over later, I can now just clean them up as they surface. Seems pretty effective so far.

(03 Feb '12, 03:24) Stingray

Thanks for link Stingray. I watched the video of the the basic centering and applied the technique to a bit of lower back pain that was troubling me.it feels better than it has done in a long time. Thanks:)

(03 Feb '12, 05:24) Satori

@Satori - Yeah, it's a pretty cool method and it works for others in the same way. My wife bumped her leg the other day and messenger-ed me over the internet yesterday to say it was still aching a bit. Without even telling her what I was doing, I removed the pain within 30 seconds even though she was many miles away. She couldn't figure out why it suddenly felt better :) I was quite impressed with that outcome, and I still haven't told her what I did :)

(03 Feb '12, 05:32) Stingray

@stingray-that's amazing, didn't realise it worked over distance. Might be worth an investment, I suppose there's not enough free stuff available to learn the method.you didnt take long getting the hang of it. Lol.well done:)

(03 Feb '12, 12:23) Satori

@Satori - I guess you've got to go with your gut feeling about whether it's worth the investment or not. I'd not like to be responsible if you buy it and end up feeling it wasn't worth it :) The whole thing depends on that Midline Principle so the actual method is pretty simple once you understand some basic ideas. The Home Study Course is only the basics though - he has a few levels of advanced instruction beyond that but those levels are only taught "live", usually via phone.

(03 Feb '12, 12:36) Stingray

@Stingray-thanks for the advice Stingray, appreciate that.yeah I might hang fire for a while on that.I am getting good results already just from Midline Principal video alone anyway:)

(03 Feb '12, 16:21) Satori

@Stingray- Based on your review, I got the home study course as well. I didn't see in the course where it told how to heal others of pain. Did you just transfer the knowledge, or did I miss something?

(05 Feb '12, 07:43) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - Don't see how you could miss it. The whole of the Teleclass is people "fixing" each others' issues live over the phone. You are talking about the Chinese Energetics course, aren't you? http://www.chineseenergetics.com/HomeStudyCourse/

(05 Feb '12, 07:51) Stingray

@Stingray- Yes, tha is the one I got. It was all emotional stuff. He even said that physical stuff would be in a later telecourse. The link you provided to the youtube video showed physical stuff.

(05 Feb '12, 08:16) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - Okay, well I guess in my mind there is no difference between physical pain and emotional pain because one manifests the other. For example, with my wife's painful leg, I asked her via online chat how bad the pain was on a scale of 0-10. She said 3. I deleted all associations to the number 3 (took a split second) and asked her again. She was shocked to feel it change. She said it was now 1. I deleted that and the pain was gone. About 30 seconds - mostly for typing :)

(05 Feb '12, 08:23) Stingray

@Stingray- Thanks for sharing that. It also confirms my thought about how transferable it really is. I understand that emotional pain causes physical pain, and he mentioned that too, but he also said that the foundational work was emotional, and that it builds on itself and stuff. I kinda thought, based on what I already know about the way it all works, that it would be transferable.

(05 Feb '12, 08:43) Fairy Princess

@Stingray- He also said to test it by healing somebody without them knowing it and then checking the time and asking them later how they felt at that time. I guess you make up your own number through intuition?

(05 Feb '12, 08:46) Fairy Princess

And did you clear her, or you as her? Thanks

(05 Feb '12, 08:47) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - I activated her Midline directly rather than mine. Yes, I got the same impression as you regarding completely silent healing...namely everything is intuitive within yourself and you just work with those intuitive impressions. I've yet to listen to the Private Session but the main standout thing for me from the Teleclass was the Midline as a thought amplifier. I can immediately see all kinds of applications for this in manifesting, behavior and belief change etc...

(05 Feb '12, 08:59) Stingray

@Fairy Princess - ...so I'm guessing the more advanced stuff builds upon that idea also. I don't know. Maybe @Rindor has done the more advanced classes and can comment? I've been continuing to play with these ideas (on myself) for the past few days and the results have continued to be consistent.

(05 Feb '12, 09:02) Stingray

@ Fairy Princess: I too have bought the Home Study Course. I have been able to do a fair amount of healing on my self and on my family with decent results. I think I will get better at this. The Private Coaching in the Home Study Course, includes how to heal physical problems as well. I gave it an ear, but wasn't fully able to concentrate then to understand it well. It involves some structural cleaning, which is a little more complex than the emotional cleaning.But this method is surely awesome.

(06 Feb '12, 00:19) Sourabh

@ Stingray: Thanks for suggesting this. As you might have read, I bought the home study course. You will get to hear of the physical healing in the private coaching. I wanted to ask, while healing others, do you visualise them in front of you and then focus on their issues and their midline or it is better when you imagine yourself being as them and then do it. (which is advised in the private coaching). What have been your experiences like? Thanks one again for sharing this link :)

(06 Feb '12, 00:23) Sourabh

@ Rindor: Thanks a lot for sharing those links. The Chinese Energetics method is really powerful and quick. I wanted to ask, have you taken the advance courses as well. I intend to take those and wanted to get some first hand feedback as to how much more than the basics (included in the home study course) is taught in the advanced courses, and how incrementally beneficial is that? Also how much time do you take in getting proficient in those processes, if you have experienced the same. Thanks :)

(06 Feb '12, 00:27) Sourabh

@ Stingray / @ Fairy Princess: Things have been explained much better in the Private Coaching, than in the teleclass. I am sure you will notice the difference.

(06 Feb '12, 00:30) Sourabh

Stingray-is chinese energetics method effective for clearing resistance ,negativity,physical and emotional health as well ?

(06 Feb '12, 04:20) Zee

@Zee - I've yet to listen to the complete course but so far it looks like you could use it for anything that you may previously have used EFT for with the big bonus (for me, at least) that you don't need to tap...so that, for example, you can use it while driving, or while in conversations or in big business meetings without having to explain to others why you are prodding yourself around your face with your fingers :)

(06 Feb '12, 06:46) Stingray

@Sourabh - I've only "healed" one person so far, which was my wife's slightly painful leg. My reality is overflowing with too many healthy, well-adjusted people in it right now to be able to try out any further "healing" :) I've only had time to listen to the Teleclass so far so I've only been using the approach of focusing on the other person and their own midline. But I've been testing it on myself everyday for "daily in-the-moment clearing" and it's been consistently effective so far

(06 Feb '12, 06:53) Stingray

@Sourabh - By the way, if you want to get the IQ system to notify someone else (like Rindor) of your message, you'll need to leave out the space between the username and the @ symbol. For example, you'll need to write @Sourabh (which activates a personal email, I think, if they have notifications on) instead of @ Sourabh

(06 Feb '12, 06:59) Stingray

@Stingray - Thanks for suggesting regarding notifications. Glad to know that you are interfacing with healthy and well adjusted people only :)

(06 Feb '12, 09:38) Sourabh

@Stingray @Sourbah- I did listen to the personal coaching session and heard Paul tell her how to clear structural and physical as well as emotional and surrogate.

(07 Feb '12, 08:27) Fairy Princess
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i have watched the first video and yes what he say is true about the child it comes back to the ego and the belief that have enter your mind and the emotion in your heart and how one relates to the other. again i say know your self. so you need to go in and do a clean up of the house. will add more when i have watched the rest. but it is very interesting that guy has found something. experience and enjoy.

update video 2 clear the way feeling from the hearth shazam shazam shazam.

clean the house from the heart with faith god name 3 time.

video 3: linking though and emotion eliminating what does not work 3 time god name feel positive relax. similar to what someone does in meditation observing though and emotion. and solving them permenantely. is way seams more like satsang meditation. what is satsang meditation? meditation in the life reflecting and staying in the truth. Satsanga, Satsangam, Satsang (Sanskrit सत्सङ्ग sat = true, sanga = company) in Indian philosophy means (1) the company of the "highest truth," (2) the company of a guru, or (3) company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth.[1] This typically involves listening to or reading scriptures, reflecting on, discussing and assimilating their meaning, meditating on the source of these words, and bringing their meaning into one’s daily life. Contemporary spiritual teachers in the West frequently come from the East but can come from any part of the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satsang

video 4 observing your self though and emotion. knowing your self.

do you agree on this?


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white tiger

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HI ,

I also read about this zpoint process. The plus point for this zpoint is we use only during our negative emotions to control it with a trigger point by using a cue words. But, in matter of totaly forget about it. I thank to revitalize by question about this z-point and thank the contributors who answered it...



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