After a lot of soul searching one of my beliefs that seems to always come up is my need to be the underdog. To be the person that fights against all odds to achieve what he wants.

Looking back this came from all sorts of places. From WWF (When it was awesome :p) watching the wrestlers be beaten down but then come back to win glorious matches against all odds; From movies where the hero is put down and nothing ever works, but then somehow manages to win the girl and get his goals to amazing background music; It just seemed so dramatic and the background music made it so awesome!

I guess I always wanted that as a kid as evidenced by the fantasies and dreams I used to have where nothing could stop me. I would somehow fight all odds and have a dramatic path towards all my achievements. Perseverance, determination, all of that stuff that they teach you are great qualities...I wanted to be that guy who had to fight entire armies to get what he wanted and then when he got it people took notice. If you just get it cause you have the potential, people don't look at it as an achievement, just as a gift and I didn't want people to think I was just born good. It wasn't as dramatic.

Now looking back, maybe that's why my circumstances have always fought me until the very end when somehow I managed to always get what I want. Even now when I see a film, or read a story to that effect it brings up a lot of emotion in me. I tear up and it's magical.

BUT, that's not what I want to deal with anymore. I'm tired of fighting so hard for the smallest things. Even when I have the upper hand, everything somehow ends up being full of drama and it's taking its toll on me. Now since I have such an emotional connection to this scenario, how do I change my belief and start attracting the 'boring' option of things just working out?

I've been contemplating this all day, but I figured some wisdom could not hurt.

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@dave12 - This is amazing honesty and self-awareness. Well done! If you have figured this out, there really is no turning back; you cannot "unlearn" this knowledge. Now that you see the truth, the limiting belief will crumble with small effort. Great advice on belief change:

(07 Apr '13, 18:02) Grace
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when we know we don't know
as much as we thought we knew
we become a child again
with open eyes and

always looking for tomorrow


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I was recently thinking the same thing. I decided to use these affirmations to replace the old beliefs of overcoming. Affirmations feel better when I do them with Two Hands Touching. See first affirmation for example of how to do THT with the affirmation. Do THT. Say, "People enjoy giving me money." Do THT.

People enjoy helping me.

People enjoy blessing me.

People love me.

Money comes easily to me.

Good things come easily to me.

I am blessed.

It's OK to be blessed.

I am a blessing to others.

PS Let me know if you need a more specific one.

Edit: for a yummy twist, you can add, "I appreciate that..." in front of some of those affirmations. For example, "I appreciate that people enjoy helping me."

Also, for the negative feelings and emotions that come up, here is EZ Deletion Sequence. Do a round of that on for example, "Need to overcome."


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First off, our emotions are important! It shouldn't be about denying your emotional response.

Second, you are doing a great job identifying your self. I wish more people would do this!

Perseverance and determination are amazing attributes to have. Drama is probably just your style. (You can tone the drama down if its detrimental to you, without side-stepping yourself).

Third, When giving up beliefs, give up ones that don't fit you but never at the sake of compromising who you are. Stay true to yourself.

Fourth, Your writing screams empowerment. I think your desires are more about empowering yourself!

You can't attract boring. Start with this instead: relax and let things flow.

Accept that things aren't going to work out how you would have them work out and be open to allowing them to work themselves out. (Attraction is more about allowing things to happen). Be open and allow yourself to find your life 'grove' where you fit in harmoniously in this world (more about inner peace than a physical location) and begin to work small things into your life (remember: start small).


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great words!

(18 Apr '13, 18:06) abrahamloa

An emotion that is triggered by ones need to be right. And when one believes that they are wrong.Judgement of oneself. You don't need to be right.
I'd rather be happy than right.
Listen,observe,without judgement. As A-H says "All is well"
Todays daily quote to rescue again .

It is of great value for you to give your conscious attention to what you specifically want, otherwise you can be swept up by the influence of that which surrounds you. You are bombarded by the stimulation of thought. And so, unless you are setting forth the thought that is important to you, you can be stimulated by another's thought that may or may not be important to you.

--- Abraham



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bottom line is the flow it creates. There are times i am sure you enjoyed that mentality - of being a fighter and it really brought the juices out of you and you attacked it and you loved it. If you are in that FLOW then it is still ok since you are enjoying it and you are enjoying that mentality. but right now i think you dont have that FLOW. You feel like you are fighting too hard. So now its time to either get into the flow like before where you still enjoy it not worrying about results or you can also chill and let go and let it come to you.

I can tell you that bottom line is the FLOW state where you are aligned and feel great and things are wonderful.

I can tell since i went through something similar like you. I used to just go fight it out and i used to enjoy that. But later something happened and i hit a low and i could not relate to taking action and it felt like a burden like i am struggling. i did not know about leting go and allowing and following joy will give you everything. but hitting a lot made me loop at all the spiritual teachings etc. So i learnt to drop that and be easy. I just chilled and followed my joy. So i encourage you to do the same thing. Just ask yourself whats fun and chilling if thats what you want. And be easy and develop the FAITH that Universe will still deliver everything you want. This is #1 thing i feel - to develop that faith. If we believe in Universe to deliver things to us then we stop worrying. Its catch22. We need to just be easy and enjoy life and go with our deeper inspiration and if we do that magical things will be given to us.

So after taking things easy for me. I just followed my natural joy. I started to take dance classes and then began to do small workouts. i did it only if i enjoyed it. I did not set any targets - like 4 times a week etc. I just chilled and appreciated and was grateful that i could go to class and enjoy dance etc. Talk to people - be easy. Sit on couch watch movies. Later slowly i saw that i was taking lot of action. Since i loved it. I joined dance teams. now i set targets like i am doing challenges - 6 days workouts and 4 days dancing etc etc... But now its not like before. Since i have thrown the expectation out completely and just go with flow and let Universe deliver things. Because i know this spiritual teachings i am able to take lot of action and get some juices flowing just for the fun of it. But i am easy on expecations. and so life is more joyful instead.

So i want to tell you to first do what you feel right now. Feels like you want to take it easy - so do that. chill out and enjoy life... Laze on the couch, watch movies... eat popcorn!! lol... follow your inner self and guidance and dont direct yourself on logic of whats gonna happen if you dont do this etc... the teachings of ABraham, Bashar, wayne dyer, Eckhard tolle etc etc... they all work. Use them.. read all of them and form your own techniques that work for yourself through your own experience.

best of luck!


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