Can we even seperate the two?

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I have more faith in myself knowing that I walk with God.

(24 Feb '10, 03:02) Brian
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I don't think the two can be seperated. If we have an unfaltering faith in God, then we know all our thoughts and actions are being guided by a higher power so we can have no doubt in ourselves - the minute we begin to doubt ourself we have lost faith in God and are letting the egoic part of our mind take over. So, for me, faith in God or a higher power and faith in myself are intertwined - one cannnot be seperate from the other.


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What's wrong in having faith in yourself AND faith in God. That's what I have been doing all these years.

Although, I must admit that the "Myself" part came along later, more slowly and always lagged behind the "faith in God" part.

(I decided to add some clarification)

I used to pray to the Ocean. Then I discovered along the way that I am a drop within the ocean. I know now that the drop is the ocean, but I don't pretend to be the ocean, because I am still a drop. When I look at myself I see a drop not an ocean. But everything within me and what I have learned confirms that the greater part of myself, I know to be the drop, is the ocean; although I continue to be the drop.

And I still pray to the ocean knowing my relationship to the ocean. (I ask the ocean)


answered 24 Feb '10, 02:54

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The Traveller

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I like your analogy very much!

(24 Feb '10, 03:39) LeeAnn 1

This is beautiful. I was excited read you because now I finded another individual who takes his connection to Source appealing to water. I cannot accede ocean or sea, but I have at home a deep well and I imaginated the way such: my ask-prayer -> water of Mother -> water of Father -> Father. At sure, my ask is going also by ether way. Using this double route I am asking the advantage of both Divine Parents.

(24 Feb '10, 11:13) Gleam

traveller, aqhoni(brother) WOW!! that is all i can say. i bow my head to you on this one.....amazing analogy AND answer.(shocked)

(25 Feb '10, 07:24) Mebb

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Now let me deflate the illusion a little bit. If you have read my other answers you will notice that I re-use an idea many times. I am plagiarizing popular concepts already out there. But the answer fit the question well (and it is exactly how I feel about my relationship with God). I do, however, really appreciate your comments. Thank you!

(25 Feb '10, 20:28) The Traveller
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Have faith in yourself being an individualization of God. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, not a physical being having a spiritual experience. Meditate on that. Ask for the answers.

Personaly, I don't think it matters which is greater. For me, when my faith in either area grew, the other followed.


answered 24 Feb '10, 03:05

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Michael 1

What must be thought of about this question is it easier to have faith in yourself or God for achieving something? Let's say for example you need a miracle of healing for a friend, you can have faith in yourself to heal this but is it easier to have faith in God to heal this? After-all we can look at the statistics, how many miracles have you achieved in the past, how many has God achieved? Who has more hits and who hasn't done many miracles?

In looking at it this way, it is easier to have faith in God than it is in yourself, it is only when you can see there is no separation of self and God then you can rightfully claim "I have faith in myself and that is faith in God, or I have faith in God and that is faith in myself."

Until you see yourself and God as one and the same, as Jesus said "I and my father are one", it is better to place your faith in God to do things with you.


answered 24 Feb '10, 06:21

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Wade Casaldi

Hi friends ,

I have been a person in life who in any circumstances never lost faith in God .

I have done a lot of great work in life for the benefit of mankind and the society.I have been doing as much as it's been in my capacity for the betterment of the lives of innocent ,righteous,believers of God and those who believe in serving the ultimate society on mother earth that is mankind.

I have been too indulge so genuinely doing well for others ,that I forgot doing even the smallest of all the sins -telling a white lie.

I trusted and experienced all Gods ,whether was Allah , Jesus, Vishnu,Buddha,Guru Nanak,Mahavira.............. there is a huge list.

After a long journey of 25 years working for my community "The Mankind" ,with my worship "The Humanity" ,I came to know that my mother has been suffering from Black Magic for the last 20 years and I got to know about her terrible situation when I too experienced it, the most inhuman act beyond all sins known today.

Now I am at the wits end feeling badly as cheated by God , and by the human society to which I have been serving on the sake of my life even.Today I am in the state not even able to fight to the culprits ,who have been doing this most sinful job fearlessly ...

when I ask Jesus,Allah,Buddha,Vishnu,Mahavira,Gayatri... to cure us and punish them ..those black magicians say

God is with us that's why we have been getting all aids to torture you and your family ,there is not a single leaf that moves against the wish of God. 

Shiv and shakti created this tantra so to aid us to torture you so it's their will.

Buddha invented Vajrayana to enhance it's intensity so you will soon reach your worst.

Jesus has said who are you to decide the punishment for a sinner, if we are growing healthy and wealthy that probably means jesus wants us to torture you.

Allah is all set to support us ,as the sipli that we have been applying on you comes from his will.

Finally they laugh at me and say learn to forgive.....

I am completely broken ,and have no other way to go ,I go to doctors and come empty handed ,I go to laws and find they are incompetent,I go to the society to whom I have been serving they show me an expressionless face showing that this is something out of their understanding and believe with a bounce-check that humanity and holiness comes next when it's the point of self security.

Finally I come back to God to whom I have gone innumerable times for the well wishing of others ,But I found my self unable to accept him with all what he has done to me,feeling completely betrayed,cheated,and slapped on my spiritual being with the word of lord Krishna---

  "Karma karo phal ki chinta mujh per chod do" 

answered 09 Mar '11, 08:10

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Only you can change your circumstance dear megha by changing your percieved injustice/betrayal into the learning experience that it is. You weren't meant to lose faith by this test but rather use it as a stepping stone to evolve. And remember dear one, you're never alone. Your power comes from your beautiful heart! namaste

(09 Mar '11, 10:28) daniele

Faith in God

(I can be a bit dodgy sometimes, especially after a wine or two :) )


answered 24 Feb '10, 06:28

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Inactive User ♦♦

lol very good Lorraine

(09 Mar '11, 09:06) evelyn

same thing surely!


answered 09 Mar '11, 09:04

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Most people identify themselves with their ego. In order to connect with God, you have to get your ego out of the way. When you do connect with God, you become a more effective person in every way.

So I would say that it's God first.


answered 24 Feb '10, 04:55

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I say God knows better than me so I have complete faith in Him. This doesn't mean I don't question His will, may not like it, argue with it, can be mad at Him, etc.

But I don't want to let myself loose that no matter what, even if I can't see any reason to have faith in Him I blindly do everything I can to keep it up.

For myself I know I am human can make mistakes etc, so while I have a lot of faith in myself, it is not as complete as in Him. hope that makes sense.


answered 22 Jul '10, 00:19

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Conscious faith in God - this imply: indeed, undoubtely, trustfully, wisely, with piety and love, fidelity, responsibility and being active - has as correspondent faith in yourself.

I think that earning this balanced correspondence, there are two individual ways pending of point of start: faith in God or trust in yourself. Notice: I deliberately say trust in yourself, not faith in yourself. I think the faith in yorself becomes thue only when individual consciousnes assimilated integraly his appartenence to ALL and the presence of Oneness into him self.

I don't see differences of essence within the appelative "God" and "ALL". "ALL" is a conceptualization more comprehensive and impersonale than "God". The image of God expressed by bible is a reduction to scale of ALL, for being more understandable to humanity in its evolutive level. But it appears that don't was enough. Than was need for a new reduction to scale and humanity received Jusus Cnrist. The rest... you know (IF and HOW you CHOOSE!)

Notice: Within the human individual and the water-drop, there is an essential difference - consciousness. But the analogy is beautiful, understandable and worth.


answered 22 Jul '10, 10:41

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both fait in god as the parent that know more then you and will keep you protected and faith in you that one day you can reach the same potential!


answered 16 May '11, 08:05

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white tiger

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