For me I believe to have faith in what I know is true! That way I cannot go wrong! I experience and learn in accordance to the truth and that is my faith! The fact that some believe with out seeing or having proof is not bad on is own but one need to use reason to know if it is true or not!
And change belief to go with reason and truth! And the fact that there is many truths in the absolute truth means that someone belief will be alter and modified many times or he will not be in reason and truth no more!
Well tell me what you think!

asked 21 May '11, 19:47

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white tiger

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2 Cor 4:16-18 (Phi) This is the reason we never lose heart. The outward man does indeed suffer wear and tear, but every day the inward man receives fresh strength. These little troubles (which are really so transitory) are winning for us a permanent, glorious and solid reward out of all proportion to our pain. For we are looking all the time not at the visible things but at the invisible. The visible things are transitory: it is the invisible things that are really permanent.

(21 May '11, 20:06) white tiger

Faith is believing in what is true. Faith has two elements: 1) being convinced of the truth, being certain of reality, having evidence of unseen things, and 2) believing, hoping in, embracing, seizing the truth.

(21 May '11, 20:08) white tiger

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(22 May '11, 05:29) Barry Allen ♦♦

thank you barry i did not know if it would all fit in that is why i have put it in comment after ward sorry!

(22 May '11, 05:48) white tiger

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(22 May '11, 08:40) Barry Allen ♦♦

thank you barry to have told me this!

(23 May '11, 19:12) white tiger
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Indeed we live by faith, and things are constantly changing, even as we speak, and yes we do have control over some things, than others, and that is what this life is all about constant changes, and daily challenges. Therefore, people are in the position to change what the truth is for them as often as they feel necessary!

There is a saying that nothing is written in stone, and what was written in the past, may not be the same truth today!


answered 22 May '11, 01:44

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Inactive User ♦♦

yes exactely so one needs to experiance the truth and have faith in what is true and eternally will be!

(22 May '11, 03:01) white tiger

@ white tiger: Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could push a button for every truth we know and believe?

(26 May '11, 05:42) Inactive User ♦♦

we react on many occasions, unfortunately, to our unconscious program for responding to the input of sensoy perception.
so, is it 'faith' then unsimilar to what some may call 'intuitition', when they choosing not to really think about the situation, rather just react to or on it at the most popular 'faith' level or that level of your dogmatic following.
is it then necessary to believe in that which can only be measured/quantified, or
may the symbolsim of the story of 'doubhting thomas' be pertinent here?


answered 22 May '11, 23:02

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well doubhting thomas was missing faith in jesus return he wanted to touch is wound to know it was really him!and no not really in mesure and quantified because you can have stuff that you know is true with out mesure!(like dream intuitition feeling etc.) those things are real but cannot be mesure. i will give you example i dream of something and it happens later on in life! can i have faith that what i dream happen in life!

(23 May '11, 00:29) white tiger

as for popular faith! can you see that popular does not make it true! if you experiance it then you know it is true! popular faith was that the earth was flat also that all the planet and sun turned around the earth! with experiance it was found as not true!

(23 May '11, 00:48) white tiger

one cannot touch something that is not measurable by our known senses. the bible stories are also a metaphor of spiritual initiation, a cipher, yet popular faith chooses to see it only at the literal level of historical.

(24 May '11, 09:27) fred

maybe fred that acertain point you need to developpe other sense!

(26 May '11, 02:28) white tiger
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Faith is the gap between what you know today, and what you will accomplish tomorrow.

If I start a business, I have to have faith that it will succeed. Without faith, I would have to learn everything there is to know about running a business, so as to remove all uncertainty about succeeding. The problem is, it's impossible to gather enough information to remove all uncertainty.

While it is undoubtedly essential to have good information, it is more important to be confident in your ability to learn whatever you need to learn to succeed, and to have the inspiration to persevere in spite of difficulties.

That's what faith is.


answered 23 May '11, 19:00

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yep that is like a leap of faith making a step with out knowing if there is ground in front of you! and just trusting that you will not fall or fail!

(23 May '11, 19:09) white tiger

We don't allways know whats in store for us,we tend to create a life of our own accord.Its faith when you apply it to seeing an end resolt.We try to keep our faith as life goes on,but as humans we try to get it as fast as we can.Wich in a way we rely on ourselves instead of the Devine Light.We all must carry the faith at all times,its why we exsist.Until you've been openened up to the truth of life and whats all out there,you really go by blind faith,instead of knowing.Even when you know it,it still rely's on faith,not only to your higher power,but its becomes more into yourself.We all have the power to hear the answers to life,but without Faith we can't fully understand them.There is a bueatiful Afterlife and its waiting there for us.Look at life as a open book,it will allways give you a good story,and if you let it,it will be a happy ending.


answered 25 May '11, 18:30

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randy 9

yes if you have faith in your self and in god and in the truth you can do alot! god help the men who help him self!in truth there is no end!enjoy the journey it is more important then the target!

(26 May '11, 02:26) white tiger
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