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What I want to know is what is you favorite healing method to heal others? I am looking for a powerful way to heal others. Is there a simple, free technique that will work. If the patient believes in it; it might not have to be some elaborate 3 year learning process. Also I am talking about an online learning idea. I believe we have a natural way and right to heal others, present and absentee. Send link if possible. Blessings!

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Maybe just laying on of hands unless someone come up with another answer.

(05 Feb '12, 17:28) Tom
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I don't know about favorites however I do know a lot that I like that I can give you links for.

Here is TFT Thought Field Therapy

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

TAT Tapas Acupressure Technique®

NLP Neuro-linguistic programming


EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing



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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks for sharing these links. I have watched a few so far, well, one I saw a while back. What is the difference between TFT and EFT besides TFT being silent, and the order they tapped and TFT had less tapping spots.

(07 Feb '12, 00:08) Fairy Princess

And the NLP is something I started doing myself every time I have tried to elimante bad thoughts throughout my life.

(07 Feb '12, 00:09) Fairy Princess

TFT is what EFT came from it is the original. Calahan came before Gray. Actually TFT is more complex if you look up the site. Gray took the trama formula and adapted it to everything, where TFT has many formulas for different situations.

(07 Feb '12, 02:35) Wade Casaldi
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Without a doubt- Reiki.

It is VERY beneficial to learn it from a teacher, but websites abound now, and all you have to do is Google "reiki" and you will find out what you need to know.

I also agree with Tom's simple comment. Laying on of hands works just as well as anything- one of the most gifted healers I know does this- and it involves nothing more than faith and love and touch.

Good luck with your search. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, so of course I would recommend getting taught in person. But I guess you cannot fight "city hall"- in this case, the Internet.




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I thought reiki required an initiation to open the channels or something like that?

(06 Feb '12, 15:42) cassiopeia

Yes Cassiopeia to do Reiki you need a teacher.

(06 Feb '12, 16:10) Wade Casaldi

Wade was right to point out that Reiki requires something called "attunement"- but even this is available from some people at a distance. It IS best to have a teacher.

(06 Feb '12, 17:19) Jaianniah
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I agree with hands on healing. You know it's working when you generate heat; feeling your hands heating up and then you can feel your energy flowing into the other person and they in turn feel the healing properties of warmth and energy coming from the source through you. Even therapeutic touch is extremely beneficial.

What about using white light? I know it works. Try this - Extend your right hand up towards the heavens; keeping your left hand on your body - visualizing a torrent of white light coming down from the heavens or cosmos & absorbing the healing brilliant radiant rays of white light from our creator, angels, guides . When you are immersed in white light and luminous white light radiates from you - surrounding you like an aura - remove your left hand and extend it towards the person you are trying to help and bathe them in this white light. If you are right there with the person - touch them. If not, distance is no problem; it works no matter where you are. The longer you can do it the better. I've done it for hours at a time and it has been successful.

White light is known esoterically as the highest form of spiritual protection.

When you have a perception of someone else as having a problem or a potential problem, you can imagine the person filled with White Light and surrounded by White light, and hold the perception that the person is, in fact, all right.

Rather than continuing to hold the perception of the problem you can see the other in the White Light, happy and healthy, and doing something they love to do. By insisting on holding that perception, you thereby contribute that image to the co-creation we call physical external reality.

Since White Light represents the deepest part of who we each are, it represents that part of us that exists behind and beyond any symptoms. The symptoms are not who we are, but just what we have been experiencing, and not form our deepest part.

If you google white light; I'm sure you will come with many links.. Good luck and will send love and light your way.


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@ele, thanks i believe you gather the light in your left hand, then send it with your right

(06 Feb '12, 14:52) Tom

@Tom - lol! I can't believe I said it backwards - thanks for spotting it - I will correct. What can I say - I'm a frustrated lefty & forgot to make the sign of the cross before I wrote.. lol! For some reason it is the ONLY way I can tell left from right..

(06 Feb '12, 15:16) ele

@Tom - since I have NO option to edit my post - I adding another one. This is the way I did it when it was needed most and it worked for me. If it's the wrong way - my intention solves/overpowers the mix up... When I've done it with a group - we laid our right hands on the person...

(06 Feb '12, 16:48) ele

@ele, don't get to worried it be the way for you. It's not mandatory it's an intuitive thing. Love Tom

(06 Feb '12, 23:43) Tom
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Two Hands Touching is by far the fastest easiest way that I have found to feel better. You can use it with affirmations, visualizations, questions, etc... I have used it successfully for hiccups, relaxation, stress, ADHD, fear, resentment, etc...


answered 05 Aug '12, 11:10

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Fairy Princess

There are tons, as mentioned above. I have shared the MC2 Method with others who choose not to see the world as spiritual, and have received good feedback thus far :)

I learned from it too!


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I studied Reiki (Advanced), then Pranic Healing (Advanced) and then Quantum Energetics (Advanced). I found resonating myself with Pranic Healing. I understand it better than others. I can say I could not practice Quantum Energetics as much as I did Pranic Healing, but I have got very very good results with Pranic Healing.

I am not sure of any online courses available to learn. One must go to the center to learn.

But, with the Supreme God's grace, I have been able to give lot of healing sessions to friends and family and they are very very happy with it. Therefore, I have started a website where anybody can request for healing and there are no charges to it.

Anybody is most welcome to the website. The address is -


answered 22 May '14, 03:37

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