I have recently gone for rhinoplasty surgery as I have always been concious of my nose, I guess having focussed on it so much it became more of a problem!

I ended up going under the knife and now I'm regretting it. The only thing the surgeon done was a verrrrrry small trim but I want it to go back to the way it was, I know this may sound ridiculous to a lot of people but this is where I am trying to attract the properties of my natural nose using the law of attraction and I believe it's possible!

People tell me they can't see any difference in it post op but this gives me hope that there's not much for it to get back to what it was, no bones were broken no reshaping, no reconstructing, just a little trim/shave on the bridge!

I know people have cured cancer and other things by attracting the properties to kill it off. I feel the cartiallage that was trimmed can always form back, I just want to speed this process. My surgeon did say very mild and told me no one will notice, so there's not much for it to go back to what it originally was.

Please can someone talk to me about this, I'm going insane and almost suisidal over it. Please no silly responses!!!

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Hi @Lollipop whether you get your nose back to the way it was is irrelevant, the underlying motivation for why you want to change it will still be operating. The first question is "why do you want to modify your nose, what is the hidden motivation?" Whatever you do is always a feeling you really want, wishing to modify your nose is just an imagined pathway to the feeling you really want.

(06 Oct '15, 09:49) jaz
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Can I use the Law of Attraction to get it to go back the way it was?

Anything is possible if you can find vibrational alignment with your desire and then you can find a way to alter your belief system to make that alignment dominant in your life ("habitual") as far as that subject is concerned.

What strikes me from what you've written is that your current belief system led you to conclude that the easiest way to achieve the original change in your nose shape was to have the surgery.

So it would seem that the "path of least resistance" for you (with your current belief system) is one of undergoing these medical procedures.

In that case, it seems that your best option if you want to revert the procedure would be to have more surgery to put it back the way it was.

Trying to learn and attempting to master these vibrational subjects is tricky enough when one is just playing with things that don't matter much in one's life ("easy things") but, given your current belief system, you are effectively trying to start with something that feels extraordinarily difficult for you with high stakes at risk.

It would be like trying to master a musical instrument immediately having never played it before but having already committed to playing a solo concert in front of a large audience in a few days time.

So my advice to you - which admittedly you may not like to hear :) - is to not attempt to learn about these subjects in your current frame of mind but just take whatever feels like the easiest option to you right now to feel better (seems like surgery again) and then come back to these subjects when you are feeling more calm and centered within yourself.


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Thank you so much for your comment, this is so supportive. Looking in the junior I can see how small the change is but its all the world of a difference to me. I want to be the way God made me so I listen to a lot of DNA, healing subliminal videos on YouTube and know that it will come back to me. The cartiallage that was trimmed down will build itself back up.

(07 Oct '15, 07:22) Lollipop

In the past, I have gotten to think about the psychology and the spiritual aspects of beauty a lot - sometimes too much perhaps, and my thoughts are elsewhere these days. However, this caught my attention. There almost always is a link between a sense of identity and our facial features. (Unless and until we uncover past life representations and perhaps even move beyond those).

The problem with a single facial feature almost never is about just one feature, at least not when there is excessive focus on it. It may be about what the feature represents socially and in our own memories. This is a kind of a a-ha moment that many of us remember - when we first discover our physical body and more or less identify with it. "Oh, I'm a boy! I'm a girl. My hair is blond! My hair is curly and dark!". Before this stage, there actually is no full identification to this body and we do even fully need to identify. We can just remember our reactions and those of our parents and cousins and how we compared to magazines and how eventually the books we read as children added to it. All of these experiences may have mattered and accounted for a part of our perception of ourselves and even be alive under the surface today, working as hidden motivations.

Perhaps some of this is painful, although you are not saying as much. Perhaps your focus on the bridge of the nose means something to you. A family feature? With the bridge, was your nose more masculine? Without that piece of cartilage, perhaps it is prettier, but does not feel you? You can just answer these questions to yourself while looking at your face and way of being as a meaningful whole - and perhaps at this problematic part as symptomatic. Our physical eyes alone can sometimes project a cold, critical light and thus remind us of bad memories. (We really should not be using our eyes without spark and warmth from within). If any of this stirred any pain, perhaps you could looking for answers slowly, with self-understanding, gently addressing any comments in the past, nursing the wounds and validating yourself. This process takes time. It's also worth it.

Whatever you do, whether you do get another surgery (I thought of that too as a good option) or manage to get back to your old physical self otherwise, keep looking for the child in the mirror, for your true motivations, for an authentic sense of self and purpose. The visual world matters to you already; instead of a harsher scrutiny, develop enchanted eyes that see and understands. Eventually, if you have other symptoms and if uncovering motivations from your own history isn't enough, you can look into hypnosis and perhaps start analysing pictures that you find beautiful as a hobby. It seems important to me that you keep your focus on your whole experience before choosing and who knows, what you say to be a minor change might not matter so much any more.


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just one thing though, I'd be wary of repeat rhinoplasty's. Need to find a really good person to operate on a previously operated nose!

(07 Oct '15, 06:11) Inner Beauty

Thank you so much for your response, I am so grateful you have taken time to write such a long message. I am watching healing subliminal repair videos and it was just a small trim on the cartilage so I believe it can attract the healing of the damage part, and it will build itself back up. Am I crazy?

(07 Oct '15, 07:27) Lollipop

You could try this technique - this guy healed his scoliosis using this technique http://www.healingcancernaturally.com/visualization-intention-saliva.htm.

In answer to your question, it is entirely possible but as Stingray says the problem is more your state of mind at the moment but YES ABSOLUTELY it is possible.

Here is a guy who grew back bone in his skull https://www.questia.com/newspaper/1G1-209107642/the-man-who-grew-a-new-skull-docs-stunned-to-find.


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