Here Stingray talks about meditation being able to help only if one is willing to "let go" of his resistant thoughts if they come up again in your life, or to become "less rigid" about your resistant thoughts.

And this is the part I am confused about, for isn't meditating an act of releasing resistant thoughts too (albeit if indirectly)? I mean, for instance Focus Blocks might be a way to release resistant thoughts, but what is a person supposed to do to "release" these negative thoughts after meditating regularly (when these thoughts come up again)? Are they supposed to do something like Focus Blocks even after meditating?

I guess a practical example would be able to help clear things up and make things more clear!

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Meditation is only a temporary release of resistant thought.

All that meditation is, is a temporary withdrawal from focusing on all thought (as much as that is possible). The idea is that if you are not focused on any thought, you won't be focused on resistant thoughts either.

That temporary non-focusing gives you a reminder of what it feels like to be The Real You again (the non-physical, non-resistant You) so you can now more accurately compare what resistance feels like compared to non-resistance. And, also, the more time you spend in any vibrational state (good feeling or bad feeling), the more you are likely to habituate to it so meditating gives you a chance to build up a habit of feeling good (non-resistant) again.

Your vibration on any subject always remains where you last left it so as soon as you come out of the meditative state, you are going to go back to that old vibration. But now any resistance in there will stand out more than before and you may actually decide to reach for a better-feeling thought on that subject rather than endure the increased pain of resistance.

Most people decide to go for the less painful option but there are some people who, for whatever reason, decide that the pain is still worth it (usually because of some need to be "Right") so that's what I was talking about in the other posting about the need to be less rigid i.e. not to be like those people :)

So while meditation is a temporary release from resistance, you still need to incrementally move your vibrational setpoint somehow to make a permanent shift.

You do this by presenting yourself with two mental states that you are aligned with and your mind will automatically recalibrate itself permanently to the better-feeling one. It's just the way our minds work.

With Focus Blocks/Wheels, this idea is expressed in presenting yourself with two statements that you believe to be true but one is better-feeling than the other. Your mind will automatically choose the better-feeling one as your new permanent default vibrational setpoint...unless you think another thought later to move it back again.

Just a your deliberate vibrational work before you meditate because immediately after meditating you are probably still going to be feeling good (for a while) and you won't feel like engaging with those resistant thoughts to move them permanently.

What I do is what I've been calling the Advanced Focus Blocks Method whereby I will play with Focus Blocks for a while until I feel some inner relief then I immediately move into Positive Aspects/Touchstones/Virtual Realities to boost up the feeling of relief even further so that I am "feeling good" and am at the Vortex Edge.

Then after a while, I'll feel myself being drawn into the Vortex and can write out a Rampage of Appreciation to confirm that I am there and "milk the experience" longer - to make it more habitual.

After I've done that, I'm in the perfect state to meditate (to "milk the experience" even longer) and the meditation becomes a joyful experience instead of an escape from resistance.

I just never tire of using that method because not only does it get you into the Vortex every time, it cleans up resistant thoughts automatically on the way because you are using the relief from working on those Focus Blocks to springboard you towards the Vortex Edge.

alt text

To use a martial arts analogy, it's a bit like using the force of an attacker against themselves to give you the upper hand :)


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@Stingray - basically you are saying that meditating only helps you to become more aware of resistant and negative thoughts in your life? Then, when one realizes the negative thought is appearing again, it usually becomes more painful after meditating, so the person would have to choose between continue thinking that thought, or to find ANY kind of way to stop thinking or get rid of that thought.

(12 Feb '12, 10:21) kakaboo

then usually, for less negative thoughts, it will automatically go away, but for the more resistant and negative ones (that become more painful as you become more aware of them) you might have to do something else more drastically in order to get rid of them, even if you are meditating regularly ? am I right ?

(12 Feb '12, 10:21) kakaboo

@kakaboo - That seems like a reasonable summary to me. Meditation itself doesn't change vibrational setpoints. And also bear in mind that it's perfectly acceptable to never return to a particular painful thought again. Sometimes meditation makes you realize that you just don't want to think about a particular topic ever again. Really the only subjects you ever need to tackle head-on ("drastically") are those that keep reactivating in your life for some reason.

(12 Feb '12, 12:23) Stingray

@stingray,what do you think about vissapana meditation where while meditating you don't try too hard to stop thinking but actually let the resistant thoughts come up and just observe them (watch the thinker)until they sort of lose their power over you think this type of mindfulness meditation has a after effect? I practised it for a period of about 6 months and it did seem to quieten my mind a lot:)

(12 Feb '12, 13:34) Satori

@Satori - I'm not familiar with that kind of meditation. But from your description it sounds like you are simultaneously allowing yourself to hold a resistant thought while feeling a neutral state. In that case, the neutral state would win (just like with EFT) and it would take the "sting" out of those thoughts. As I said, I not familiar with that style of meditating so I'm guessing this is what is happening from the description :) Does that sound reasonable?

(12 Feb '12, 15:03) Stingray

@stingray- thanks, yes that's exactly what's happening.i never looked at it this way.Observing the thoughts in a non-judgemental way and then seeing the resistant thought for illusion that it is.:)

(13 Feb '12, 04:59) Satori
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