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The Number of the Beast scares a lot of ordinarily sane people.

Will it bother you to be that person, or not?

(Community Wiki Question...posted mostly out of curiosity and a chance to test superstitions...) I am ashamed to say that I just changed my phone number, was offered 1666, and turned it down...[blush]...


Jai UPDATE: I am reporting that white tiger posted answer number 16666...And God prevailed, I think, for white tiger answered the question, "What is God's Name"!!!! Ironic, huh? What a coincidence! So white tiger, what do you think? Jai

asked 13 Feb '12, 16:41

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Hmmm considering the deaths of the people that posted questions 666 and 6666 I don't know....... Just kidding, nothing happened to those people that I know anything about so this should go just like any other question I'll bet.

(13 Feb '12, 17:47) Wade Casaldi do you KNOW they are fine???? Did you check on them??? Just kidding, honey <3

(13 Feb '12, 17:57) Jaianniah

LOL Wade I took you serious at first... haha

(13 Feb '12, 17:58) LapisLazuli

has for 16666 the value of it is 7. 1+6+6+6+6=25 2+5=7. same has 22+22+22=66 6+6=12 1+2=3. experience and enjoy.

(23 Feb '12, 17:06) white tiger

@white tiger- Can you translate this for me???? Jai

(23 Feb '12, 19:12) Jaianniah

@white tiger - for me 3 = triangle = tetrahedron and 7 = the seven major chakras :)

(24 Feb '12, 05:16) blubird two

7 is usely see has the number of god 7 thunder 7 day of creation 7 churches etc..3 is seen has the trinity.

(24 Feb '12, 08:23) white tiger
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Well personally, the number 16666 feels a real beauty, if you can handle it ... let me explain.

All forms emit subtle energies and numbers are no exception ... 1 is like a direct connection between the sky and earth, it needs to be handled with care ... 6 is a downward spiral, that is, spiritual or cosmic energy descending earthwards, and 6666 are four sixes, four is symbol of the earth ... so in all this feels like a real downpour of cosmic energy towards the earth, phew !

Seems like that vision of a whirlwind i had, really is just round the corner lol.

However let's remember that this sensitivity is a personal choice we can accept and use at will, as Anthony Robbins so wisely says "nothing has any value except the value that we choose to give it" ... it is energy to be used at will, just like having a lot of money in the bank, it is us that activate it's power by putting it into use.

have fun :)


answered 14 Feb '12, 00:59

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blubird two

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Blubird, I hope YOU are the person to officially post answer number 16666! You are embracing the challenge with a whole new perspective that I did not know about...+1 and more! Thanks <3 Jai P.S. It should happen VERY soon! Everyone, watch out! Hahahahaha!

(16 Feb '12, 08:35) Jaianniah

@Jai - thanks for your confidence - bb2

(16 Feb '12, 09:39) blubird two

@blubird two - You are so very welcome...This was an unusual question to post...But I believe that the superstitious ones out there are NOT 'fessing up!!! LOL! Jai

(16 Feb '12, 10:00) Jaianniah
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I am not familiar with 16666. or any of the 6's...but I am curious to learn it's meaning.

I believe in "self full-filling prophecy"s... in a way that whatever we "focus on" can happen. In this case if we "fear" 16666.. we could attract something negative onto our self.


answered 14 Feb '12, 07:09

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@Sophi - "self full-filling prophecy's", yes this certainly resonates with me, the "6" meaning we attract that "cosmic" energy corresponding to what we focus on, nice :)

(14 Feb '12, 09:48) blubird two

This question does inspire me to maybe ask another question in a wider scope perspective on superstitious beliefs and the consequences of keeping those beliefs. But as for now in this answer since by our fear we are expecting something wrong or bad associated with that number we are putting ourselves in a fear mode of creating. So the one that believes that he has bad luck, has bad luck. It reminds me of our dreams, what we expect next happens every time.

I understand turning down that number on your cell phone not because of your fear of association but you know there are a lot of people that would be scared of it or even to call it. Because of this it is just better policy to have a different number.


answered 14 Feb '12, 00:29

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Wade Casaldi

Thank you, Wade. Good point about that phone number; I had not thought of that! <3<3 Happy Valentine's Day, Love!

(14 Feb '12, 00:32) Jaianniah

Yes Happy Valentine's Day sweetie. <B<B<B<B<B<B

(14 Feb '12, 00:37) Wade Casaldi

The number has significance only for one religion. Since other religions have no mention of this and have continued over the ages to use this number without incident I think it doesn't matter at all. If you don't believe in something it has no power over you.


answered 17 Feb '12, 04:27

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I Think Therefore I Am

A very valid point. I would love to have my phone numbers, ID numbers, car license plates, whatever, as all 6's. Wouldn't have to remember any of them :)

(17 Feb '12, 06:06) Stingray

It wouldn't bother me... my brother once bought a scratch off lotto. There were 6 chances to win and his winning number was 6. Each space was a 6 and won him $1... for a total of $6. I thought that was kinda crazy... didn't bother him at all though... he just laughed. lol


answered 13 Feb '12, 16:53

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Great story...thanks for sharing :o)

(13 Feb '12, 17:55) Jaianniah

It would not bother me in the least! ( not superstitious at all...)

I was behind a lady in the check-out line recently, whose total on her grocery bill came to 66.66. Clearly upset, she added a bottle of Pepsi to her goods in order to change the amount her charge card would be billed. I was astonished!


answered 13 Feb '12, 18:13

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LeeAnn 1

Like I said, a LOT of ordinarily sane people react really crazy to this number!!!! Thanks for the story; Another good one! <3

(13 Feb '12, 19:38) Jaianniah

Just a point, there are lots of belief systems that don't believe '666' is correct. A common belief is that 616 is actually what it is, then others that say it's just completely wrong and not even close.

@Jaianniah re: your update: You obviously have a lot of interest and thoughts on this topic, Jai, but you seem to be holding back more to say. I personally think it is very curious that it happened to be on a question about the name of God, and I also find the identities of the asker and answerer to be very curious as well.

But really I'm interested in hearing your opinions about it. Assuming of course I am correct and there is more to your story than you've shared thus far. ;)


answered 17 Feb '12, 20:26

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