I just read that if I hear an owl hoot early in the morning, it is an auspicious sign of a lucky day ahead. I had never heard that one before, and it got me thinking.

Superstions seem to come to us mostly through our families and our cultures, but some of them can be grafted in through life experiences and other people's stories. I think we may sometimes feel that it's best to play it safe, just in case...

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Are they all some form of vibrational match, pointing out the flavor and tone of manifestations brewing? Is there anything more to such things apart from the value, attention, and energy we grant them? Are they signs sent from heaven, ancestors, higher selves?

Are there any "bad" omens that give you pause, or "good" omens that make you feel there is something wonderful on the way, or that you're at least on the right track? Where did you learn them? Where did they originate, do you think? Are you perhaps reacting to your sense of the vibration of a situation? I mean, essentially creating the omen as a signpost for yourself?

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Some superstions are practical, I think. Like never putting shoes on the table, or opening an umbrella indoors. ("You'll put someone's eye out!" I can hear my mother now.) In my family, if we have to run back in the house to pick up something forgotten, we will sit down and count to ten before going back out again. The idea there is to allow the delay to have it's full measure, in case you are being spared a misfortune by someone watching over you, hiding your keys or such like to keep you off the road those crucial few seconds, for example. It is so natural to me, I do it without thinking.

But do you knock on wood? cross your fingers (and toes, and eyes)? Does your hotel not have a thirteenth floor? Horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, broken mirrors, black cats; does encountering any of these have an affect on you?

I personally have always felt that there is something synchronistic and fortunate about birds flying alongside or in front of me while I'm driving, though I don't remember ever reading that this should be interpreted so.

What do you think?


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Hi Grace , I am always picking up coins , so much so my cuppa tea friend , has stopped paying attention when it happens , I see them as abundance tokens :-) I think you might like this vid of Abraham's called "Does Abraham give signs"

its' funny enjoy ♥♥♥


(26 Jan '13, 22:50) Starlight

Your question also reminds me of the story where a lady was cutting the end off a leg of lamb before placing in the oven , her friend asked why , she said , my mum always does it . On further investigation they found out mum did it because her mum did it and when granny was asked why , seems the leg had been too big to fit in the oven so granny trimmed it down . Carried on through the family ;-) We are quirky creatures , lol

(26 Jan '13, 22:56) Starlight

@Starlight - That's what I am thinking, we certainly are quirky. :) Telling, too that you use the term "quirky", as it has been very much the word of the week at my office. :) I wonder how much superstion is just habit passed down, as you say. I was told that you only pick up a penny if you find it heads up, although I don't know how that fits into the rhyme!

(27 Jan '13, 22:10) Grace

"Find a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck" No pennies here in Oz , but I don't hold that against any coins or notes for that matter , lol . Also who cares which side it lands on it has to have 2 sides , right ;-) . I once sat on my bed singing The money song ( michelle blood , available on net ) had a marvellous time. Forgot about and that afternoon picked up a $50 note in a mall that funnily enough was empty of people , guess I was really in the flow that day :-)

(27 Jan '13, 22:23) Starlight
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Hello Grace

Superstitions, dreams and synchronicities are all linked ... whatever we are doing, wherever we are, we are always in contact with all the energies that exist ... think of your consciousness as an empty circle

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All energies are in, around and outside of it ... when we have a clear thought, for example, we imagine a dog, we now have an image of that dog in our minds eye, in our mental imagery ...

alt text

that image of a dog now fills our consciousness and all other images are excluded from the circle ... this virtual image that we have created and planted in our subconsciousness, attracts all that our imagination associates with this image, this assemblage of energies, this puzzle of parts that form the whole scene in our mind, automatically filters out all that does not fit into the framework. Our senses are tuned to perceive things that are in link with it ... when the next time we see a dog, for example, or any other idea associated with it, the accumulation of emotional charges, nourished by imagination attached to the image that we have created can be interpreted as being an omen, a superstition, when in reality it is an outer reflection of the inner image that we have fabricated ... and this phenomenon can give rise to perceiving a string of synchronous events.


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blubird two

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@bluebird two - Thank you. Are there any superstions in your own family or culture? Do they affect your feelings at all? Just wondering how folks see these things. :)

(27 Jan '13, 22:03) Grace

are there any superstitions in my family or culture? ... too many to mention :)

(28 Jan '13, 10:09) blubird two

Yes it is but not so much because of the object but the belief in the object.

Example: an athlete does well, he notices what shirt he is wearing and thinks, "Wow I'll have to wear this shirt next time!

It is totally illogical that he feels he has to attribute his success to outside authority but he does.

So he comes to rely on his "Lucky Shirt" to help him win. This belief while it empowers him to believe he is lucky also drains him of believing in himself! So if he forgets his "Lucky Shirt" he does poorly!

This is like saying, "I am not responsible here, it's the shirt, not me. I don't need to be perfect because it is the luck of the shirt that makes me play well."

To believe in lucky charms good or bad does not help us because we'll lose our belief in ourselves.

I believe omens were originally to empower us to make good decisions through recognition that reality as a mirror of what we are creating is showing us by reflecting back to us.

However we lose that when we believe the omens have power of themselves. What happens when we believe as a helpless victim of luck good or bad is that we are now not using the map to get where we want but letting the map direct us to where ever we end up.

It is like taking your hands off the steering wheel and saying, "I have nothing to do with if I get there, it is all where the roads take me that decides if I get there."

If you notice omens remember they are only a reflection of where your consciousness is heading, do I choose this or that, what would be best for me?


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi - Thank you. Would you walk under a ladder, do you think? :)

(27 Jan '13, 22:04) Grace

@Grace considering most ladders it would be very difficult to walk under without bumping up against. No not unless it is a tall unoccupied and unloaded ladder. For instance a big library ladder is usually safe it is attached at the top. It isn't luck it is safety really.

(28 Jan '13, 09:33) Wade Casaldi
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