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I was thinking this morning that it is a miracle that I am alive. Around this time last year, I was lying in a hospital bed, my leg a festering mass of necrotic bacteria, and people wondered if I would live at all.

I am still here! And I am still fighting. Praise God for this!

I was wondering if you ever experienced a miracle. Can you describe it?

Blessings, Jai

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Hi Jaianniah. When I read your question I wanted to share a story of miracle that happened to me and my neighbour at two different times. That is the same miracle repeated itself in different circumstances.

However, upon reading the summary (explanation) behind the question, I think this story is far more beneficial for your soul.

A man by the name of Viktor Frankl wrote a book titled "Man's Search for Meaning". It was his actual experience as a Nazi concentration camp survivor. During his time there, he decided to study the nature of what happens to a person in crisis. He was doing this so that he could preserve his own sanity and not succumb to the suffering at the time. If you were to summarize the entire book into one short paragraph, this is what he found.

There was a difference about the ones who survived and the ones who died in the concentration camp. Many of the survivors kept dreaming about what they would do after the war is over and when they would be free again. They accepted nothing less in their imagination. Many started detailed plans in their imagination of exactly what they would do in the freedom that was sure to follow. They were holding on to the excitement of what was waiting for them once they were released. And those who did this in their imagination survived!


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The Traveller

A must read book for all!

(28 Feb '10, 22:41) Inactive User ♦♦

Maybe not a miracle in the context you're asking. However I do consider it a miracle that I am getting the chance to wake up to who I really Am, when so many around me are totally unaware of their core being. Also there are numerous miracles happening every minute of every day that we don't always take the time to appreciate- we only have to stop for a moment in nature to breathe in some of these miracles or look at the love and trust in a little childs eyes when they look at us. When we really begin to look, the miracles are all around us and neverending.


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Yes! Miracles are everywhere when surrounded by divine creations.

(01 Mar '10, 01:02) Brian

Yes, I have had a lot of miracles that have happen to me and kept me alive and emotionally surviving but I am going to tell you about one. Miracles do happen and yes even today they happen in this day and times. God/Jesus is in the miracle business and if you have faith and open your physical and spiritual eyes to it you will see it and reconized it when you see it happening to yourself or someone else.

There was a time I was very depressed but not in the depressed sense I was just very worried about something which had me totally stressed out until it became emotionally a very heavy weight on me. I let fear come in and consume me for a short time. Well, God had me at this workshop and there I met this lady who got the workshop together. We spoke and hugged and she seem to hug me a little longer and said hey I need your help will you let me do touch therapy on you and I said of course after she explained things to me. She said your body is the place where your emotions, thoughts, and memories live. It is the container of your life story. So this sounded interesting to learn about.

Fast forward to one day I came and she sit me in a chair and ask me to close my eyes and describe where I was immediately after I closed my eyes it seem as though my physical body just dropped off and I was with my spiritual body and it was in a very high place and very sad and affraid and I told her and fast forwarding it and I was where a angel was or the angel was where I was I don't know but a angel was radiating large bolts of lighting electrical energy straight towards and into my misection and chest in a continous constant motion and would send it in and come out and it was constant it was a white light and I don't know how long this lasted but it removed all the stress, worry, and fear. Replaced it with peace, joy and happiness.

It was than that I realize that fear was a spirit and if you let it, it will consume you and take over you and the angel healed me of all of that and I am so greatful to be healed of all of that dreadful worry, fear, and stress, she the angel put me in a place of contentment. No, I can't say I saw that it was a she but I just felt like it was. But I did see the angel. There was so much powerful energy from this angel.

I don't know where I was subconsciously but I was in a different place than this physcal world and I was healed there by a powerful angel. When it was over she, Janet Cook, brought me out of it and she said I was in very deep because she had to wait for me to open my eyes they were too heavy and she said they will come open when you are fully back for you were in a very deep meditative state. Doing the time she always said I am here with you and describe where you are and what it happening. So as we went on further and further her touch had her connected to me and I knew I was not alone and my spirit travel to a very very safe place for me to be healed and I am glad it did.

Now, this is not normally what happen in her office but it is what happen to me. She ususally let your body tell its story to the both of you but that day my spirit needed to talk as well and the body just dropped off and let the spirit have its day so to speak.

Her name is Janet Cook and she does Rubenfeld Synergy Method on me it is all about touch and asking you to tell her where she touches what that part of your body is saying to you. She says your physical body holds all of your history in your cells of your body. Here is a link to her on You Tube and I will find a link later to her webb site.

I found it and here is Janet Cook webb site link and address and phone# of her office:

Vast Wellness Center 2323 S. Troy Street, Bldg 3 Aurora, Colorado, 80014


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I have had many to me and those I am in association with. My father was expected to not live though the night years ago he was in the hospital. I had friends from around the world praying for him and I was working on him constantly giving him healing attunements. My mother saw the hand of God come down out of the ceiling and hear a voice the said to her bow your head no mortal shall look at the face of God. This hand touched his head as I was giving the healing attunements he got better and better and when the doctors came back for his follow up test they were shocked his liver had regenerated they had no excuse, the one doctor questioned the older and the older said this is karma.

Something similar happened with me when my kidneys were infected and I was not doing well at all I was losing energy bad, i was close to death totally drained I said to my mom I don't want to die yet. She prayed and two nurses walked in the room, my energy shot back to normal, the one nurse looked at the other and said I am all of a sudden tired, and other said you too? The left the room somehow I received an energy transfusion from the two of them, it apparently had to be two so that it did not harm them like it would with only one.

Another miracle was when a friend had extreme back pain, I gave him a healing on his back that lasted over an hour without moving my hands, I somehow burnt my finger prints into his back second degree burns. His back pain was gone, he saw me battling a devil that followed him around and I beat it strongly.

Those are some


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Wade Casaldi

I think Michaela is right, we may not notice some of them. Others, we might never even know about; as an example, we are delayed at the market and therefore miss being in a terrible accident.

I don't think a miracle has ever happened to me, but I might be wrong!


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