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I am back after not participation here for a few months. I've come to a place where the world is responding to my desires. Acquiescence is a word that comes to mind.

Looking forward to being part of this stream again.

In joy,


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Barry Allen ♦♦

@all2gethernow - welcome back :)

(08 Jul '12, 16:15) Stingray

Every day and all I have to do is really open my eyes and they're there. One of my favourite songs by Sarah Maclachlan says it way better than I ever could...


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Yes- yes, I see "miracles" all the time...

I am very near-sighted. When I put on my glasses every morning, I suddenly can see. Without them, I need glasses to find them if they are lost, I am that blind...But I am so very grateful to be able to see that it seems like a miracle- and especially when I put in my contacts, and lose the pop-bottle lenses...I truly believe it is an age of such wonders...

Wade is getting better...All because of prayer. This is a good miracle...I see the numbers of people who have read my post, and it blows my mind that you all care so much ! ♥ ♥ ♥

A while ago, you all prayed for me. I should not even be here!!! According to the last orthopedic surgeon who looked at my right knee he said that 40% of the people with necrotizing bacteria die, or lose their feet and hands, or never walk...and I have all my parts...YOU DID THIS FOR ME WITH PRAYER!!! So, I am a Miracle!!! That is your doing! I am sure you have read about the girl who got cut by the fishing line, and has lost one lower leg, the other foot, and both hands. She is a 24-year-old grad student, and maybe she did not have YOU to pray! Who knows WHAT you did...

But I am a miracle- or rather, my wholeness and life are a miracle...

I have diabetes. I control it with medicine unavailable until the 20th century. Before then, people just withered and died of diabetes. Now, I just give myself shots. That is another miracle!

The world is a miracle...the sky, the wind, the trees and birds and fish and oceans and earth and mountains and...(you get the picture,, I am sure)...

WE are surrounded by miracles- if we only choose to see them if we want. I only have to picture my granddaughter, Lily, and I get all sentimental...She will be five this September-the same month as my birthday- and she is a gem and a sprite.

But you have to be in the mood to see your miracles. You have to have a sense of appreciation, and a sense of love and joy and wonder.

Then, you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

In great Joy,

Jai ♥♥♥


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